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    Last I checked your reply does not have anything to do with the topic at hand @JBLINDSo back to east butt fuck you go, population you nigga stop making random ass replies to make urself look active on forums you toaster lookin nigga
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    Refer coming soon as soon as Gretar replies
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    Refer soon!!!
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    I occasionally hop on every year or so, but I have to say Roatpkz is at the highest potential I have seen EVER. Well done @Gretar you have come the farthest I have ever seen an owner come in the RSPS scene, truly a work of art. Glad to see the forums updated, server flourishing, and tons of updates to make up for it. Not to mention the toxic playerbase has tremendously went down. The only sad thing I have to say is I have yet to see Andrew anywhere, last I saw he had 25k kills! Good times.
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    Like comment and subscribe so I can become rich and famous from rsps videos like everyone else
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    EID MUBAREK Bless all of you and our family's
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    talk to abdul and give him ur items
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    Is your alter ego suicidal too?
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    half arsed edit and got bored pretty dogshit but yeah
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    found him https://gyazo.com/adf298c76ab67f24e49a7357778af921
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    Cut my play during Ramadan, but Eid is middle of next week. And I'll be back
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    no. this isnt my video of me slapping taylor! this is me dunking on a dh rat talking shit...
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    4-0 to team static who just coudnt compete outsmarted and outskilled double our memebers but still managed to die multiple times,and for spartans alot of talk but never pk above lvl 5 and when they do this is what happens
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    Why the fuck do you care? It’s spam category Ur like a gassed skinny ginger Behave like you do IRL, ur not gangsta just cuz ur on the internet
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    got this inventory setup from you so figured id give it a shot...
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    so yeah guys today was a special day of my life. Shoutout to Mekko for making this happen first. Im speechless Honestly. he said first one to kill me gets 80k+claws
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    I don’t dislike you but chill out fr LMAO ur not cool, smokey gassed u up 2 damn much u were just like any other roat pkz random not long ago so stop acting like a kid ur an admin lolol
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    still vcringe imgaine asslicking zeke after you snitched on him lmfao.
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    You forgot one of the best staff in the staff team @Fantastic
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    Hi, Could u guys please add a damn pj timer to sub 5 wilderness. That and something to make ppl not able to mage swap and tb under lvl 5 wild? These things only affect negatively pvp in general. I was fighting this guy right called W45 Hero, and since i had moentum he was eating without fighting back, while my hp was getting lower due to his recoil (Recoils are spawnable BTW for a reason that i don't know?). So bascailly i got ags gmauled sometihng like 90 hp and lost a 308 ks. This is just retarded, I died because i had momentum ? Now people will rush you with these void knives and combos all over edge, or pj your fights. This need to be stopped since it's just cancer overall and it make noobs happy. Thanks or at least make it so people can't pj with spec in like 5 seconds.
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    Long way, wrong direction
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    I usually watermark my work, but for this one I didn't as I didn't take this person to be a snake. I was clearly wrong, but that was my mistake, just figured I would make a comment because clearly they are out looking for more graphics they dont want to pay for.
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    Hello and welcome to my Demonic Gorrila's Guide. My name is RSPS Elliot and I've been making youtube videos for a good couple of years now. I've taken a break from RSPS' and recently found this server and I am loving it. This thread will soon be updated with the vide link for those who prefer to watch rather than read. Please find below the following contents of the guide. I apologise for it being so brief, but it's pretty self explanatory; Gear Location Technique to kill The Drops I took this gear set up from a helper on this forum, and it seems to be the most effective for me. The location can be found by teleporting to ::44s and running North West. Past the ice giants and through the gate and you'll see the demonic gorilla's. I'd be very careful of PKers camping the 44 portal. With this build you risk almost nothing so there's no problem.. Consider banking at Mage bank though as this is the most convenient place to avoid getting killed. It's fairly easy to kill this monster. A lot of people camp mage and rely on Vengance combo's to quickly kill. Personally, I do this and get some nice high numbers per trip. If you'd prefer the less banking method; The green ball is magic The grey ball is ranged Close combat is melee Switch between these proection prayers and you'll be all gucci. Thank you for reading. I understand there's other guides out there too.. I'm not here to step on anyones toes and if anyone is looking solely for a Demonic Gorilla Guide, this is comprehensive enough to get you started. Any questions, feel free to add me and I look forward to speaking to you all soon. x
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    Eid Mubarak!!!!! Loc in-game event???
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    OMG cant wait! Finnessin thinking he can pk in max above 30 wild LOL, Ely needed ofc
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    - *Breaks rule* - *Gets banned* Persona:
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    People need to put some respeck on your name
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    Disagree with first agree with the ex staff part though disagree with party hat icons this isn’t dreamscape
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    juke we need u back ur pker very good and #1 tber without u we get 0 kills
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    Ill bet you whatever amount. Raja would smash you too lmfao
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    PVP armour and weapons should say their actually worth in (cash out option worth) atm of wearing. makes legit no sense, you can bring a full set that will say ur risking 36k but on kill it could be likely 5k
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    When Admin rank is not paying enough PKT and you have to become a youtuber to support your lost max sets
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    nice vid! not even ganna be a cunt to you today because im feeling nicer... but if i was ganna be a cunt, id say something like "your hamsters were running around the wheel to power your internet" but im not a dick today!
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    Not as fast as me but not slow
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    I don't think you should be calling someone a whale when you're absolute garbage at pking yourself and that is the main reason you're a nser.
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