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    Whats up every1 my boys & I managed to get 28 keys and I decided to make an key opening video- hope you guys enjoy get look what the rewards of the wilderness keys look like. @Gretar gj on the event Comment ur ingame name on the youtube vid & this topic to enter a claw and ags(or) giveaway! (30K)
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    Roat Pkz Recape (2018) Well guys, I know we're two weeks into the new year already, I wanted to post this sooner but it takes time (there's a lot to go through) and I got busy IRL. But looking back: it's been yet another amazing year at Roat Pkz! I wanted to keep the tradition alive and compile an annual updates list as a reminder to how far we've come in the last 12 months, check it out in case you missed anything or you're new: January Updates The ability to automatically destroy vials was added with ::vialsmash (now toggleable through secondary settings tab inside the quest tab) Players with top 20% ELO online can now right-click and direct obelisk teleports to a specific one of their choice A clans feature has been added to these forums - check them out at the top navigation bar Revenant Caves are added and with them the return of PvP armors (Statius, Vesta, Morrigan, Zuriel): Staff Changes Jblind has been promoted to Administrator Fantastic Cx has been promoted to Moderator Sneakr has been promoted to Server Support Hay has been promoted to Server Support Rag Bot V1 has been promoted to Server Support Alkosor has been promoted to Server Support February Updates Improvements to projectile attacks (range/magic) allows shooting over small objects, such as rocks or lava In-game price checker is added for price estimates and can be accessed from the equipped items interface Customizeable F-Keys are available through the settings interface or ::fkeys Quick prayers are implemented and can be set-up by right-clicking the Prayer orb A warning to secure accounts via ::setemail is shown to wealthy players who haven't already done so Dragon throwaxes have been put in BH shop for 15 BHP each and have one-time use New custom kit interface is here, access it from the kits tab (bottom right side-interface) or ::kits New droptable interface added in-game for convenience and accessed from ::drops or ::droptable Dragon Hunter Crossbow has been boosted to give 30% damage and accuracy against Dragons (10% before) Skotizo is a new hourly Wildy boss (spawns :30 every hour, Jad is :00 hourly) but you get skulled if you attack it It drops new items: Ancient Wyvern Shield, Abyssal Dagger, Abyssal Bludgeon, Arclight Quest tab has been re-designed with more data and see additional sub-interfaces from the top right corner of it Bank tabs and placeholders have finally arrived allowing you to easily organise your items to your liking ::bosslocs has been added to show locations of Jad or Skotizo spawns via in-game map interface ::anglers is a quick way to withdraw Anglerfish from your bank March Updates Clanchat has been re-written and now saves ranks, shows kill and loot messages and locations Teleporting to clanmates and sending custom kits has been fixed You can now right-click and view the forum page people mention in in-game chat (eg ::topic 16180) Similarly right-click view options on announcements such as boss spawns or vote reminders You can right-click and 'add friend' or message people direct from yell messages Use Tab to reply to PM, keep tapping Tab to cycle through multiple conversations if there are any Huge update to make PK'ing more profitable and fun: More PKP/kill and PvP Keys are randomly dropped: Bronze Key | 1/2 Drop Rate | 5 - 150 PKP Silver Key | 1/10 Drop Rate | 25 - 500 PKP Gold Key | 1/33 Drop Rate | 125 - 1,000 PKP Platinum Key | 1/250 Drop Rate | 500 - 5,000 PKP PK and BH stores have been revamped with new prices and items Tome of Fire added to Mage Arena shop for 100 MAP, with burnt pages needed The 3rd Age collection has been completed at the Vote shop if you fancy it Many NPC drop rates have been increased and spawn times decreased to boost PKP/Hr SotD can autocast normal magic, TSotD can autocast Flames of Zamorak, Kodai has unlimited Water runes April Updates HP Events can be started by Mods or Admins, basically we have 80k HP and whoever does most damage gets the Diamond key loot: Diamond Key | 1/1 Drop rate | 5K - 50K PKP More new items: Dragonfire ward, SoL, Ava's assembler, Dragon C'Bow, Robes of darkness, Leather/d'hide shields, D bolts, Anguish(or) kit, Max capes (can be attached to items), D spear, D darts, Obby armor, Toxic blowpipe, AGS and G