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    Hey everyone, we will be increasing the amount of server supports in-game AGAIN, be sure to apply here if you haven't already! We are mainly looking for people that enjoy playing as well as helping others, playtime of 50+ hours monthly is required, if you're unsure if you have those hours don't worry, just post an application and we'll double check it. If you applied last month and didn't get approved, feel free to re-apply APPLY HERE Application Format
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    Figured i'd make a thread and try to get feedback from the community on some items that are currently free that have been suggested to be made worth PKP. Note: Some items on this list might be ridiculous to even be on here, but feedback on why they should or shouldn't would be highly appreciated from all. Supplies / Ammunition: Dragon Arrows / Price you Suggest: Amethyst Arrows / Price you Suggest: Amethyst Javelins / Price you Suggest: Saradomin Brews / Price you Suggest: Sanfew Serums / Price you Suggest: Super Anti-Fire potions / Price you Suggest: Gear: Barrows Gloves / Price you Suggest: Berserker Necklace / Price you Suggest: Regen Bracelet / Price you Suggest: Wizard Boots / Price you Suggest: Abyssal Whip / Price you Suggest: Now personally here are the items I think should definitely be changed and why: Amethyst Javelins: Javelins are way too good to be able to sit in void with a Ballista and camp 30's through prayer. Proposed Price: 0.25 PKP ea Saradomin Brews: Overall the best food to have in-game, I think with the addition of all skills in the future these should be made by doing the Herblore skill, but if people are against the price change maybe add a brew cap scaling off of your risk. Proposed Price: 1 PKP ea Super Anti-Fire Potions: Negates dragon-fire from hitting you via dragon bolts, would also have to be added in-game: Proposed Price: 10 PKP ea Wizard Boots: Best in slot boots for 1 defense pures. Proposed Price: 100 PKP ea Regen Bracelet: Best in slot glove item for 1 defense pures: Proposed Price: 100 PKP ea Feedback on each item, agree or disagree, price you think they should be if changed would be highly appreciated:
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    So been Thinking whats The chances of getting Clan wars Tournaments setup? We already have 1v1 tournaments? why not go further! go beyond! But not making it clan chat related! But Making it so anyone, anybody, anything can join but the teams are mixed so it doesn't matter which clan chat your in. This update will get more people involved in player vs player combat and multi player action this wouldn't just be another way of making PKPs it will also be a very fun way to enjoy the game, 2 Sides 2 mixed teams fight to the death! in either (pure NH) and (main F2p gear) 2 different styles most people will not be used to but if it means not losing items or dying in the wilderness but at a clan wars tournament it would mean alot of people could practice these types of pking. The reason I mentioned "f2p" pking is... because its a very very common way of pking but not everyone has experienced it they might like it they might even LOVE it! At this day and age on the "real thing" there is way more f2p pkers then p2p because f2p meaning free to play means they don't have to pay for the game so they do there thing. Also the reason I mentioned "pure NH" is simply because theirs a such thing called "pure clanning" and its been around so sooo long and it has a hugeeee number of players on the clans go from 50-150 people and I haven't only witnessed them on the "real thing" but ive also witnessed them on other servers and if people realised damn they got a pure nh tournament or a f2p tournament they might think I fucking love this game already! because clan wars has been around for sooooo long and its been a hugeeee part of the game runescape!
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    2 Weeks of Hard work(pvming).
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    like subscribe comment ign for giveeaway ""gl boys
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    On OSRS, a 10% increase in the chance of your bolt spec activating is an achievement diary reward. Whilst the benefits are marginal, this can be useful in both PvM and PvP situations. This benefit could be added as a one time purchase (such as a scroll) or an achievement reward (such as kill counts etc).
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    I was thinking of this, but it would been really great if an admin or gretar could add the option where u can see the other inventory when you're in a duel stake. Just an example on how it would see. I just think this is a great suggest to have because its just good to see what the other have so u dont get scammed or so in duel. Might look stupid but i think its a good idea ^^
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    I agree with this. Putting pricestamps on fury, d boots, rings and other things were already a bad enough idea in my personal opinion. I don’t want to see people fighting in rune, glory and dragon scimitar at Edgeville.
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    I Agree with Raimon , Making The smallest of details such as brews and sanfews cost pkp is unreasonable since its a pk spawn server and what do you mean with the addition of new skills in the future? its a PKING spawn Server not Skilling , Slayer is a good addition because its wildy slayer and it synergizes with the theme of the Server , but adding skills like herblore you mentioned to make brews and such just Removes the identity of the server as a pking server , Yikes Man , I'd agree on maybe Dragon Arrows or Amethys Javelins , But the Rest should remain the same as it is .
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    Must be a new kind of scamming you've invented? You staked 150K PKT against nothing, and purposely lost the duel. Nice! Don't bother appealing, you're not getting unbanned.
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    i finally fixed the video resolution. Sadly, that was after i uploaded:/
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    lasts 4 hrs with constant naps and trading off with his slave friend jray then afks https://gyazo.com/b9f40551b54bff7ff77007ccde545e9b gif of them nowhere to be found poor children humiliated ;o
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    Appreciate it but in the words of @JBLIND Aren’t you banned?
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    The first guy at the door who got killed said "welcome brother" It's disgusting what happened, that such a safehaven for a small Muslim community can become a target for a mentally deranged man to do something like this. Kia Kaha praying for Christchurch
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    People gonna be using rune gloves and dscim hitting the same as someone his bought all the items i agree with adding them to pk store but combat needs to be sorted first so it’s worth buying them
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    I'd only support very few items. F.,e javelins as u dont get a ballista when u join. Don't want to scare off new players by needing pkp for the simplest items like a whip
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    Welcome back bro! 7 years roat = nothing 7 years school = doctor some1 said ^ @paramingo @Gretar
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    Crackers are expected to move out at 18 and live on ramen noodles in a 300sqft apartment while in other cultures they stay home!
