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  1. MAGE ARENA II Demon Locations Mage Arena 2 Mini-game has been out for almost two months now, so I decided to share the exact locations of all their spawns. There are 4 Demon spawns in single-way combat, and 12 in multi-way combat, all above 30 wilderness, you must collect each of the god NPC's hearts and turn them in to Kolodion. Ideal Welfare Setup: Great items to bring: Staff of the dead or Toxic SOTD: 15% damage increase and can autocast Zamorak flames. Staff of light: 15% damage increase and can autocast Saradomin strike. Staff of balance: 15% Damage increase and can autocast Guthix claws. Ring of suffering (i) : Unlimited recoil damage and great defensive stats. Imbued heart: (Boosts 1+10% of your Magic level) Occult necklace: 10% damage increase to magic spells. Tormented bracelet: 5% damage increase to magic spells. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SAFE MINIGAME ANY ITEM YOU DO NOT PROTECT IS LOST ON DEATH NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU USE THE CHARGE SPELL NOTE: YOU NEED TO FIGHT THE RESPECTED DEMON WITH ITS OWN GOD SPELL & CAPE: ZAMORAK NPC WITH ANY ZAMORAK STAFF + ZAMORAK GOD CAPE. SARADOMIN NPC WITH ANY SARADOMIN STAFF + SARADOMIN GOD CAPE. GUTHIX NPC WITH ANY GUTHIX STAFF + GUTHIX GOD CAPE. Best of luck cape hunting!
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