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    Roat Pkz YouTube Giveaway System! The Roat Pkz giveaway system allows YouTubers to promote their videos & give away items to their viewers with confidence! All giveaways are automatically paid out at the end of time. This also limits giveaways to 1 entry per mac address! Active Giveaways! When you create a giveaway and link a video to it, it will be publicly available to everyone. They can easily view it via ::giveaway - to join it, they must first watch your video Video Details! When players click on your video, they can see more information about your giveaway + have the option to view your video. If they want to join your giveaway they must press the Join Giveaway button and enter in your giveaway code (you only see that code after creating a giveaway) When they click 'Join Giveaway' they receive this input dialog - Players must enter your giveaway code to enter the giveaway! So they will first watch the video to get the code! The server will automatically check if they commented on your video as well. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE GIVEAWAY CODE IN YOUR VIDEO SO PLAYERS CAN JOIN IT! -------------------------------------- How To Create A Giveaway? I will explain below how you can create a giveaway. You must be a YouTuber to create one, if you don't have the rank and still want to create one, please contact staff and they can whitelist you. Creating a Giveaway! To create a giveaway you must enter the Create tab and press Create A Giveaway! When creating a giveaway you can either create a YouTube Video one or a Livestream one, for this example, we'll do a YouTube Video one. YouTube Video: You can run the giveaway for longer and link a video to it, when you link a video to it - the video will be displayed in the Giveaway Tab. Viewers also receive a Vote Mystery Box when they join the giveaway (refer code). Livestream: You can not link a video to that giveaway + it will be noticeably shorter. You can always pick a winner whenever you want! (minimum 10 entries to pick a winner) Winners: You can set the winners to 1-10 (based on how many items you're giving away). Length: The length is the total amount of time the giveaway will take. 1 hour after that timer runs out the winner will be automatically picked. You can also manually spin the winner(s)! When you have everything set up click Create Giveaway! After you create a giveaway, it will look something like this. The first thing you want to do now is record your video intro/outro and tell people to do ::giveaway and enter your code, gretar1869 in this case! You can now start your giveaway by clicking on Start Giveaway! It is recommended to do this before you upload your video! That way you make sure players can join it as soon as the video goes live! After you've uploaded your video you should click on Link Vid and link your video. After the giveaway has started you can either cancel the giveaway or pick a winner! Note: You can only cancel a giveaway that has less than 10 entries or has not been started. During the giveaway, you can always click on Pick a Winner and spin the winner on your own! This is very fun and very much suggested during live stream giveaways! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to post them below!
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    The main suggestion is: Hire someone who is good at Animations and Modelling. The Angel cape & $10k Custom angel capes deserve to move with your character when performing emotes, Also the legs have been sticking out the back of the cape forever, this should be fixed. also before you comment saying waste of time @zite Shut the fuck up and pay someone who does it for a living to do it, we don't need gretar to create the animations, someone who does it for a living can do it. People who donate a lot and reach $10k Angel cape deserve to have a functional cape that works with emotes, I believe this is not a waste of time because those who donate a lot deserve to have outfits that look good and not glitched tf out and buggy.
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    Reading appeals is therapy for me. Whenever I'm stressed I try to sit back for a few minutes and see how the creatures of God flame people trying to act innocent. Thanks @JBLIND @Fantastic @Baz
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    Instead of removing the warning all together can you make it so you can set a price of items that you would not like the warning to have. in OSBuddy or some runelite client I Remember being able to remove the warning for items below 50K or whatever value you input. I'd like to be able to drop all my fish in my inventory without a warning while clicking on an Ely in inventory it will avoid that message for the Ely but drop the rest without asking.
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    This is a good idea. When clicking on that button it will give you different tier of pkp warning - 1) 1k pkp 2) 10k 3) 50k+ 4) no warning etc etc
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    I mean lil homie has a point
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    Not a waste of dev time at all! I'm shocked you would think that's how I would react. This matter is of great importance for the server to accommodate the 1-2 people in the game who own these exclusive capes!
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    Note: Applications will only be open for 24 hours! We are in need of some quality Server Supports! We are mainly looking for people that enjoy playing as well as helping others, playtime of 60+ hours monthly is required, if you're unsure if you have those hours don't worry, just post an application and we'll double check it. If you applied before and don't have an SS rank right now, feel free to re-apply APPLY HERE Application Format Be sure to post your application HERE, not in the comments!
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    100k pkt or u cant use it
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    Trust issues are well justified based on past experiences, problem with giving forum CP access is danger of IP leaks, some people take this game so serious as to DDOS over pixels. No matter how well you think you know someone, or how long you've known them, they are still just strangers on the internet unless you meet IRL. Therefore I completely understand Gretar's hesitation, and the forum is 3rd party software, unlike the game/main website, there is limited controls to what he can show/hide in the admin settings.
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    Updated: 7/18/2020 Table of Contents Introduction How to get started (recommended gear) Clue Locations QNA Clues (Question and Answers) Coordinate Task Hot & Cold Tasks (Strange Device) Search for an Object Task Skilling Requirements Rewards FAQ/TIPS Credits Introduction How to get Started Clue Locations Question and Answer Clues Coordinate Tasks Hot & Cold Tasks (Strange Device) Search For An Object Skilling Requirements Rewards FAQ/TIPS Credits This guide is a work in progress, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any information not included in the guide. I will credit your contribution. Hope this helps some of you. Happy clue hunting!
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