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    Sit back niggas, Dumb whores tried contesting the unstoppable 3 Clan merge, the official server merge, they thought they had what it takes to take down the best SIKE NIGGA YOU THOUGHT THIS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN U ACT SILLY Yep they really did die that many times dont ask me how PUBLIC DISCORD https://discord.gg/xHm3nTS PM TO SPY ON UR TEAM TODAY LMFAO
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    Why did I make this? bc everyday I noticed people would often ask to see a list of un-tradeables. PkP Shop _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ best in cape slot for range __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ rune pouch can hold up to 16k of three different types of runes ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Voting Shop ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bounty Hunter Shop _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ best in gloves slot for melee _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ best in shield slot for melee _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ only works at level 30 wilderness & below
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    Roat Pkz Clan Cup #4 The fourth Roat Pkz Clan Cup will be 3v3 Single Fights. That means 3 members per clan and you're never fighting more than 1 clan at a time (hence 3v3). The Clan Cup will have a bracket based system (example of bracket system) and each round will have up to 3 fights, first clan to win 2 battles goes through the next round. After every round clan members can re-stock and prepare for the next fight. The Clan Cup will also be live streamed on YouTube with hosts that are knowledgeable with tribridding & clan fights and will be commentating over the fights. Rewards 1. 600M OSRS + In-Game Statue 2. 250M OSRS 3. 100M OSRS 4. 50M OSRS Tournament Date Sunday 29. September - 19:00 Server Time | Full Tournament (Server Time is GMT) Tournament Location Every clan will be teleported into their own Wilderness instance, each clan will start where the red dots are and the fog will slowly force players in the middle where the green dot is. No NPC's will be available. The Rules 1. You must follow the Roat Pkz Official Rules (No DDOSing). 2. There can only be one entry per person (computer). ITEM CAPS - Max 1 Infernal Cape per team. - Max 1 Ancestral Set per team. - Max 10 Saradomin Brews per player. Divine & Elysian Spirit Shield & Pre-EOC PvP items will not be allowed (Vesta, Zuriel Statius & Morrigans). FAQ How do I enter the tournament? You can sign your clan up at ::clancup in-game 1 week before the tournament. Will items be supplied like Tournaments? No, we will not supply items for this tournament , you will have to use your own items to participate. (If you need help making money as a clan please contact Jordan#3961 on Discord) Will I lose items in the tournament? No, you will not lose any items you bring to the tournament, they will all be kept on death. I have a clan with more than 5 people can I still enter? Sure you can, but there can only be a max of 5 people per clan entry, so if you have a huge clan you'll have to split up into groups, there is no guarantee that you will not face each other. Will Rigour & Augury Prayers be disabled? No, Rigour & Augury prayers will work for those that have them unlocked How will you make sure that people don't cheat? Since the tournament will be automatic the server will make sure that the rounds can not start unless everyone is following all item cap rules. I am moving a clan over from a new server/osrs, how do I start on Roat? Every clan is welcome to Roat Pkz and we would be happy to help you out, please message Jordan#3961 on Discord and he will help get you started & give you tips & answers to all of your questions. Can staff members see my IP? No, Roat Pkz Staff members (Admins & Mods) can not see your IP addresses or mac. Any other questions? Please post any other questions you have below.
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    To join the Legendary Ticket Giveaway (600K) 1. Subscribe to my channel! 2. Like the video! 3. Comment your IGN on the video!
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    Was planning to have someone edit but going on holiday tomorrow so enjoy: 100k giveaway - sub - comment - like refer to come
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    Check out my new video, profit from 99 WC
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    Lol it’s max 10 brews did you miss that part?
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    why 6am on a monday morning when i have work that day? just why
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    Welcome to Official Roatpkz Untradeable List! Rune Pouch Assembler Dragon Defender Fire Cape Fighter Torso Dwarven Rock cake Fighter,Ranger,Healer,Runner Hat Seed Pod Void Knight Set Elite Void Set Ferocious Gloves Avernic Defender Infernal Cape Ardougne cloak Dice Bag Imbued God capes PS: Spoilers without Information would come soon!
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    nice clean guide, mate just missing a few: fire cape, infernal cape, ardounge cloak 4, imbued god capes & enchanted symbol (for the imbued god capes) edit: oh, and, if you really want to go there, all skilling outfits and holiday items are untradeables
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    wow ur such a server support
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    nice and clear. thanks supremium very cool!
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    Why does this guy have youtuber rank? He is scammer lmfao. Yesterday scammed 10k pkp tickets from me at duel arena by turning amulet on. I sincerely hope that some mod or admin takes you rank away you are nothing but an lame af scammer. Also baby boy deleted my comment on hes YouTube video keep it up prick At this stake this boy scammed 10k pkps he had amulet on lmfao.
