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    >be me >wants to become SS, but cant because staff thinks im autistic >decide to go full tard >use vpn software that enables me to appear as if I live in a specific location that I don't on a virtual console >beginOperationSS.jpg >go to login screen of roat >think of login name. what would be the most tard name to pick? >i want to get ss... To Get SS... TGS, that's it! But what about another name to draw suspicion away? Something those arabs would never suspect... the Vpn is set to north america so I think of the most white name in existence... John? Billy? No, Kyle >input name, TGS Kyle. Name isn't taken, immediately logged in. >Steponecompleted.jpg >It's 2017, I make long post on forums about how I'm not going to play roat that much anymore because of college, everyone believes it >hhhhhh.jpg >Make forum post introducing myself to roat as TGS kyle, these suckers are eating it up. Yoobs, and Jblind welcomed me, extra points >abuse.jpg >Playing roat consistently, keep hearing about SS applications, I play it cool and act as if I don't care. >befriend all staff on roat >Steptwocompleted.jpg >chatting it up with the head honcho gretar. he asks me what TGS means >fuckingHeartRacing.jpg >quickly thinks of something > canthtinkstraight.jpg >looks at yell chat, players are flaming each other saying "gang gang, squad." >literal retards, but I must work with what I have. team, gang, squad > TGS = Team Gank Squad >send him message "It stands for Team Gank Squad" >mistyped gang, FUCKFUCKFUCK.JPG > HE LIKES IT. can't make this shit up > closeCall.jpg >play roat on and off for a while. no one suspects its me, not even admins >after playing for two years i see SS applications again. >I played consistently this month so they must've noticed me > send application >get accepted three days ago >XexIsBack.jpg pic related @Gretar @JBLIND @Fruitiest @Killbob @Yoobs @Same Sea @Tupac
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    Msb spec antirushes i've gotten in the last week or 2. More to come soon until people realize i'm a god of the bow and stop rushing me :[
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    Some days, this is how I imagine half of the players on here
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    A new form of autism has been discovered.
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    As Member of A Clan, i can tell i/we would love having unlimited teleports to Revs Ie, when we War hope it explaint it
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    You're MAC banned so you don't even need to do that...
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    refer code in description
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    worst his he asked me to yell that like 9-10 hours ago. took him this long to upload it lmao. and it doesn't make any sense, lmao
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    shut up smores or else ur next lmfao stupid fucking noob go back to fortnite
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    To forget ur password smash ur head with a hammer
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    like and comment maybe i will kiss u
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    Ex- duel rat jRAT laughs at a feeling he misses
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    There’s still time to delete this
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    I quit watching after the fire
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    If anyone were to give me 100k PKP that would increase your chances significantly
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    To enter the BIG Giveaway: 1. Like the video 2. Subscribe to my channel + Turn Post Notifications (ON) 3. Use ::refer - VEX912 - for a free mystery box! 4. Comment your IGN below
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    I'm currently working with staff to get this removed for exposing of my irl when I did not give you permission to release this.
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    only arab legends can understand this
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    @Persona stayed up till 5am for this video to premiere
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    just watched you in game @ 5k risk portal, definitely entertaining. so was the vid, enjoyed the different styles.
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    1 yes, maybe through Wild achievement tasks/agility lv 2 no would be op for pking 3 yes 4 shouldn’t get any genies while pking at all
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    @smackd found your twin
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    Too new for Rigour n Augury, Sorry for the lack of main clips. (Refer code : kaya443)
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    Man... THEY should be wearing the clown outfit!
