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1. The game shouldn't allow you to cast more vengeance as long as you are under it.
2. I would like to see the fire cape + Infernal cape + Magic logs items animations moves. Also the water.
3. I would like to see the skillcape emote button always turning OFF, when you wear a cape(99), the emote button automatic truns ON.
4. Items kept on death interface: It would be cool if it shows automatic the fourth item after ppl clicking the 'protect item' button. Or at least it should close the interface right after ppl click the button instead of nothing.
5. Add option in chatbox or where ever you need for blacklist instead of typing the character names of the players (There are players with a lot of space/hard names, so if there is an option their names will automatic sends to the list by 1 click.
6. Music system ingame would be cool also for ppl who like.

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