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    Tefy u only pk when you have 2-3x the numbers of opposing cc(s), and still manage to die for max... meme
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    Hey everyone, as most of you know there's many unique account/usernames that are inactive and not in-use. We've decided to sell any usernames/accounts that haven't been active for a long time, or accounts that have little to no playtime. However, some accounts may vary by case. This would give you a totally new account with no items, 0-0 KDR, no playtime, no donator status. Usernames can not be transferred to your current Roat account, when you buy the account it's just one whole new account for you to play on. Prices: 1 Letter Usernames: 150k PKP (or $50). 2 Letter Usernames: 125k PKP (or $40). 3 Letter Usernames: 100k PKP (or $35). 4 Letter Usernames: 75k PKP (or $30). 5+ Letter Usernames: 50k PKP (or $25). We also accept items at 10% extra, so 1 letter would be 165K in items. Now to purchase an account/username or to check if it's even available for purchase is to fill in this form and let us know what names you're interested in. Staff will reply regularly letting you know if it's available or not. Username/s you're interested in: Example: Username/s you're interested in: S, King, PvP. If the account/username you're trying to purchase is available, and you agree to the transaction you then contact any Staff member to get you in contact with Gretar so you can make your purchase. Note: WHEN YOU BUY THE ACCOUNT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND. A few usernames that have been asked about, 1 - NOT Available 2 - Available 3 - NOT Available 4 - Available 5 - Available 6 - Available 7 - Available 8 - Available 9 - Available Yes - Available No - Available Sun - Available Ass - NOT Available Kk- Not available Lad - Available Boss - Available You - Available She - Available He - Available Pkp- Available Kid- NOT Available Sit- Available Ty - Available Thanks - Available Fat- Available Lol - Available Age - Available Man - Available Woman - Available Angel - NOT Available Demon - NOT Available Eat - NOT Available Milk - Available Tits - Available Boobs - Available Sea - Available UK - NOT Available Jew - Available Jesus - Available Key - Available Noob - Available Random - Available Lit - Available Own - Available Ya - NOT Available Pure - NOT Available War - NOT Available Ok - Available End - Available GF - Available Cya - Available Bye - Available Off - Available Go - Available Me - Available You - Available Nerd - Available A - NOT available B - Available C - Available D - Available E - Available F - Available G - NOT available H - NOT available I - Available J - NOT available K - Available L - Available M - Available N - Available O - Available P - Available Q - Available R - Available S - NOT available T - Available U - Available V - Available W - Available X - NOT available Y - Available Z - NOT available
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    ::resetkdr back to 0 kills and 0 deaths. I don’t see who it would hurt
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    I had an elder maul refunded once @Smackd
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    RoatPkz Video Competition! Rules: Video must be made specifically for this contest! (no old clips). Video must be at least 3 minutes long and shouldn't exceed 7 minutes. Video must be uploaded to YouTube (public) and link to https://roatpkz.com/ in description. Video must be PvP related - Hybrid - Deep Wild - Edge PKing - etc. Video will be judged based on clip quality + video quality. Rewards: 1st Place: $200 in donation credit via ::donate, + 200M OSRS GP. 2nd Place: $150 in donation credit via ::donate, + 100M OSRS GP. 3rd Place: $100 in donation credit via ::donate, + 50M OSRS GP. 4th Place: $50 in donation credit via ::donate, + 30M OSRS GP. 5th Place: $30 in donation credit via ::donate, + 20M OSRS GP. (if you win OSRS GP and don't want it, we can give you items from ::donate instead) Submissions: All videos must be submitted before or on 20. September 2019. Submissions must be sent to [email protected] (subject: Roat Pkz Video Competition, body: ign + youtube url). Videos will be judged by @Gretar. Good-luck to all participants, keep in mind this may be a solo video, duo, trio, team, etc.
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    Yeah, im opening this clan because i like pking.. and pking is an enjoyable thing, which is fun, i like having fun, thats enjoyable, and funny. SKEP THA BOOLLSHET IM OPENING RAMADAN LOVERS69 (MAY CHANGE NAME) SO PEOPLE CAN SLAUGHTER DICKHEADS (renegades) AND PVMERS (spartans) SO THATS VERY FUNNY, LETS GET GOING!
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    To join the x3 Legendary Mystery Box giveaway (3 winners): 1. Subscribe to my channel! 2. Like the video! 3. Comment your IGN on the video!
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    Both of you can visit the link in my signature. Not sure if you're trolling or not, but regardless
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    This would only cause for people to make new acc’s reset kdr everytime they die until they’re like 1000:0 which would be gay and temper with the ::hiscores of legit kdrs
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    Dont listen to suor its been 4 years and he still doesnt have a mic!
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    Don't listen to @Terzey he's gold nova 2, also keep Bayonet, it's held its value for this entire time, animation looks more crisp too.
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    we should start a petition to have a party as a coming home party for when you get back:)
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    I'd sell it if i were you. You could use the money more wisely by paying for some mental health classes
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    I agree! This has gone too far. It is ruining the community and giving RoatPkz a bad name! I suggest making a rule against extreme flame like this. What is sadder is that the staff are completely okay with it...
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    l0l00ll what is this lmao.... plus i asked for an web designer for rsps web l0l
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    @Tesfxye can you stop dropping your korma on the floor please, thanks!
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