maul have been given slightly more accuracy Amulet of damned added with effects for all Barrow's sets like OSRS Run energy will drain in the wilderness but Stamina pots are now in-game A special attack orb is shown near the minimap (like OSRS custom clients) Divine SS has been nerfed so it blocks 30% damage, 70% of the time (Ely blocks 25% dmg, 70% of the time) Zulrah has arrived to Roat Pkz and is waiting for you near... ::zulrah Spec recharge timers have been altered: Normal Player - Every 10 minutes. Regular Donator - Every 5 minutes.Super Donator - Every 90 seconds.Extreme Donator - Every 45 seconds. Price to create instance Kraken (private) is dropped to 200 PKP (was 250) Ring of recoils can be destroyed to reset their charges Ancient Mace has been requested yet again by Killbob (#1 whale) Teleport wizard is at home, ready to take you to where the actions at (::teles for extreme donators) New tele commands added: ::50s ::jad ::skotizo ::revs (existing ones: ::44s ::graves/::corp ::mb ::easts ::wests ::gorillas) New City PvP Zones are added on rotation (changes every Sunday 10am server time) Lumb > Camelot > Varrock Royal seed pod updated to now hold 250 universal tabs (allows you to tele in combat and up to 30 wild) Staff Changes Hay has been demoted Alkosor has been demoted May Updates "RoatPkz-Bot#7793" has joined our discord and lets us know what's happening in-game, plus hosts six DAILY GIVEAWAYS, join now: https://discord.roatpkz.com/ There are now 3x daily Roat Pkz tournaments, all the gear for them is supplied for it, come win some PKP and Minigame points: Global shutdown messages are now displayed in-game and discord to announce who ended who's killstreak of how many kills June Updates Extreme donator rank has been added with Extreme ticket as well, only $89.95! Donator perks have been updated, please check below: A whole new Donator store has been added with Donator points (golden ticket); packed with rares, cosmetics and a great PVM weapon A secondary Donator store is full of a wonderful choice of pets, which (unlike PvM boss pets) are tradeable with any players (see ::zoo) New varieties of Mystery boxes replace the older packs, with a cool spinning interface! What will you land on? ::mboxes to find out! Old donator rewards (dildo, pet monkey, rpkz axes, ring of flying, custom wings) have been removed and players refunded PKP 3 new rings allow you to morph into a rock, bush or coin pile AND hide your marker on the minimap which could be useful... Bonus Donator rewards are given out in addition to what you ordered, when you reach small milestones on your road to a custom With the addition of Dice bag and Mith seeds, gambling is officially introduced to Roat Pkz with FP, 55x2 & Dice duels all 100% scam-free There is an auto-chat option when you right-click the public chat button to automatically repeat your messages without spamming chatbox Vote mboxes updated with better rewards and the spinny thing, make sure to ::vote for your chance to get Infernal cape hahahaha Vote shop re-sell price has been increased to 65% (was 60% of original purchase price) The $ symbol show when right-clicking donators has vanished forever Pets can no longer be left-clicked by anyone (only owner can right-click) A great set of perks to keep this server alive, please ::donate if you can (::osgp to donate Rsgp) ::blacklist is added to block up to 6 people, don't forget you still have ::ragdefenceon and ::riskdefence ::staff is added so you can easily check which staff member is currently on and what rank they are In an effort to stop crazy amounts of multi-votes, we have now capped how many you can do per Acc/IP/Mac address A combat tweak results in hidden +3 lvls Att boost for Accurate mode, +3 lvls Str for Aggressive and +3 lvls Def for Defensive Minigame point are tradeable in the form of new tickets with green tint (minigames: tournaments and now castle wars again) In-game price list is available with rough estimates of all items at ::prices which gives you a ballpark figure for items The interface for spectating fights in tournaments has been improved with search, fight status and ELO ratings displayed A pre-made kit is possible in tournaments by clicking on the armor stand located near the bank booth Duel arena has a statue displaying the state of your staking addiction and a viewing orb to spy on other duellists Justiciar armor is added and it's B-I-S for Melee and Range defence plus it has a damage-reduction effect in PvM (Def bonus/3000) Ghrazi rapier is arguably the new best one-handed weapon taking the mantel of Abyssal tent and Avernic defender is new best defender