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Clan League System

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Had this idea for almost a year but was beefing with roatpkz so didn't care enough to share it. Here it is since I no longer hold any grudges:


increase clan activity

- increase wilderness activity

- clans can compete against each other for clout

- leagues can be for any clan type (small, big, swab level) since each tier will grant each clan certain rewards and it'll be more difficult to complete each tier so this system will allow clans to adapt to their activity level. 

- roat can sell stuff so gretar can purchase another mansion/more hookers etc

Title: Clan League System

How to earn League Points: Basically a combination of Clan Cup System + Daily Task System

- Daily league (clan) tasks that will be broken down into three tiers and each tier will have 3-4 tasks:

Examples (need to be scaled and balanced). 

- Easy tiers = kill 10 players in edgeville, Get x amount of kills @ hotspot kill, vote 10x,10 players in wildy (this task will always be the same)

- Medium tier = kill 100 players in edgeville, get x amount of kills @ hotspots, vote 50x, kill 100 players in the wilderness (this task will always be the same)

- Hard Tier = kill 1000 players in the wilderness, get x amount of kills @ hotspots, vote 100x, kill 1000 players in the wilderness (this task will always be the same)

- Completion of all tiers for that day will get you "bonus" league points

How often do Leagues Reset? Every week, every month, etc. 

League Ranking: 

a. Bronze League (x amount of points)

b. Silver League 

c. Gold League

d. Emerald

e. Ruby

F. Diamond

- Each league tier could have a special perk 

- End of each season clan will receive some pkp or prizes for being in certain tier. 

Clan League Shop:

1. League points can be used to purchase cool cosmetics for clans.

2. Clans can also purchase special perks (be creative). Perks must be good for clans to thirst over them and grind for league points.

3. Winner of a particular league season will have access to special island until next winner is crowned.

4. Winner of a particular league season will also have a sexy cape until next winner is crowned (infernal stats). 

5. Winner of a particular league season will also have a special title in-game until next winner is crowned. 

6. Winner of a particular league season will have a statue dedicated to them at ::home 

What Roatpkz can sell: 
1. Individual VIP League Subscription (1 wk, 1 mo, 1 year) -> having an active VIP League sub will gain more points than non-sub (rate TBD). Can only be obtained via website, but tradable in-game. 

2. Clan VIP League Subscription - same as above but applies to everyone in the clan (obviously will cost more in the shop). This will be mainly for XP rate boost, no other perks below. Can only be obtained via website, but tradable in-game. 

3. Access to custom league title (individual only).

4. Access to custom league island ::league (individual only).

5. League icon to distinguish yourself from poor people in-game (individual only). 

6. League subscription holder can have all legendary member perks or a variation of it (optional since it's temporary and need to entice people to purchase). 


- You must gain a minimum amount of points within the clan to be eligible for the league perks (this is to prevent cc hopping). 


P.S. no skilling/pvm shit unless it's pvp related. 

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By your reasoning there shouldn't be a clan cup, high-score table, anything that pertains to competition due to scarcity of clans. 

The main component of league is that individual clans can be placed in a specific tier to earn a prize within that tier e.g. weaker clan can still earn rewards putting in much less effort than stronger clans. Therefore it is a clan building update, not a swab takeover. Sure, clans like swab will likely be placed in the higher tier, but the effort and grind to obtain that tier would be magnitudes greater than lower tiers. Weaker clans would start off in the low tier, but if they are managed properly, they would progress to the next tier in the next season. The gradual progression of clans and team building through completing tasks. 

I agree there is def a clan competition component involved, but it is not the main objective of league, which in my opinion is this one: "leagues can be for any clan type (small, big, swab level) since each tier will grant each clan certain rewards and it'll be more difficult to complete each tier so this system will allow clans to adapt to their activity level."


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15 hours ago, -Jay- said:

Not a bad idea if the clan chat cap was lowered to fit the amount of clans 30-40.

@Gretar and I have debated this in the past. My stance from day 1 is that a cap is bad for server growth bc it restricts people from joining cc and participating in wilderness activity.

In an ideal server there would be multiple clans competing, but most people want to be in the #1 clan to make pkp easier, and #2/#3 etc die out and to make the problem worse, if there is a low cap enforcement then nobody would be able to join a cc and RIP wildy when #2/#3 die out and #1 is under a restricted cap. You need people to be in the wilderness to be considered a successful pvp server. They have tried a low cap for over a year and the server statistics speak for itself (the server growth got fucked - literally 200-300 online IIRC).

Objectively speaking- Swab and the Venny clan in RW (run by RW owner) are the only two long lasting clans in the rsps scene due to good clan management and most other clans die out quickly. In this day and age good luck maintaining multiple clans in a server bc people have IRL obligations. There will always be a top dog in every server, it's a matter of how to balance it properly to obtain a desired growth trajectory. 

I do like the new update with cc scaling - I think it's unique and going into the right direction. Based on history alone and the sheer amount of success of VennyWild, a low cc cap would result in = anti-server growth. 

Roatpkz is blessed that it actually has a major clan to draw action and doesn't die out in under a month.

Will be interesting to see how this plays out a year from now if the right decisions are made.

IMO the server has an extremely strong core pvp player base, but if it wants to draw other player bases, it needs more development in other areas such as better pvm/skilling content (more opportunities for pvm and skilling clans to emerge w/ better content), which would require more developers. It's truly a marvel how this server has this much player with such little development in pvm/skilling. Luckily for roatpkz, pvp is the magic formula for long term rsps survivability xD - a good example would be ikov/zaros with a lot of developers and probably the best coded RSPS in the scene, but unfortunately it has no pvp. I already know 100% it'll be dead/reset within a year from now. All that coding effort just to become a dead cash grab.

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