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  1. Hello everyone, today we are introducing our 2023 seasonal Easter Event Thanks to @Hemmi80 our client background has taken a new look for the Easter period. Easter Home The home has been visited by the easter spirit. You can start the event at ::easter! Talk to Emily and she will guide you through the event. Evil Bunny Teleport You start your journey by teleporting to the wilderness using the Evil Bunny Teleport! Be aware! This is in the wilderness! Spawn Egg Once you've entered the Evil Bunny teleport, pick up a Spawn Egg and crack it! An evil bunny will appear ready to FIGHT! Evil Bunny The evil bunny will pop up and is ready to fight you instantly! Kill it and collect your tokens! Easter Token The Evil Bunny will drop Easter Tokens (along with PvP kills), be sure to collect them so you can purchase some items! Token Rewards After you've collected your tokens you can spend them at ::easter! I highly recommend the Gold Easter Box! The Mystery Boxes have some great rewards! The Gold Easter Box Spinner - with some brand new amazing reward! Easter Whip - 1M PKP This easter whip has been custom made for this event and is super duper rare from the Gold Easter Box - we only anticipate 0-4 of these to enter the game during the duration of the event. It's an incredible sight to see Easter Ring - 500K PKP The easter ring has finally been added to Roat Pkz, it can transform you into any egg! You can see the incredible egg in action here, it also hides you from the minimap Evil Bunny Pet - 100K PKP The evil bunny pet is a classic event special, this is a 2023 special and will neve be seen in-game again! An interesting creature for sure We hope you enjoy the event, and we wish you happy easter
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