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    ill do you a package deal my friend here u go brother
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    Fix bolt delay after eating correct delay: https://gyazo.com/b4eeabe798d1b4b96f92539650af820d https://i.gyazo.com/b4eeabe798d1b4b96f92539650af820d.mp4 Add mithril seeds with a use outside FP'ing Add chins as a ranged weapon - possible option for hunter skill (::chins tele) Fix tick eating order eg: have to angler > pot > karam -- cannot angler > karam > pot (pot won't be drank) https://gyazo.com/bd11f7b944793b881ea8511652aa39ac https://i.gyazo.com/bd11f7b944793b881ea8511652aa39ac.mp4 Move or randomise the teleport tile of ::44's. It's within spear-able distance of the obelisk with just one freeze on that tile. ^ This may have been fixed since the last time I played and is just a re-suggestion.
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    To join the 200K+ Giveaway: 1. Subscribe to my channel! 2. Like the video! 3. Comment your IGN on ther video! *I will be picking the winners in my next Roat PKZ video :)* Good luck to all
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    My first video back in a while, show love! Also, don't forget to enter into the giveaway. Starting small, but it will get bigger when I get back into things!
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    new one since People posted bullshit under last one . #may their Family be under protection , 49 People died... cause a guy wanted it.. some were childs .. may they have all find their way to Paradies.
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    To enter the GIVEAWAY: 1. Like the video 2. Subscribe to my channel (AND TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS!) 3. Use ::refer - vex888 - for a free mystery box! 4. Coment your IGN below 4. COMMENT YOUR INGAME NAME! GOOD LUCK
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    Lol a lot more innocent Muslims have been killed by white people than the other way round via air strikes and other shit so really the terrorist attacks done by Muslims targeting white people would be classed as “revenge” but it’s like if someone killed your dad would u go out and kill someone else’s dad who has nothing to do with your dads death? That’s your logic rn
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    You can eat on the 'same tick' of a spec/veng even if you react after seeing the animation. Can be tested dhing etc, makes 1 tick specs and veng's less effective and reduces the skill gap in veng-style pking, even if the gmaul didn't already do that.
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    @Hatcx i don't care anymore over These 2018/2019 nsers lol i have a solid life now nomore nolifing games 2-3h max gaming per day then Basketball / Training hes nowhere a profesinal nser lol that doesnt even fking exist "profesinal nser" lol........ tf is that supposed to mean ? i rag since 2011-12 he rag since 2017 and says hes a profesinal nser while he got not once paid to rag a Person?.. neither he was never in a top clan in any game.-. hes a depressed whale who got bullied off from spawnpk lmfao you really saying you a nser? lol nigga you got bullied off from spawnpk by me , bully-squad and even from the Multi clan what was its Name again? elementals , forgot you even joined them to pvm ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ you are cringe nothing more stop embrassing yourself.
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    Pretty sure Gretar changed PID on purpose on Roat. Unlike 07 if you have PID you have a huge advantage. whereas on Roat you do not
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    Yeah I don’t know why this isn’t added yet?!! Pretty dumb to have to ask a staff member to come check each persons inv? Especially since more and more people tryna nh/brid stake @Gretar
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    My goal is to quit roat pkz in a month
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    I spend my time on more valuable things such as watching YouTube videos
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    Ks amk smoothie. Best of wishes goes to u cuz its your bday!
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    You almost committed suicide over a game u prolly live at a mental hospital lmfao so don’t talk about my parents paying #selfsufficient #useyourdeets
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    LOOOL life skills repent social skillz improve leeee we quit roatpkz but check the forums more than the players
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    2v2 singles tourneys would be sick. Or even 5v5 multi, or 5v5 singles, would be awesome to see. Or whatever
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    Looool Yh you two rejects stick together
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    I'm giving away 160k PKP to 2 winners! To enter you must: Like the video Comment your IGN on the VIDEO Subscribe to my channel Turn my post notifications to 'on'
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    Fully support this. veng is way to easy to out eat. I don't fear axing on 20 hp while hes venged because i know i can outeat it 99% of the time...
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    DUUUDE this might work!! YESSS!! I'm finally able to step out and talk to ladies! Thank you christopher ^^ROFL
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    RoatPkz Video Competition! Rules: Video must be made specifically for this contest! (no old clips). Video must be at least 3 minutes long and shouldn't exceed 7 minutes. Video must be uploaded to YouTube (public) and link to https://roatpkz.com/ in description. Video must be PvP related - Hybrid - Deep Wild - Edge PKing - etc. Video will be judged based on clip quality + video quality. Rewards: 1st Place: $200 in donation credit via ::donate, + 100M OSRS GP. 2nd Place: $150 in donation credit via ::donate, + 50M OSRS GP. 3rd Place: $100 in donation credit via ::donate, + 30M OSRS GP. 4th Place: $50 in donation credit via ::donate, + 15M OSRS GP. 5th Place: $30 in donation credit via ::donate, + 10M OSRS GP. (if you win OSRS GP and don't want it, we can give you items from ::donate instead) Submissions: All videos must be submitted before 31. March 2019. Submissions must be sent to [email protected] (subject: Roat Pkz Video Competition, body: ign + youtube url). Videos will be judged by @Gretar. Good-luck to all participants, keep in mind this may be a solo video, duo, trio, team, etc.
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    @gore6800 planker watch chris archy to be gooder at pker
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