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    This is showing the player ‘nsnsnsnsnnss’ saying in yell chat that he is the best on the server and if you want to prove him wrong, you should fight him at edge hills. It then proceeds to show the same player dying for a 57 killstreak to K A I S pkp7. Hoped this cleared things up for you.
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    some max nh kills, been hard recently not many people to fight but still manage to give people the slap,enjoy
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    I think it's safe to say most people that make their profile picture female animes or weird grunge chicks are probably virgins
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    A sign at ::meth to point out that it's now been changed to multi from singles so you don't get Arabs asking for a 1v1 ags risk there and then bring a team of max to pile you for a 1k split credit to 'fastest f3' and rest of his multi gang also; Tele to BH targs Looting bag??
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    Bmt you’re actually dogshit with some weird ego
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    Lmfao you’re just salty you don’t win, pm any ratlords member for lessons
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    crowbox carrying on roat and 07 god bless should be hash tagging #chris on any game he pks with u on
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    A relevant pker killing another relevant pker V nice
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    Dragon Claws giveaway, like sub comment to win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! refer code to come refer code: jblind333
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    dunno what this was meant to prove
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    This guy is so fucking weird LOL
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    okay okay listen up king gym. shut the fuck up already. nobody gives a fuck about you. you were maybe funny for the first few times but its getting annoying now retard
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    ::TOPIC 18551 NOTE: YOU CAN USE AN ENCHANTED GEM TO TELEPORT TO YOUR SLAYER TASKS! YOU HAVE 8 TELEPORTS PER SLAYER TASK. - This guide is for people that have used all of their teleports, and need an alternative way to get to their Slayer tasks. (Use Ctrl+F to search for a specific Monster) Greater Demons ::Revs - Enter the Revenant caves and run North. Lesser Demons ::Revs - Enter the Revenant caves and run North-West. Green Dragons ::Wests - Run few squares North. Ankous ::Revs - Enter the Revenant caves and navigate through the caves. Ice Giants & Ice Warriors ::44s - Run North-West. Magic Axes (Bring a Lockpick) ::Mb - Pull the lever and run East. Pull the Edge lever and run North-East. Skeletons Run North from Edgeville ditch. Bandits ::Darkcastle - Run North-East and through the lava entrance to the Bandit Camp. Grizzly Bears ::Champ - Run South. Lava Dragons ::50s - Run South-East through the first gate, and then through the second gate marked with a green circle. Elder Chaos Druids ::Varrock - Run straight North to the Chaos Temple. Giant Spiders ::50S - Run West and through the gate marked with a green circle. Black Dragons ::Revs - Run North and navigate through the caves. Use the Agility shortcuts. Dark Warriors ::Darkcastle - Run East and enter the Fortress. Rogues ::50S - Run North-West and enter the Rogue's Castle. Scorpions ::50S - Run West past the Rogue's Castle, and then North to the Scorpion Pit. Black Demons ::Revs - Run slightly North-West. Mammoths ::Graves - Run straight South to the Obelisk. Hellhounds ::Revs - Enter the cave and run North. Ents ::Graves - Run East, through the Graveyard and right in front of the Corp cave. Revenant Dark Beasts (and others) ::Revs - Enter the caves and navigate North-East through the caves. Abyssal Demons ::Chins - Run North towards the Revenant cave entrance. Dark Beasts ::Mb - Pull the lever and run South behind the Mage Arena. Bloodvelds ::Darkcastle - Run West. Gargoyles Use the obelisk at ::44s or ::50s and teleport until you reach Level 27 obelisk. Chaos Fanatic ::44S - Run straight South. Chaos Elemental ::50S - Run straight West. Callisto ::50S - Run South-East through the gates highlighted with a green circle and then South-West. Venenatis ::Easts - Run straight North and then slightly West. Vet'Ion ::Easts - Run North-West.
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    @Gretar Best owner of any rsps I've met so far. @Smackd Good man. Stop killing me tho reee @Legend No feedback to give for this month, same with ragbot @JBLIND Active in game and forums. @Fantastic Friendliest admin. Very helpful. @PK Guy Not much playtime but he's very helpful when he's on. @1 slap On vacation. @Fruitiest I've gotten a lot of feedback from players in game. Thanks for the feedback. I went from being too much of a troll before ss to being too strict as ss. WIll work on it. @OP SHACKO Very active. Lots of suggestions. @A team Active and runs good cc (join a team cc) I am pretty biased because I like the entire staff team. Would like to see a forum mod/helper.
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    Oh look at the time.....tournaments are still not american friendly
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    How to use? @[email protected] Your text HERE xxx = color code Color codes below Stripe - @[email protected] Red - @[email protected] Dark Red - @[email protected] Light Red - @[email protected] Light Orange - @[email protected] Dark Orange - @[email protected] Red-Orange - @[email protected] Yellow - @[email protected] Yellow-Green - @[email protected] Green - @[email protected] Light Green - @[email protected] Lime Green - @[email protected] Dark green - @[email protected] Blue - @[email protected] Cyan - @[email protected] Magenta - @[email protected] Black - @[email protected] White - @[email protected] Gray - @[email protected] Moonstone Blue (DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE) - @[email protected] I Dont Know !!! - @[email protected] Dark Blue - @[email protected] Gold - @[email protected] Pink - @[email protected]  Purple - @[email protected] These are just the color codes I know there might be more out there O.O! Updated July 24th 2018!