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    Roat Pkz Wilderness Clue Scrolls! Hello fellow players! Today I bring you an exciting update that has been in the works for the past weeks! Roat Pkz will now have Wilderness Clue Scrolls. We've built over 250 unique Clue Scroll tasks that are all wilderness based, with over 5 categories of scrolls. Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite and Master! The rewards range from a few Pk Points to a few million (if you get lucky). Clue Scroll Types There are 5 different kind of Clue Scrolls. Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite and Master! How do I get them? 1. PvP - You can receive Clue Scrolls from Player Killing in the wilderness or in any PvP zone where players lose their items. The drop rates vary based on factors such as fight time, setups, location and more. 2. PvM - You can receive Clue Scrolls from killing monsters in-game. All monsters on the Drop Table (::droptable) and all Slayer Task related monsters drop them (even if you're not on a task). 3. Skilling - You can receive Clue Scrolls from Skilling. Any skill can reward you with a Clue Scroll, if you skill in the wilderness you're four times more likely to receive one. Clue Scroll Task Types Uri will give you many unique tasks that you need to complete! All of them are very fun but dangerous! I will list some examples below. Look and Dig Look for the place in the wilderness and bring a shovel! QNA Task Meet Mandrith outside the Resource Area and answer his burning question. Search for an Object Sometimes you have to find a certain object in the wilderness! These objects have a "search" option. Emote with Equipment Get skulled and geared up for these! Do a quick emote and you're done! Kill a monster with Equipment Get skulled and geared up to kill a certain monster in the wilderness. Coordinate Task Bring a shovel and find the location! ::dataon will help here! Hot & Cold Task Purchase a Strange Device from Uri and use it to find your dig location! Skilling Task Do a certain skill activity while wearing specific equipment. Casket Rewards Every time you complete a Clue Scroll, you will be rewarded with a casket, the casket is tradeable and can be sold to other players. It can also be opened for some great rewards! You can see some of them below! You can view those in-game with ::Clue-Rewards Easy Clue Scroll Average Casket Reward: 1,000 PKP - Total Steps: 2 - 4 Medium Clue Scroll Average Casket Reward: 2,500 PKP - Total Steps: 3 - 5 Hard Clue Scroll Average Casket Reward: 5,000 PKP - Total Steps: 4 - 6 Elite Clue Scroll Average Casket Reward: 10,000 PKP - Total Steps: 5 - 7 Master Clue Scroll Average Casket Reward: 25,000 PKP - Total Steps: 6 - 8 New Items In-Game from Clue Scrolls! There are many brand new items in-game that come from Clue Scrolls, I will list most of them below. 3rd Age Customs (Master) The 3rd age customs are without a doubt the most desirable clue scroll reward. Dragon Hunter Lance (Elite) The Dragon Hunter lance gives you an extra 20% accuracy and damage boost on dragons (works on revs) Sanguinesti Staff (Hard) The staff has a built in spell, pretty much a boosted Trident. Frozen & Volcanic Whips (Medium) Those whips have the same stats as Abyssal Whip and are useable in the duel arena. Cape of Skulls & Team Capes (Easy) You can get these cool capes from the Easy scroll, mostly cosmetic. Mimic Boss There's a 10%-ish chance of receiving the Mimic Casket from an Elite or a Master Clue Scroll. The Mimic boss has a 1/100 chance of dropping a 3rd Age Equipment item. Mini-Uri Pet There's a small chance you'll receive a Mini-Uri pet when you complete a Clue Scroll! Clue Box You can find the Clue Box in Uri's shop for 500 Pk Points, it's lost on death but will protect your Clue Scroll! Clue Scroll Achievements There are Clue Scroll Completion Achievements for every Clue Scroll type. Rewards range from 1 - 25 caskets. OTHER NON-CLUE UPDATES Rent Rigour & Augury Prayers You can now rent Rigour & Augury Prayers for 1 - 24 hours for a price. (::prayer) Host Last Man Standing Games You can now host Last Man Standing games by using an item on Lisa at ::LMS. Hide in-game broadcasts You can now hide in-game broadcasts by right clicking on them. Filter in-game flame You can now filter in-game flame/curse words in the Quest Tab Settings. You can manage your bad-words with ::edit-curse-list. It hides words from public, private, clan and yell chat. Dead clicks fixed Dead clicks mostly noticed in the Duel Arena and the Corporeal Beast Cave have been fixed. New YouTube channel commands! YouTubers can now much easier get a command that links to their channel! Not only does it link to the channel, but you can make the command link directly to your latest video! Enjoy it! A lot more in the works!
