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Cheffie's Goals :3

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Hi erryone, I decided to start a new adventure by making the bank of my dreams without gambling 1 pkp, if im caught fping/staking you have granted the power to ban me from me, the goal is reached sometimes with gambling then i get bored because my brain is used to gamble at some moments but it's time to be convinced that i'm done gambling, because i'm tired of it, and losing my bank everytime, since it doesn't work for anyone, mostly me, i had the worst rng in roatpkz ever since 2012 and over 1b gambled, still, i don't have 5mil of that. It's gonna be a good fresh start, I like fresh starts and mostly when I start saving the money I earn each days, And sometimes it amazes me how much I can make in 1 day. Now with everything gathered and according to what I know, I'm gonna use everything I know into making a progress each day, Sometimes it can vary from 100k Up to 1m with [Youtube] Giveaways considered. And that just pure luck but I sometimes nag and shake the tree to drop me some fruit. Sometimes it works because of my nagging.

Goals & Achievements Id like to have this year before it ends


Twisted bow

Tumeken's Shadow

Holy scythe of vitur

Torva set


Elysian spirit shield

5-10m pkp to buy whatever I want


Simple as that, I'm going to try and spoil myself with that during this couple months left of the year, Rules are no gambling, no crying

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