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    The amazing day @JBLIND got promoted after a record donation
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    99 Woodcutting took me around the same time as mining. (19-20 Hrs) I did it to 61 in safezone then bought a Dragon axe and did Resource area Yews + Magic (when i had the level) If you use the lumberjack outfit it should only take you 18 hours. As you can see i made alot from 99 woodcutting, probably more then any other skill. after doing some calculations Magics are about 7k Pkp a Hour and very afkable. The total comes out to 3 Beaver pets and 1580k Skp **Recently the Noted Brews at resource area was patched making it alot easier for pkers to kill you, i suggest using a seccond account placed right outside to scout for any incoming pkers so you can log off and wait for them to leave** Feeling Tired of Skilling, Unsure if i will do another 99 soon, if i do its probably Fletching/Smithing Until Next time.
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    Episode 2 is out! + new giveaway at the end of that, please comment any feedback on the series and anything new to add/change.!!
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    since oss got closed few days ago i decided to give roatpkz a chance and god darn it i dont regret it like and sub
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    Record yourself wielding a ballista on 07 and showing the difference between the two on the same gear on both games, then we'll consider it. Not hey I watch George Burton bro I see his vids (and nut ride in the comments) it's not as good on his zerk!
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    Would anyone like to see something like this on Roat perhaps?
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    Clan chat nature for - Revs Pk - Jad/Skotizo - clan wars Make sure that you can communicate in Discord. We need people who know what they are doing. We got 10+ online everyday. PS: our goal is to make fun and get rich together. The wilderniss is ours Feel free to PM nature ingame
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    He’ll just delete his comment before I get to see it anyways Fuck yourself buddy @JBLIND thoughts 1 more word and I’ll have Jblind take care of you again bmt
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    dw fam gona lighten it up abit soon max kill topic next few days ft a couple spartan memebers and randoms
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    Add Spec Tele timer For some reason you can still use pvp armours and ely/divine here (why lol) make it so you aren't able to use it all its too OP (if you wanna brid in your dumbass alien gear go to ::pvp) Remove the ability to use teleblock at brid zone (if you wanna be a retard and tb people go to the wild) Remove ability to use overheads (pure nhers can just stick to hills and pvp) Add a Hybrid Elo system with rewards at the end of the month (osrs gp) would entice more brids to actually play Roat. (elo fights shouldn't be activated if people don't have the same amount of brews) The game barely takes your opponents defence bonuses into account, it seems more random than it does balanced e.g (someone with decent Street bonus and a tentacle whip can hit constant 40s on your tank) barrows tank is pretty much useless against max strength gear you can cut through them like butter and if someone has the alien rs3 gear (pvp armours) it's even worse. Also a little side note NERF BALLISTA ACCURACY IT'S NOT THIS ACCURATE ON 07 OR ANY OTHER GAME Feel free to add on suggestions below or leave feedback
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    About the Man, the Myth, the Legend Mike Nolan What's up everyone, I'm Nolzy. I recently ran out of membership on OSRS so to get my fix I did what I always do; visit Runelocus. I found this server and as a HUGE fan of PvP and DMM, I found this server to be perfect for me. With a nice mix of bossing, slayer and sometimes the server events, I've come to love this server. I've only been on it for a week and I've met some cool people and some not so cool people (Roadrage, ya' fuckin' twats; they booted me because I was doing Slayer instead of going to PK every 5 minutes lmao.) All that said, I always enjoy being active on forums and communities so I thought after a week of playing why not hop on here and see what's up. Hopefully I'll meet more patient and like minded players here. Welcome to my Adventure Time. Here you can find out what I'm up to, what I've done, what I am working on and most importantly, all those juicy kills. Bank Drop Log Kill Log Achievements
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    i5-9600k 3.7GHz Geforce GTX 1070TI Advanced Cerberus 16gb ram/ 144hz screen
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    Vouch or not idgaf.. hes retardest admin in rsps's history. Most embarassing thing is ... he literally abuses his powers without someone doing shit bout it. Roat should be great without gooner like Jordan.. ain't i right? Roat in 2k12-2k13 was great without corrupted arab like JB..
