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video ft baz dox

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8 minutes ago, DutyRS said:

show some chances and deaths too homie. heres 1 where my maul aint go off. but you reply "this wasnt a chance" also 90% of your F3's werent right :/ and i wasnt bowfa manipulating either just standard nhhttps://gyazo.com/c45a4535fbd70240d034b5e95a4abe70

You’re a spastic if u can’t see the eat animation on your spec and the melee prot for when you gmaul would’ve gone off

youll never be as good as me so suck your mum and if u wanna fight me again up your risk and lmk 

21 hours ago, Boney Money said:


One lucky person who has liked and subscribed will receive baz’s full dox 

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