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Roat Pkz Video Competition Winners - April 2023!


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Roat Pkz Video Competition WINNERS! 
Thanks to everyone for participating, here are the winners! To claim your winnings - please DM Gretar#0001 on Discord! Anyone that participated can DM @Gretar on Discord for a 20M OSRS participation reward!



 1ST Place: Soldier - $400 in Donation Credits or 400M OSRS GP (PAID)


2ND PLACE: Swab - $250 in Donation Credits or 250M OSRS GP (PAID)


3RD PLACE: Tesfxye - $200 in Donation Credits or 200M OSRS GP (PAID)

4TH PLACE: TR1PPER - $100 in Donation Credits or 100M OSRS GP (PAID)

5TH PLACE: Coin - $50 in Donation Credits or 50M OSRS GP (PAID)

Honorable Mentions!


Border Patrol


SandesuS RS (PAID)


We loved all of the submissions, congratulations to all of the winners. We know there will be inevitable controversy with the order of winners however, the entire staff team had a vote on each video and ultimately lead to these placings. We took editing, age of clips, variety, and PK skill into consideration when voting.

Thank you all for participating!

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