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  1. Hi, firstly the veng icon hitbox looks like this: It's quite annoying that it only gives lee-way towards the right, in osrs it gives leeway towards the left too like this: It's less confusing this way and easier to use and it's less annoying for people who have their inventory setup with spec weapon more towards the left of the veng icon, new players who come to the game won't have to adjust their muscle memory for this, like I have been doing. Secondly, the position of the veng spell in the magic spellbook isn't customizable, for me and perhaps others the veng icon is awkwardly placed. For a pk server I think this would be huge to be able to remove some of the spells. I know that it seems like I'm whining about some tiny change, but experienced pkers will know the importance of keeping consistent muscle memory.
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  2. Reminds me that I finished Kraken's collection log within 22 kills 🧜‍♂️
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  3. Hey guys, today we introduce an expansion to our Last Man Standing Game Mode. We have now added Pure + Zerker mode, magic books. Added new items and a brand new Last Man Standing Crate. We've also added two new Clan Perks! I'll go into detail below! An Overview of the new Game Modes! Voidwaker has now been added to the Last Man Standing items! Easily choose which spell book you'd like to use during Last Man Standing! The New Last Man Standing Crate! Check out scheduled LMS games by typing ::Events in-game The Invigorate clan perk has been added. Automatically receive a Super Combat, Ranged and Magic Potion when you go into a PvP Zone . The Agile clan perk has been added. Unlocks all Agility shortcuts without meeting the level requirements. LMS and Minigame Items PKP value has been re-priced in-game & now more properly reflect their real price. Entangle now does different XP drops on failure/success. Other Updates: - PVP Armours now get added into loot keys when dropped on death.
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    • zite

      I just had a dream that Chef became a server support after his 1000th application.
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    • Chef

      News: roatpkz is dead soon, gather your items and go back to your families under the safe roof.
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    • Clanvertise

      Donations history & goal progress for Clanvertise
      Username: Dm dicing / Affiliated clan: The Team / Total Donation Amount: 20,777 pkp
      Username: Purple plant / Affiliated clan: The kings cc / Total Donation Amount: 4.49k pkp
      250K Drop party when goals are reached.
      Clanvertise's Goal of 1M PKP current total: 25,267/1,000,000!
      Clanvertise's Total overall Donations: 25,267/1,000,000,000!
      Clan in the lead for donations: https://discord.gg/theteam
      Discord (copy & paste): CLANVERTISE#4299
      Email: [email protected] (I check email daily)
      Link to my post!: https://forum.roatpkz.com/index.php?/topic/31390-clanvertise-the-in-game-clan-advertiser/
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    • Fantastic

      50k dp for Korasi btw skull_emoji
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