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  2. Ty Didnt Know How I Would Live Another Week Without A Vid
  3. Today
  4. Good video , (didn't like the song).
  5. idc if u don't like the song
  6. Rockshift

    Miss me boys

    K0ntv0cht no tere
  7. No did i say that, i dont know or dont care where people from. Its the same as if a person out of spain moving to English to live there and speaks perfect English what would you call him
  8. so you saying most of the people that play this game from Israel are from gaza district?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Daily dose of facts. #smart
  11. Why u acting lige u a nser l00000000000000l! dumb kanker rat hahaahahahahaha
  12. Fantastic

    Miss me boys

    Welcome back my brother
  13. All north african countries are arabic countries include egypt and whole middle east without isreal the popularity of arabs is 20% in isreal which most likely are in gaza
  14. Tupac


    Good luck mate. Had to save a guy that went into diabetic shock once. Shits not a joke!
  15. Dang, that is messed up. Get well soon brother!
  16. Uhm, i got some problems irl, and have got high Diabetes, so ill take a break for 2-3 months or so, hopefully ill be fine and comeback. Nice to see ya all there
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