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    Www.through experience I am aware that none of this will happen unless you pay Gretar a fortune and he most likely would scam you cause he don't randomly pick staff on his side unless they were his gipsy cousins so quit trying and let karma take care of it's thing, everything unfolds after all, nobody can stay hiding behind masks because it won't take them nowhere , so my advice to you is relax and never bother again making a post about it unless you want to waste your time.Com Mynameischef,
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    Roat Pkz Skilling Hey everyone, today I am very excited to announce that Roat Pkz will be implementing skills into the game. Although Roat Pkz is a PvP server, sometimes people get tired of PvPing and just wanna chill, skilling is a great solution for that. This update was in the works for the past 2 months and a lot of thought and work has gone into it, it is in my opinion one of the best ways to implement skilling on a PvP Server, believe me I tried every other server and I believe we really got it right. And to keep things fun and dangerous, every high tier skilling resource (rune rocks, magic trees, anglerfish, etc) can only be found in the wilderness. (You can read more about the 1.8B competition on the bottom of the post) When you first log in to try skilling you will be treated with this nice client background made by @Fantastic Skilling Home We have changed the home area a bit and got rid of that useless house and replaced it with a mini skilling zone. Here you can get started with skilling & get to know the basics. Skilling Island When you enter the Portal at Home you appear on the Skilling Island, on this Island you can find all of the skills to train. The Skilling Island is a custom made map and has a nice nature theme to it, you'll spend most of your time here. Resource Area If you're brave you can show up to the Resource Area, The resource area has also been partly custom made and has a lot of resources there. You can enter it for 100 Pk Points or 1,000 Skilling Points. Keep in mind that skilling in the wilderness will be at least 2x XP and money. Skilling Points Skilling Points will be the main currency used with skilling, it has a value of 0.1 Pk Points and can be cashed out for Pk Points. For example, you can mine a Runite Rock & then sell it for 500 Skilling Points and cash those 500 Skilling Points out for 50 Pk Points. Fishing Skill Fishing is an easy skill to train, you can start off at home then move to the east side of the Skilling Island. If you're brave you can show up to the Resource Area, Deep Easts or Bandit Camp. (2x XP in wilderness). The Fishing Dock on the Skilling Island - (Anglers outfit boosts xp by 10%). Cooking Skill Cooking is a fast skill to train, you can start off at home then move to the east side of the Skilling Island and cook on the stove inside the fishing hut. (2x XP & SP in wilderness). Me cooking in the fishing hut - (Cooking gauntlets boosts XP by 10%) Mining Skill Mining is a great skill to make money with at high level, you can start off at home then move to the west side of the Skilling Island and mine in the pit. (2x XP in wilderness). Me Mining at the Skilling Island - (Prospector Outfit boosts XP by 10%) Smithing Skill Smithing is good skill, you can both smelt bars and then smith them. You can find ores on the west side of the Skilling Island and a furnace inside the mining hut. (2x XP in Resource Area). Me Smithing at the Mining Hut - (Goldsmith gauntlets boosts XP by 10%) Agility Skill The Agility Skill is a must train skill for any Pker, not only will it unlock agility shortcuts but it will also recover your run energy A LOT quicker. We have 3 Agility Courses that you can enter from the Skilling Island. Level 1: Gnome Stronghold Agility Course Level 35: Barbarian Assault Agility Course Level 52: Wilderness Agility Course The Agility Hut at skilling Island - (Graceful restores your run faster & boosts XP by 10%). Woodcutting Skill Woodcutting is a great skill to make money with at high level, you can start off at home then move to the north side of the Skilling Island and enjoy the wast amount of trees (2x XP in wilderness). The Woodcutting guild on the Skilling Island - (Lumberjack outfit boosts XP by 10%). Firemaking Skill Firemaking is a rather fast skill, you can train it anywhere on the Skilling Island, although I'd recommend using the Firemaking Dungeon on the Island, you can enter it through the trapdoor in the Woodcutting guild (2x XP in wilderness). Entering the Firemaking Guild (Pyromancer outfit boosts XP by 10%) Just find a free track in the guild and get going (2x XP in the wilderness). Thieving Skill Thieving is a very easy skill to train, you can start off at home then move to the center of the Skilling Island and use the stalls there (2x XP & SP in Resource Area). Me Thieving at the Skilling Island - (Rogue Outfit boosts XP by 10%) Crafting Skill Crafting is a rather simple skill, you can train it anywhere in-game, but you can find the Crafting supply shop south of the Skilling Island. You can both craft gems & spin strings (2x XP in wilderness). Me picking flax and @Fantastic cutting gems. Fletching Skill Fletching is a unique skills and has multiple things to fletch, you can train it anywhere in-game, but you can find the Fletching supply shop inside the Woodcutting guild. You can fletch bows, string bows, make crossbows, make darts, make bolts, tip bolts & a lot more! (Great xp with magic logs in wild). Stringing some bows & fletching some logs. XP Rates The XP rates are different for each skill, but it's roughly 5-10x osrs rates, depends on your skilling methods and the skill. Skilling Pets 6 out of the 10 released skills have pets involved, if a skilling tutor has a pet nearby, then that skill has a pet. Pet rates are different for each skill but the rates are roughly 1 pet for every 50 hours of skilling (25 hours in wild). Mining - Rock Golems Thieving - Rocky (Racoon) Agility - Giant Squirrel Fishing - Heron (Bird) Phoenix - Firemaking (Bird) Beaver - Woodcutting 1.8B Skilling Competition To make skilling more interesting, we will be running a competition for OSRS GP or Donation Credit. If you don't want the OSRS GP I'll give you $1/m on ::donate. All Skills: First to Max all 10 of the new Skills to 99 - 500M OSRS (Claimed by ty for 07) Second to Max all 10 of the new Skills to 99 - 250M OSRS (Claimed by Not Aelin) Third to Max all 10 of the new Skills to 99 - 150M OSRS (Slayer not included) 4/5th to Max all 10 of the new Skills to 99 - 50M OSRS (Slayer not included) Individual Skills: First to get level 99 Mining - 50M OSRS (Claimed by G0d Of Life) First to get level 99 Smithing - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Not Aelin) First to get level 99 Agility - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Ty For 07) First to get level 99 Fishing - 50M OSRS (Claimed by 99B) First to get level 99 Cooking - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Lord Kn1ght) First to get level 99 Firemaking - 50M OSRS (Claimed by King Hoof M8) First to get level 99 Crafting - 50M OSRS (Claimed by New Shell) First to get level 99 Woodcutting - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Sly) First to get level 99 Fletching - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Aelin) First to get level 99 Thieving - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Myday) Pets Received: First to get Rock Golem Pet - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Caro831) First to get Rocky Pet - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Meesterrplus) First to get Giant Squirrel Pet - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Alkosor) First to get Heron Pet - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Featured) First to get Phoenix Pet - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Gied4Life) First to get Beaver Pet - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Rag Bot V1) Thank you for reading this topic, I hope you enjoy the update and the grind! Thanks a lot for everything, hopefully more to come!