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    sick vid mate, fw music to. gz on wins ::rehab 7 day one rn fam
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    "An international collaboration of similar minds seeking to improve and succeed in the Roat pkz experience" About Us: We are a clan mainly focused around PvP and having a great time hunting/killing other players. We hold weekly meetings every Sunday to discuss important topics and also to schedule the upcoming week's events. We host different types of events ranging from boss masses, pk trips, in-clan competitions, tournaments, and even weekly giveaways. In regards to events, we are always open to new suggestions and ideas. We also have our own discord channel where we can talk outside of Roat pkz. (Ask one of the upper ranks about our discord after joining to be added to the channel). This makes deep wild PKing much more efficient. Our clan is always growing and looking for new exciting ways to play the game. Rules: Follow all of Roat pkz's server and forum rules Please refrain from excessive amounts of unfriendly trash talk and racist comments in and outside of the clan chat. Do not apply or attempt to join another clan without first resigning from this one. Do not beg clan mates for items or gp, asking for a little help is a bit different. Be honest with your clan mates and leaders, trust will help us grow healthy and strong. Treat others how you would like to be treated! Have fun! Remember this is a game, enjoy yourself! If you break any or multiple of these rules it will be noted and could lead to your removal from the cc. How to Join: In order to join we ask that you meet a few simple requirements: Must speak/type fluent English Have a minium of 300 player kills, and display to us that you are a seasoned PKer Must have at least 24 hours playtime on Roatpkz Must be able to get along well with others and contribute to a positive clan environment After meeting these requirements we ask that you copy the application below, fill it out, and then post it as a reply to this forum thread. Your application will be reviewed shortly after being posted and a representative will post a reply stating that your application has either been approved or denied. Upon approval please contact your recruiter or another high rank to receive the clan chat name to join. If your application is denied, do not be discouraged and feel free to apply again within a few days or after meeting our requirements. Application: Username: Recruiter: Total Kills: Playtime: Tell us a bit about yourself: What are your reasons for wanting to join and how will you contribute the clan?: Ranks: Upon joining you will receive the rank of Recruit. If you have 1000 kills then you will receive an immediate promotion, although you do not need to have 1000 kills in order to be promoted. Promotions are discussed between star ranks (Lieutenant-General) and may be given at any time but are most likely done at the end of our weekly meeting. Qualities that we look for to be eligible for promotions are as follows: Loyalty to the clan Trust Experienced with Roatpkz, and a seasoned PKer Shows leadership, kindness, and is helpful to others Attends clan/server events and clan meetings Follows all of Roat pkz's and our clan rules List of our members as well as their ranks and duties: Generals: Dario614 Thorru *Duties include: Updates clan news topic and recruitment topic, recruitment, reviewing applications and also approving/denying them, hosting/creating events, handling and discussing promotions/demotions, helping fellow clan members, attending all clan events. Can kick disruptive and unwanted players from the cc. Captains: Squirtle 300 *Duties include: Recruitment, promoting the clan, reviewing applications and also approving/denying them, hosting/creating events, discussing promotions/demotions, keeping peace within the cc, helping fellow clan members, attending all clan events. Can kick disruptive and unwanted players from the cc. Lieutenants: Aerobic *Duties include: Recruitment, promoting the clan, creating/hosting events, discussing promotions/demotions, keeping peace within the cc, helping fellow clan members, and attending all clan events. Sergeants: Fantom1045 Lll Durk Lone Wolfie Budda Cup Holmeseyyy *Duties include: Recruitment, promoting the clan when possible, promoting a healthy clan environment, and attending all clan events. Corporals: 3at 99 all Hatcx Fishattack G L 0 R Y Jag E Svensk Flippynips I like 69 Simas Arklys M I D G E T *Duties Include: Promoting the clan when possible, promoting a healthy clan environment, and attending all clan events. Recruits: Seropker Skt bonobo GregoryPk jblind thegrinder Deezenuts Toxic Tears Death Rose Iroyalbrid Green Smoke Gretar *Duties include: Promoting the clan when possible, promoting a healthy clan environment, and attending all clan events. For any questions please contact Thorru, Dario, or any other high ranking member.
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    Bring back the old roatpkz champion @Gretar Plz
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    Check the droptable for 'Roat Pkz Monsters'. That's the droptable for the monster.
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    Honestly. You need to actually donate for the “legendary” status itself. Not to mention upgrading from each level ( donor, sup donor, extreme donor legendary donor) doesn’t stack. A regular player whom is non donor can pay $170 for legendary and an extreme donor who’s potentially paid $170 assuming he’s bought donor, super then extreme could of payed the same price and still be an extreme donor. It’s not fair. Why should I have to pay over $350 to have legendary status when a new player could join today and pay about half the price and be a higher rank? No respect for the vets. @[email protected]@PK [email protected]
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    I have removed all old YouTube applications. If you had an open application you will need to re-apply with the correct format shown above, along with meeting one of the two requirement options above.
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