Powerful Surge spells give TB'ers something to fight with, costing Wrath runes (0.5 PKP each) that are lost on death, even if in Rune pouch Speaking of which the Rune pouch has been given proper OSRS interface, and any spawnable runes put inside do not get used up at all! Many areas have had a makeover with custom buildings and maps for Edgeville, Risk zone, Party room, Fun Pk Tournaments are using environmental RS maps (snow, desert, forest, etc) and Brid is in an instance version of Edge (no tourny portal) July Updates The 1st of July saw the 1st of many successful OSGP Tournaments, kicking things off with a whopping 250M Dh tournament! Hate it or love it - the party room has been given the chest and balloons treatment to bring back fun memories of RS PK'ing at the new ::hotspot areas doubles your chances of PvP keys and doubles your PKP/kill, there's 10 spots changing every 30mins Tent whips have found a new home at the Pk shop for the bargain price of 1k PKP, players have been refunded 3.2K for prev ones wiped Kraken is more likely to drop Tent now, rate is 1/100 (instead of 1/256) Eco is 200M lighter thanks to a massive bite out of Smoothie's bank Staff Changes Pk Guy has been promoted to Server Support 1 Slap has been promoted to Server Support Umut has been promoted to Server Support Sneakr has been demoted September Updates The first trainable skill for Roat Pkz is here: Slayer. And it can only be trained in one place on a PK SERVER (5x RS xp rate) New items are released in the Slayer rewards shop, such as Imbued heart, Salve amulet (ei) and Slayer helms (i) Did you know: you can use enchanted gem to teleport to your tasks a few times, and also pair up for Duo slayer? OSRS Wildy bosses are included in this update and can be assigned with boss tasks unlocked These bosses drop some special rings (see ::drops), and there are special prizes to individuals who get the first boss pets ::npckills can show you the number of and best times of your NPC kills, you can reset current kills in case you want to time it The proper RS skilltab has been implemented to show the Slayer skill and scope for future skilling to follow? Doors and ladders throughout the wilderness are functioning as you'd expect allowing escape opportunities for Slayers The first 10 people to reach level 99 Slayer were awarded a gold-trimmed slayer cape (Big congratz to Uniiquee for being #1 to 99) Castle Wars is (re)introduced after a hiatus and is new and improved, with better rewards to boot Minigame shop has been improve with new items, all of which are tradeable ::daily will tele you to top 10 hiscore table for various categories with great daily and weekly rewards Staff Changes Ban152 has resigned October Updates Craw's bow, Viggaora's mace, Thammaron's sceptre have been added to Slayer reward store You can now right-click maetamorphosis on Zulrah, Corp and Vet'ion pets to change form or color New toggleable OSBuddy-like client timers have been added to help you out: There are bells placed at ::brid ::funpk ::riskzone which you can ring to invite players to those zones for Pking Poison and venom have been updated to 100% OSRS and work on both players and monsters ::funpk has been relocated from out custom zone to the white Clan wars portal area from OSRS ::chins and ::hills are new wilderness teleport commands for quick access to those zones Donator store re-buy rate has increased from 65% to 85% of initial purchase price (good for dumping mbox rewards) Mod and Admins now have the ability to middleman the sale or stake of Custom yelltags, can also re-name them to your fancy Kills or deaths at ::duel or ::funpk no longer count towards your total kills/deaths tally in your quest tab stats For your convenience, items are no longer lost on death at the ::f2p zone No excuses for BS'ing anymore - you can turn on 'right-click to attack clan members' from the mini-settings menu in the quest tab Clan name limit increased to 50 characters, with <img=x> support (I'll release a guide on how to use these, check guide section soon!) We hosted a $500 (donation rewards) Video competition with Waheyyy coming in at 1st place, big congrats to him! A Halloween event was added (::hween) with the reward of a pet bat (can be right-clicked to change colors) and a 20% sale at ::donate Staff Changes Fantastic Cx has been promoted to Administrator PK Guy has been promoted to Moderator A Team has been promoted to Server Support A pixel has been promoted to Server Support Fruitiest has been promoted to Server Support OP Shacko has been promoted to Server Support 1 Slap has been demoted Umut has resigned November Updates