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  1. since i haven't played roatpkz in a while nor had a pc for over a year i had over what seems to be 100+ questions and Ex0tic answered every single one within seconds, very accurate answers. With this being said, whenever i do ::staff, i'll be scrolling down the list looking for 'Ex0tic' This guy means business and you can tell he not only likes helping people but also EARNED his position within the team of roatpkz. Have any questions or need help with anything or everything? now you know who to ask. 10\10
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  2. Ex0tic be like ;when his driving forward and missing his old friend then he realize that I may never show up again ever in my life But when i show it'd be like this
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  3. He did well over the past years trying to get his rank and when he did he just didnt stop actually he kept going as a m***** is not that he tryna appear to be support or sum he just did what he needs to do and to keep it so my man ex0tic you killed it and you kept doing it again and again just keep doing again and again you will become the best server support / senior support ever even though most of your efforts are hidden and unnoticed because with them noticed you would be moderator now and senior moderator and going for administrator but thats the game lad few of us put in the more effort but its unnoticed otherwise of it were the actually opposite id see you as a moderator now and all the time was spent and went for fade it still got you this position to play with but this the game mane you got it and you gonna get it and gonna keep it soon you will become moderator and forums pm me if you need anything ⚔️ Take me out of this motivation speak i just want to be about ex0tic skr skr
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