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  1. Ban152

    Welcome Team Nexus

    2 easy 2m? thats like 50 kills or even more, you weirdo
  2. Ban152

    Roat Pkz Promotions - 19. February 2019

    first of all i want to cheer for @Khalil second of all congrats for everyone else promoted ! hope you do well
  3. Ban152

    ok so it means war

  4. Ban152

    How much can you make in a week from 0?

    yeah, its kinda ironman thing, gl fam
  5. Ban152

    Hybrid Video

    good kills
  6. Ban152

    gimme gimme

    he keeps on quitting 5 times a day
  7. you need a certain amount of PKP risk to pick up the key you can not hold more than 10 brews in inventory to pick up the key key spawns in multi lines should be removed @Tesfxye
  8. Ban152

    Riskzone ft Umut

    lol well at this point at first i was about to axe, but then i decided to go for ags whack, so basically i preloaded just cause i wanted to axe ty ty thank you!
  9. Ban152

    10/02/19 update summary

    sounds like asmr video thank you though
  10. Ban152

    Riskzone ft Umut

    the referral code will be able to be redeemed in 10 minutes !
  11. Ban152

    team nexus lol

  12. Ban152

    Riskzone ft Umut

    forgot about that :D, might add it in a bit
  13. Ban152

    Riskzone ft Umut

    A million thanks to @Umut REFERRAL CODE IN THE DESCRIPTION!
  14. Ban152


    happened a million times before