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  1. Loving the series! Keep up the good work Brad
  2. My inactivity for this month was due to going on vacation so wasn't around for 2 weeks for those wondering
  3. Baz

    nex gear & Upgrades

    Thread moved to Guides section.
  4. Everyone knows I buy donations and have done for a long time, there is literally a full topic dating back to last year on this too. Stop hating and don't nutride to get my attention as it's getting kind of annoying now.
  5. Don't nutride me. I don't know you.
  6. What do you suggest?
  7. Accepted. I will put up 1M, you lot put up 5M. Let me know when we can set this up! Nvm this isn't the real CodySwayze. Just a freak using his name to crave some attention.
  8. If you are so confident. Run a 1vs1 NH stake (first to 10) vs any RG member, if you win I'll give you 5M. If you lose you give me 1M. Willing to X4 you if you're interested. Let me know!
  9. The tournaments that are ran daily for free/RSGP would be nice if they can be hosted (similar to LMS). The person hosting can select the style/setup and add a prize pool which will be allocated to the final 3 participants.
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