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    That’s a cheap accusation like you no wonder why you’re such a terrible joke maker, but hey who am I to blame a guy who just got out of a brain surgery cause it looks like they hit a nerve big time.
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    Thanks for giving me a reason to Mac ban you
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    Don't mind him. He's one of my fans. On topic: Very nice video mate. Looking forward to the next one.
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    Looks like you are more experienced with fucking the self so how about you teach me some tips that worked with you the best?
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    99 mining only took me around 20 hours. The total loot from 99 mining is pretty low compared to other skills but only because i did the most exp efficient method (30-99 coal) The total would be alot bigger if i did mithril,adamant and runite when i hit the levels to mine them, but it would have taken alot longer aswell. i made 457k skp from 1 - 99 mining. Unsure what i will be doing next, probably Woodcutting. Until next time.
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    Make edgepvp like the cpvp of the game I won’t name but we all know. Make gmaul cost a lot more pkp
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vosa0nBxYdg show love
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    current setup until moving truck gets here ignore missing key in keyboard
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    Still using my beloved 2012 Alienware M14x as my daily driver, Haven't owned a desktop since I bought this since I like to float around. (Sorry for pic quality this was literally just taken - 2.50am and I'm chilling on my bed, skilling and watching random YT vids as you do)
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    Don't forget to like the video, subscribe and leave a comment with your ign to be entered into the giveaway! This is our first episode of the series so feel free to leave feedback on what to change or what to add for future episodes! GOOD LUCK ALL ON GIVEAWAY!
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    maybe replacing some of the tourneys with one of these? shouldent be a standalone mini game tho. some sort of event then yh.
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    Show me one thing I've done that would be considered "abuse"
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    @JBLIND U shouldn't even be admin dumb downie. You talk way to much fucking inbred admin. Only thing u can do is flame. Haven't even talked with you and ya just keep piping. Stop piping fucking rat irl. You're not cool.... pathetic goblin looking cracked seal. Imagine ur paying someone to ddos the ip addresses ur finding out dumb downie l0l0l0l. We all know the secrets weirdo l0l0l.. And the deep wild abuse while u tele peeps out from deep. #ABUSE go die in cancer fcking wank stain.
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    Voting should increase double skilling xp for the next Hour would make voting worth outside the shitty box or vote point
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    I compost and recycle can I join ? btw i have my own garden i can bring some organic beets and lettuce to our pk trips
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    i wouldnt care about what anyone had to say about me if they didnt have a serp lol
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    When me and Conor stayed up all night worried for smackd when he had his first alcohlic drink/pepsi overdose (still un-sure of the cause). When Elo go introduced and a certain Frontline Member/ International Criminal was upset
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    Like you actually care
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    Lmao if you’re really worried about the Roat economy then ddos everyone you see
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    if it's not broken don't fix it right? thx 4 sharing looks good man
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    isaiah https://imgur.com/uFUo8k8
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    24 hours to produce evidence of abuse or I close this topic. Looking forward to demote so this better be good!
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    Jblind gonna fuckin abuse you whether you like it or not bruh... bmt
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    Past few days have been fairly active in the wilderness, which meant it was time for Spartans to take over as usual, here's some highlights. F1NALMACHT 360 wAvEs Random Slovak Random for max Hatcx (fat & dirty nutrider) Same Sea AKA "rly smokey" Bailey Jay aka Rat Gang Keytracker (clueless as fuck LOL) Some Rat Gang members finally built the courage to step above Edge Hills, so we had to remind them why they should stay there. Meeko Winners stay winning, Lions vs Gazelles
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    18 brews me on the focus np's but ye also the deadman chest only 4min tb and like u said people bringing divine and 18 brews dont even have to f3 to tank lol frustrating
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    How to Deal With Beggers Without breaking the Bank Only 1 simple Way and That is To Join Them!
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    still in discord listening to him cry to me l0l
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    Whoever doesn’t mention me in fastest switcher/best pure nh/hybrid clearly hasn’t been here for long
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