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    We are in need of some quality Server Supports! We are mainly looking for people that enjoy playing as well as helping others, playtime of 50+ hours monthly is required, if you're unsure if you have those hours don't worry, just post an application and we'll double check it. If you applied before and don't have an SS rank right now, feel free to re-apply APPLY HERE Application Format Be sure to post your application HERE, not in the comments!
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    Hello and thank you for watching my "Final" video. I decided to finally do what i've been pushing back on doing, A.K.A finishing my studies. so i'm going to put rs on the back foot for atleast a year. no saying if i'll return after that year either. The giveaway will be for around 1million PKP and will be rolled out in a week, so next wednesday. View the screenshot for the giveaway items. https://gyazo.com/138d16eec58752a4f05ba6aecc1e5b6b Once again, thank you for the great experience/memories/moments i've had on roatz.
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    Been doing this a lot recently and had a few people ask what to use etc. so thought I'd throw a video together.
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    In Depth Zulrah Guide Content of this topc Introduction Item Slot - Best in slot and down Example of setup Droptable Zulrah Rotation Placement Introduction Item Slot - Best in slot and down Example of setup Droptable Zulrah Rotation Placement
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    How to add emoji/icon to your Clan Chat/Custom Kits This guide is to have some more "fashion"/"bling" to your clan chat or custom kits and make them feel more personal. Example: How to find different emoji/icons 1. Search for " Roatpkzv6 " in your windows and enter the folder 2. Go to the file " Sprites " 3. Enter " IconSprites " 4. Once you enter " IconSprites " you will find the different icons that is available to use for your clan chat or custom kit. How to add the emoji/icon to your clan chat/custom kit Once you have figured out which icon you want to be in clan chat or kit you simply have to write: <img=...> The "..." symbolise the number of the emoji/icon you want added. How to add color Theres plenty of different colors to be added aswell. You have to figure out which color you want to be added Example: @[email protected] = pur Credit: @PK Guy for colorlist
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    I've been browsing around for a while and couldn't really find a concrete quick starter guide on/from Roatpkz. There are some money making guides but they are not necessarily based on players that just started out or made a new account. So here it is: The ultimate quick starter guide! How to make money on your first day on Roatpkz!
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    I'd like to suggest a Random reward from Skilling+Pking+LMS like this board, Just rare items will be added By official RoatPkz, like ely/arcane/claws/ags's... players will able to donate to it too, by using item to banker, but they only can add 5k+ items, and owners will have to put some junks too like crystal bow and barrow pieces, btw roatpkz gonna add like 2-10 rare items weekly Random Rewards - instead of the bank of runescape.
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    Roat Pkz Custom Client!Hey friends, i wanna show you how to edit your client make it custom client for you like that Example: Search for the cache "Roatpkzv6" in your windows and enter the folder Go to the file " Sprites " If you wanna change the background/icon of the client, enter the folder "LoadingInterface" Once you have figured out which icon/background you want to be in client you need to delete the old one of roat pkz and drag the new one u picked it, to the folder loadinginterface Like that: Right click on it -properties click on read-only like that! B00m Thats it! then load your client Thank you for reading
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    from mod to normal player. from normal player to mac banned. gied4life 2012-2020
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    Was a joke to spice up his stream- the other Khalil knows im fucking w him and did not mind at all- I dont see why you do
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    Awful video, and you don't have 1m to giveaway ? so what the fuck are you doing
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    Suggestion: Messages in "help" cc will appear for ppl with SS rank and above while they are in another cc. They can right click on those messages (will be in different color) and reply. This way staff can be in a different clan chat while helping out noobs in the help cc. Basically a dual chat integration. @Gretar
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    gied demoted??? i resigned months ago. then i rwted and got banned. doesnt mean im demoted u dumb bitches
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    Grats @pm2getbodied well deserved I see him being a good mod pick rwtermen @Gied4life Mods/Admins no complaints but host hpevent second floor rogues castle ty flage2 low hours heard he's been busy irl though and coming back @goat next mod @A team welcome back to the staff team 7bebe @Bind U Dead mans been good since repromoted always quick to help ppl @Tulrak was a good promo last month @YAMIHA no complaints @Supremium play more @tom riddle good game knowledge and sleeper ss pick, didnt rlly know who he was before ss and has done a gr8 job so far @Karishma log out
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    Congrats my bro @pm2getbodied Rest killing it as well
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    Updated: 7/18/2020 Table of Contents Introduction How to get started (recommended gear) Clue Locations QNA Clues (Question and Answers) Coordinate Task Hot & Cold Tasks (Strange Device) Search for an Object Task Skilling Requirements Rewards FAQ/TIPS Credits Introduction How to get Started Clue Locations Question and Answer Clues Coordinate Tasks Hot & Cold Tasks (Strange Device) Search For An Object Skilling Requirements Rewards FAQ/TIPS Credits This guide is a work in progress, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any information not included in the guide. I will credit your contribution. Hope this helps some of you. Happy clue hunting!
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    Means he died at funpk to restore his special attack, that kill message is different than the one from wilderness. The one from wilderness shows ur killstreak and all that good stuff like this https://gyazo.com/6dc07901761b5f75bbb4525b471338a5
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    Hey my n word what’s wrong with @Fantastics backgrounds
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    @pm2getbodied Finally my man get promoted good luck bro
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    Dear stagelopers roat pkz, maybe a good idea to make an option to rehab from lottery aswell? i know alot of people, including me. We rehab for fping/staking, then we get bored and go to lottery. Just an example. kind regards, pg number 1
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    good job boys gz to @pm2getbodied
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    PK VID 5 | Roat-Pkz. ENJOY. X
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    It absolutely would. Would really have to think it out how you're going to do that on a pk-server since you wouldn't be able to really loot from players you PK (too easy to trade stuff among players). But if done well, yeah very cool!
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    Both available for purchase. Pm me in-game if you'd like to purchase them.
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    L0l @Fruitiest @Niye was high asf earlier looking at these l0l didnt even realise the dates this why i dnt get high ima quit
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    like if u kill some1 u get a chance of a roll on the chest thing or what, not bad suggestion then +1
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    Bro when i click on revs smackd apears and kills me pls demote him
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    sick bro keep it up!
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    I Have been playing along side Pm2Getbodied and Fruitiest for the last month quite closely. They are the most supportive, active and helpful SS's I've seen on this server for a long time. I've been around a while and I honestly think that statement still holds. They've been great friends to people they don't even know. I hope to see them continue on, they're doing something a lot haven't been able to do. +1 to both of them.
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    @Xex @1 slap @Killbob @goat @3AT 99 ALL
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