An amazing update you'll love: Trading post (::tp) has been added to Roat Pkz = more time PK'ing, less time buying/selling at bank Items will be stored there even if you log off, and there is a 1.9% sales tax which the buyer pays as an eco-sink You can search for newly listed items, specific items by name, or items sold by a certain player, and also view your own history No. of slots available: Normal Player: 4 | Regular Donator: 8 | Super Donator: 12 | Extreme Donator: 16 Abdul the merchant stands right near the Trading post and is ready to pay 50-75% cash of the estimated values of anything tradeable! To the otherside of the TP, Harald is on hand to package cheaper items into sets of 100 or 1000 to enable them to be sold on the TP In other news, Castle wars game time has been halved from 20 mins to just 10 mins now December Updates To bring this year to a close, our Xmas event has been added in-game and is available to play up to the 14th Jan 2019 (tomorrow!) A 25% sale was done at the Donation store (now finished) Speak to Santa at home, check the table for gift prices, then kill Elves at Rogues castle near ::50s to collect the green Elf tokens You will also get some tokens from PvP kills too, but not as much as from Elves Collect snow from the various piles at ::home and wield them to pelt each other, you will find a few Elf tokens amongst the snow too! The special reward items for this holdiay event is the Red sled, it's untradeable so unlock yours now before it's too late Note: Elf tokens are tradeable and can be bought or sold for around 0.5 PKP each while the event is still running! (Will be removed after) Thanks to all our players and staff for making Roat Pkz the #1 OSRS Pking server, and with your continued support we can stay #1 in 2019 and beyond!
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    sike don't get excited rofl
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    Yo guys just want to say I appreciate all the current staff members all of them are good good work picking ur staff team @Gretar this community is really good to +1 all of u guys bless
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    @Smackd @sophia @JBLIND Does this guy ever not complain
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    Sup faggots, #Bestnheringame is bobbi...js. Anyway, A few suggestions i could think of in game are; Duel arena cool down, Where you can opt-out of dueling if you feel like youre getting too addicted?, stops you from loosing bank and wanting to quit?.. Anti-scam in duel?, On the interface where you choose the rules, have maybe, 2 options only? like...Whip/dds - whip, that way no neither party can change anything to attempt to scam? Add tele timers after spec? also longer delays to attack another person while there fighting, so you cant pj? Improve the shops, Add new things, maybe a new currency? Skill tokens? or pvm tokens? Add new bosses?..( get back to you on this bit) Add more skilling options, Even if its making pots?, like add something in to help players earn pkps? Make ingame tournaments for 1st 10k, 2nd 5k, 3 and 4th 2.5k? like every hour or something? Make another minigame...last man standing?...Exactly like you'd see in fortnite but with out the guns and buildin...Like come on who'd not wanna nh in a free for all...last man standing?.. Create a new home! its boring as fuck! Add duel wins into daily... and Flower poker/gambling Reward dedicated players who are on constantly...Loyalty programme? Above 30 kill streak with red skull, if you die you loose everything Probs not alot agree with this but, Add back in chaotics? or at least the maul.. Love the trade post...but WHY the fuck is it just at home?....put one at duel and CW you puddin! Keep a similar concept of the christmas event ingame, it makes a clan feel good to own something and say 'we have 50s'....like a rouge chest? rouges drop keys...not too rare drops but have a decent reward? make the players want to fight there and get the key.... Have loot share available JAIL RAGGERS PLS HOOK B O B B I 10K FOR PK GEAR PLOX Comment what you want? or add your suggestions quick time
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    Some good ideas there, I think that since the "Whip + DDS only" option is there especially for stakers, when that one is selected it should lock in all other options and equipment selections to a pre-selected setting that neither player can change unless one of them unchecks the Whip+DDS. This would eliminate rule-switching scams completely. Actually maybe allow spec on/off as the only one because some people like whip only stakes.