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    Official Starting Guide Now you're into RoatPkz. What's the path you willing to take? PK. Skilling. PVM. Secondly, before getting into the guide, you can simply type ::shops , and don't ever forget: Mazchna (PKP Shop) is the PKP Store. You can get all the untradables & most pk weapons from it. After the introduction, it's time to make decisions. As it was mentioned above, you can choose between three options. PK As it is a PK server, you maybe willing to spawn & pk. To search for items you want to spawn, type ::getid . ALL UNTRADABLES are kept all over Wilderness, not only under level 20. After hitting the bank, you can choose between getting spawnables inside bank or not. Don't worry if you get tons of spawnables inside bank, you can simply type inside chatbox ::removealljunkfrombank -> and they're all gone. Now its time to spawn items & pk. But how? Spawn server presets 2. Create your own preset & spawn it within 2 clicks! For this, go inside the Quest tab, to the Crossed Swords button! Just select the items, put the items in your inventory the best way that suits you and save it! Then you only have to go to: Quest tab -> the crossed swords tab inside quest tab -> Click the Custom Kit you've just created & PK! Pking is not what you mostly enjoy doing? Skilling You have 11 unique skills. 10 of the 11, for skilling will give you Skilling Points. This can be right clicked & claimed as Pk Points (10 Skilling points = 1 Pk Point), or you can save the Skilling Points & buy supplies for every single skill. To start skilling you can simply type ::skill or if you don't want to roam arround the island, you can just type ::"theskillyouwant" , for example, ::mining or ::cooking and you'll go directly to the respective zone. This is an ilustrative example, but it is the same for every skill. You will see a NPC like this for every skill. From it, you can buy/sell supplies & buy unique skilling outfits. Each part of the outfit will give a 2-2,5% bonus xp leading to a 10% bonus xp for the complete set. For more information of each skill, just click the skill you wanting and it'll show you what you need for each level. The last skill, is Slayer. You can start this with ::Slayer but WATCH OUT! Its Wilderness based skill, all tasks are inside Wilderness, so beware from pkers!!!!!! You can teleport to task with the Enchanted Gem (It's free in the reward shop, but you have 10 teleports per task.) PVM To know what bosses are available ingame type ::Drops . Appart from showing the NPCs you can kill (Kraken, Roat Pkz Champs & Zulrah are safe zoned), it show what it drops and what's the chance of getting it. To improve the drop rate, you can ::vote & get a 60 minutes boost, or DONATE to increase the drop rate PERMANENTLY. To teleport to all bosses you can talk to this guy, arround ::home Bonus As this is a limited guide, just to show the basics of Roat Pkz, i'll give you an useful addon from the server. To buy/sell items you can go to ::Tp (Trading Post). This works as a Grand Exchange, but watch out! Sometimes items are way overpriced, so better get staff help to get the prices correct before over paying !!!!!
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    Imagine lacking so much self confidence your paki ass cant post a full client screen shot Only thing you could be hiding is either A. When RPKZ takes the kill pic it would show your ahk clicking on all items at once and they woulda been greyed out a bit to resemble you clicking them and this would have been a self ban thread OR B. You were shaking like a queer eating a hotdog and were launching everything in your fucking inventory left, right, down and up simply trying to tab after you ADHD kicked in after specing
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    Roat Pkz Video Competition WINNERS! Thanks to everyone for participating, here are the winners! To claim your winnings, Please go to https://roatpkz.com/donate/ and add to your cart until you reach the amount you won! Then send me a screenshot on here of your cart via Discord Gretar#0001 (::discord). 1. JORDAN (JBLIND) - $200 or 150M OSRS 2. PIRUS - $125 + 100M OSRS (PAID) 3. APPEALS - $100 + 75M OSRS (PAID) 4. KAYA - $50 + 40M OSRS (PAID) 5. WOODCUTTED - $25 + 20M OSRS Honorable Mentions SLAPPED KENSI DEVISTATION Thank you all for participating!
