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High Roller FP Lanes/Zone

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There are only 6 FP lanes presently. Since a lot of people just go there to FP miniscule amounts. I'm suggesting the addition of a "High Roller Zone" or something of the sorts. It's frustrating when you're trying to FP larger amounts and either the lanes are all taken due to people doing 10-20k's, or you simply can't find anyone due to all of the spam.


It would be nice to have a distinguished area for maybe people who have above a certain amount of net worth (maybe even a couple zones, 5m+, 100m+ etc.) to access. It would give having a bigger bank grant you some sort of actual exclusive area as well as make finding people to gamble with a lot easier. 


Not sure if this or anything like it has been suggested, I'm sure it has but I can't find one. Just food for thought :D

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8 hours ago, Khalil said:

Good suggestion, support! Should still be at the regular FP zone though.

I think yes so people can still spectate, but maybe a door to another room that you can only access if you have above a certain net worth. If you go below that net worth you get removed. It would just be nice to have a section for people to go to find easier gambles. Kinda like how there is ::highrisk and ::riskzone at the same place. But this server has moved from mostly a PK server to mostly a Gambling server, why not improve the focus?

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