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    this is why we need a wall
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    He turned off the bumpers to take this pic
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    I legit said "please tell me that's fake" out loud I love u bbg
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    Jblind and Savior1st rn
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    1 kill from yesterday rest are all from today kill from yesterday sarah hyland m0ng00l 360 waves b u l l y lol hes in a guthans helm randoms: ditsy nh tank shua
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    Why are you @ing people for backup, I said nothing about u being shit and dying all the time just the fact u get bullied by everyone offf the game
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    Hi everyone! I'll get to the point quickly, but let me first tell you a story... My first encounter with NH Stank was about 3 months ago, when I started playing this server and wasn't even nhing yet. I went into a tribrid tournament where everyone was saying that NH Stank is garbage. I never knew whether it was a meme or not. Now I do. Today I was unfortunate enough to experience what this sad excuse for a ragger calls "nhing". It mainly consisted of him camping melee pray whenever I wasn't frozen, and hoping I don't do the same so he can kill me. I quickly realised we could go on like that for days, and nobody would die. So I camped melee back to show him how pointless this is, and instead challenged him to a NH stake. That's when this goblin kid froze up, for he knew he was outclassed. If we do a nh stake, his only strategy (camping melee) is rendered useless. And so is he. So instead, he kept saying he's better, and some other random flames. (Pics of convos below). But he wouldn't nh stake me, nor would he adress why it's not a valid option. He would just keep repeating I'm bad and flaming me, while ignoring my challenges to a NH stake. Even his cocksucker Jukemeluke, who only got his cock out of his mouth for about 1 minute to argue with me, could not tell me why NH staking is not a valid option. He argued for a bit, and when he was supposed to tell me what's wrong with NH staking, he teleported away. Btw Luke, don't choke on that thick cock babe... So @nh tank, I'm calling you out here for everyone to see what a bitch you are. Are you going to accept my challenge, or are you going to let everyone here see what a scared little bitch you are? Tbh I assume you're going to keep hiding in the sewers like the incompetent rat you are, but maybe you're going to accept and prove me wrong. The truth is, I've only been nhing for a little over 3 months, and you've been at this shit for years. So if you're fucking scared of Daul Penino, that's ok, but everyone's gonna laugh at you even more than they already are. Also, for the other angry ego nhers, I'm kinda new to nhing, so I'm not claiming to be #1. I'm not even claiming to be good. All I'm claiming is that I'm better than this goblin boy named NH STANK. So before all of you pile on to challenge me, let him respond first. NH STANK, if you think you're better, you're going to do it, because it's ez money for you. We can do like 20k per stake or 50k and do bo3/bo5. And if you're going to complain staking is more rng, we can even do a bo9. So no excuses. The slapshop has just opened and you can be the first customer. Your move, bitch.
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    It’s ok buddy reading is hard
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    The lyre isn't brown enough
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    "Spartans niggas gang gang" lool good video bro this was needed
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    Panic2Hard Playtime: 166 Days 6 hours Smackd: 114 Days 11 hours 🤯
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    MAGE ARENA II Demon Locations Mage Arena 2 Mini-game has been out for almost two months now, so I decided to share the exact locations of all their spawns. There are 4 Demon spawns in single-way combat, and 12 in multi-way combat, all above 30 wilderness. Ideal Welfare Setup: NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU USE THE CHARGE SPELL