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    wag1 lads. @Tesfxye its been a while
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    These really are not that hard. Use a world map found through Google.. Here are some hints:
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    @JBLIND My Fucking Bro Did It Again Best roat vid maker
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    Gretar.. Please listen to your players for ONCE I am not the only one getting hard lags (LATLEY) - means 2months ?.. please for everyones sake upgrade the server.. IT already crashed once for 10mins at 560players.. the server is just having lag at 400players.. i don't remember the server being like this way back?...
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    @JBLIND holy fuck your hot, too bad i dont like ur music 9/10 @k0ntv0cht damn, you look just as good as selena gomez, lets be real i got an insta you got an insta, hmu. 9.2/10 @1 slap you must be a freak in bed, goth titty babe. you know my loc hmu bb. 8/10 @Same Sea cute, but probaby has no body 3/10 basic white girl look @she rags pmed you my loc 10/10 @Bind U Dead cant tell if youre bind u dead or basic white bitch 7/10 with daddy issues
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    id like to speak to the manager of roatpk so that i can get @Rot Tries pknew gets banned for snitching on fellow rwters
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    Fake and gay xex is undefeated
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    I really like these hats tbh <3
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    only if i had time... me dds specs in duel are pretty sick.
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    weirdo typing paragraphs stfu faggot
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    Grats to Jblind, has the best video every competition and never wins it.
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    When they were added the loots were okay but with how op money making is now they should get buffed drops
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    Like + comment + subscribe | Big man thing innit. watch now
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    Hi ! I know most of you doesn't really skill, but PLEASE, consider these suggestions, as skilling atm is pretty dead content: Add a "high alch" to pets (not exactly high alching, but something to get back from extra pets that are at bank with no use at all.) To prevent this. PVM pets = "High alching" will give you PK Points Skilling pets = "High alching" will give you Skilling Points Donator pets = "High alching" will give you Donator points And so on with the type of pet that are ingame. Fix bank system, switch it as OSRS. (Not whole bank, just this, so that it lets you withdraw "X" quantity (14 for example) and within two clicks you have your inv with whats needed to skill. To get fletch/crafting/smith/herblore (if planning adding it).. (That part, not the whole bank, as i said.) BUFF infernals for skilling. They literally have the same speed and use than a dragon, but the only diff is that they randomly do an extra skilling action. For that, i'd suggest editing their price to 5-7k. If first suggesiton is viable, i'd also suggest adding achievements to "High alching" pets, and finishing them all unlocks title "The Alcher", or something like that. Add Herblore ingame? High level unlocks the creation of divine potions to PVM/PK (BIS Pots)? Unlocking skillcape gives a little boost to the skill which you've achieved the mastery. Maxing all skills unlocks the true master skillcape ( which can be "operated" and teleported to an unique spot for those players, or something like that). Add skilling point titles (As we have PKP, Vote, Donator points, add the Chopper, the Fisher, etc, etc). If you have any other idea, let me know. I know its maybe not a priority ingame, but please, consider this into further updates. Thanks for the time. El Pibe.
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    oh shit i forgot about that cemetery
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    Fr tho @Gretar loc vet rank mans been grinding forums longer than @Fruitiest been getting tasks from nieve fr gimmie vet b4 I charge back that 5$ You want these hands nigga? And also whilst u sorting the ranks give @Supremium moderator
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    very nice guide but you mis-typed the command for emptying your bank, change it to ::removealljunkfrombank*
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    Enjoy, and good luck on the clue scroll rewards lads!
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    damn girl u hot u got a insta or sumtin? why are all the staff so got dam hot???
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    dont tell him about the second forum for those with 100 total posts @rotsucks
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    This is your Competition now ahking is detected
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    Any 1 else just start boppin and throwing gang signs when blue face started rapping
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    Hello Best reply to an appeal accept from the occasional 'Fuck off idiot' 'go away retard' Hes actually put effort into this. 10/10 @JBLIND @Xex Opinion G @Fantastic better than you're 'appeal declined'
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    Already got his nudes, fan boy. This is someone elses ban appeal reply.
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    lolol, its because he plank and beg me daily
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    I didn't know it was suggested before, and if multiple ppl suggested it, it must imply that people want to do clue scrolls. What do you think of the clue scroll method I described above? Do you like the approach or do you have any suggestions? @GretarREAD NOOB
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    Cause the man is mentally retarded and deserves it
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    kill yourself ur a horrible staff member!
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    Welcome we hope you enjoy your stay!
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