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  2. I thought you don't play the game anymore? Heard you been mentioning my name a lot lately. You still coping and pretending to study for exams so you can fool people to think you are studying medicine? Your own clam literally mocks and flames you 24/7, only reason why you are still there is because you own the server in which you paid fake online members to look like it's legitimate. You flame people for being broke and having money. 40 year old man-child with a fake persona online to make people believe you are actually going places in life. Several senior staff have already confirmed the server disconnected various times, nothing is going to happen.
  3. You sound very stupid right now. If you aren't able to comprehend what happened through my pictures then you are clearly delusional. He assumed it was an Ely PK as he had no overheads when he died. Everyone in VC was just as shocked and didn't expect it either too. We had around 7 people on the trip in total. 3 can be seen in the first .gif when we were focusing "yourshadowz", that includes myself and 2 RG spam names. You then see another 3 RG spam names appear on the Bravo LT kill picture as they too had disconnected like the other 300 people. He isn't going to get refunded, and if he does Gretar needs to refund every other person who died and lost something from this DC and previous ones which I am sure he isn't willing to do.
  4. Your friend lost connection as did the other 300+ people who disconnected from the game at the same time as well. Not sure why you are making out like he was targetted specifically because that is untrue. We were literally on another kill when we spotted him go south (no-one was attacking him, and he managed to safely log out). https://gyazo.com/29b1c28e22a6a36cf87ad30657c75805 Server issues were fixed so he logged back in, apparantly "disconnected" again and forgot to protect item so therefore died and lost his Elysian in the process.
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