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  1. the last clip though
  2. good stuff man, keep it up !
  3. most of the people do
  4. well, i found some old clips on my home PC, so decided to make a quick video for you guys, enjoy
  5. good edits, nice quality, keep it up
  6. Guess what, im not embarassed at all, and i don't care what you've got to say, just childish 0 sense comments
  7. Are you nutts, i got staff on ospvp after like 4-5 months i left roat
  8. Thank you man, and ye we will
  9. Hey everyone, its the one and only Ban152, the pas 8 years of roatpkz was a dope journey, the best game i ever played, shit got the addiction ngl, been pleasure to be a part of the server during these years, other thatn that was a good experience being a part of the staff team, thanks for every hour of pking to my ogs aka spartans you guys will be still the best clan ever i believe, we were dominating, so you guys will do without me... Its hard to say but its the end of my journey on Roat Pkz, i will log aometimes just to see hows it going, also might embarass nh plank at brid zone as usually well speaking of last events, ive been back for a while, and there was some good and some bad days, thats the life huh, well today i've done some db stuff while pking at deep wildy, went invisible in combat to be exact, but that stuff had a reason behind it, i don't really mind sharing tbat with you, i had a call during the fight, whitch was from my beatiful mother, she is sick rn, the voice of her was shaky, had no clue whats going on so i decided to go invisible and i left home in like 15mins, once i open my mother home door i see her lying on ground, she might've passed out or something, she doesnt remember what happened though, so ye thats basically it, why i stepped out as a staff member again, hope you do well, im kinda glad and sad at the same time, cause i can focus on irl more now, but roatpkz has taken a big chunk of my lifetime and had me in for these years. Okay enough of talk have fun and stay blessed everyone, peace out - Ban152 #Spartans
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