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I plan on making my account, all 99s without x2 exp scrolls since I'm currently broke and don't have much more than 20m, therfor figuring it'll cost me 6.85m to max account at fully efficiency I may only use x2 XP scrolls for certain skills, I'm hoping to max my account by valentine's day 2022. Tryna think reality and make it a reasonable goal. Everytime I start skilling I always stop after my scroll is done or give up even before the time is up. 

Any feedback on what few skills I should use x2 Exp Scrolls On? Obviously slayer I'd imagine, what else?

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Yeah slayer could use some pump ups and perhaps smithing is kinda expensive and hard to train basically so you should use scrolls on these aswell. And crafting or mining , theiving perhaps also. Goodluck with your goals buddy g.

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Nice! A pointer or two from my own personal experience, as I am almost maxed, is, firstly, not to use double xp scroll on any skill with a pet unless you've got the pet. I'll go ahead and list the skills :

  • Agility , gz on 98 btw, 20k xp from 99
  • Thieving
  • Mining
  • Fishing
  • Woodcutting
  • Firemaking

That'd probably be a key advice so you have a higher chance of getting pet without coming back at 99 specifically for a pet , whilst also saving money from double xp scroll. Obviously if you don't want pet you could just use double xp scrolls but I prefer pets :D

Something else I would recommend is to go clan hunting. What I mean by this is to basically go around looking for clans that give that 10% bonus xp for the skill you're currently doing. This is achieved by the ::perks command. Double xp + ring + outfit + 10% = crazy xp.

An obvious pointer would be to wear the gear that is assigned to each skill, with the inclusions of the rings ( including slayer rings).

For mining stay on coal until you get to runite ore , as this is faster xp. Also for mining , you might like to get an infernal pick axe , I am level 69 smithing and I have never smelted a bar, just from infernal pickaxe!

For fishing, just do fly fishing, as this is the fastest xp, forget about anglerfish and dark crabs. ( unless you would like to afk a little). (pm me in game for a safe spot to fish in wilderness )

For firemaking just get yourself a royal seedpod and do it at Varrock.

I'll go over my slayer settings just incase you need assistance and i'll also explain why i have these perks, as when I was doing slayer ( still am, level 91 no double xp scroll, started several days ago) I really struggled with this.

I've got the following unlocked:

  • Bigger and Badder

I've got the following extended:

  • Need more darkness
  • It's dark in here ( up to you if you'd like to do this one, i done it out of ignorance, though there's nothing wrong with doing it , imo a waste of slayer points.)
  • Augment my abbies
  • Bleed Me Dry
  • Get Smashed

In relation to the reasoning behind the extension, it's so i have a higher chance of getting a "bigger and badder" version of each monster ( excluding Black demons ) and they give huge xp once killed as well as larran's keys. This sums up most of what I have to offer in regards to how to achieve the most xp , the fastest. Shoot me a pm ing for the fishing location when needed and / or if you need anything else. ❤️

Goodluck on getting maxed brother!!!<333

Yours sincerely, Ex0tic



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Gooduck, I would say only use x2 exp on the skills that are aids ones like agility, smithing, slayer ofc and thays pretty much it. The rest of the skills are pretty eas. When doing the skill comp I think I would have maxed in like 150h or so. Doesnt take that long dw.  lastly if you wanna make money i suggest hoarding everything Till most if not every skill is like 20-50m exp (for the achievements).


Best of luck on your goals!

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