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    Let me know opinions, first video so i get the qualitys decent, will fix in upcoming future big shoutout to @seers10 helping me a lot for this vid️
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    Refer Code in description Sub, like & comment with your IGN to enter new giveaway Previous winners shown in description also
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    Inspired by adamzor (Referral at end of video) For a chance to win 100k PKP you must be subscribed, like the video and comment on YouTube.
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    going to keep this short & straight to the point Wilderness key changes- 12/13 brew cap or won't be able to pick it up If you are tbed can't pick it up (some people are pre tbing @ the 44 port location) or move the key to any of the hills at 44 Dmm chest changes- If possible make it so the server can detect which tb came from the dmm chest, when that tb is in effect players won't be able to box npc/ or get hit by npc Potential new donor benefits & pkt sink Allow players to recharge magic cape switches from standard/ veng / ancients (Every 2 hrs?) cost for reg donors- 5k cost for super donors - 2.5k cost for ext donors- 1k Thanks guys
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    so this bitch ass avoider talking shit on yell but woudnt fight me, heard he was at revs fighting mysticers in max coz thats the type of shit trash pkers do when they cant max vs max.anyway got some1 to half him and i jumped on the focus 40 seconds later mans dead spartan quality. wish i could vid this shit but i already lag hard as fuck as it is so dont bother recording much anymore
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    As you all know the roots of Roatpkz are, and will always be in the wilderness. The wilderness is the main hotspot of Roatpkz, and can never have too much activity, and that's how I've come to this idea. Wilderness Clue Scrolls Title says it all: Wilderness Clue Scrolls. Wouldn't it be awesome to have Clue Scrolls added to the wilderness? The options on Clue Scrolls are endless, so that's why I'm not making this thread too complicated as of now, but I listed some things that possibly could be done with this idea. Possible idea's for the Wilderness Clue Scrolls concept Remove all the 3rd-age items from the vote store, and wipe all pieces out of the economy (give people the current worth of the items back in pk points) Add the new clue scroll rewards from Oldschool Leave the current state of 3rd-age items for what it is right now but add the new clue scroll items to the reward chests such as druidic, 3rd age ring etc Add a mimic boss for the elite & master caskets: place this boss at one certain spot in the wilderness to increase activity at a certain spot Add litteraly all uncommon to rare clue scroll rewards and make them sellable to the ali junk store Only add the rare+ items such as the new 3rd-age plateskit, druidic etc. Add exsisting items to the casket rewards such as pk items, pk points, bigger amounts of supplies Add locations based on the clue scroll level you have, for example: Beginner 1-10 wilderness Easy 1-15 wilderness Medium 10-20 wilderness Hard 20-40 wilderness Elite 30-50+ wilderness Master 30-50+ wilderness You can also vary the amount of steps/actions you'll have to do like the points listed above In depth I could work out a whole idea with every little detail described but I think that's unnecessary as of now. Ofcourse everything related to this thread can be discussed below and feel free to add suggestions. Please upvote suggestions you like so we can see what might work and what now. The various amount of clue scrolls in Oldschool can be found here: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Clue_scroll The updated reward list of clue scrolls in Oldschool can be found here: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Treasure_Trails#Rewards
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    just wanted to upload something...
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    Inferno would be cool but Smackd bought that spot with the biggest donation in RSPS history, and this is how he'll react if we take it away from him...
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    Just finished one of my first major goals on my ironman; I know some of you on here have one, too, so I figured I'd make a quick progress thread. 99 Fishing: 96 Cooking Banked (96-99 Fishing): General (gear, stats, QP): Cheers & good luck with your own accounts
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    requesting for you to talk to announce your referral codes!
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    Recently I had decided to do a little face reveal video and to talk a little bit about myself. And since most of my subscribers/viewers are roat players it felt appropriate to make a little sub here to share it with you all. Hope you enjoy.
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    I closed your team you should be embarrassed talking to me lmao I put you on suicide watch last time you stepped out of edge with 2 cc members on
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    if your team was good it woudnt matter if they had 16-17 brews its a 6min tb thats along time idk maybe just a spartan thing struggling to get kills. our team we killing niggas on halfs
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    l000000l what a whale ... dw tho, ur team already donated us twice the amount back in an nh stake
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    This is a new series, which currently is also untitled - however, is the first episode of the first ever Ironman series on Roat PKz. Rules are simple. No trading, everything else is allowed - how will this plan out? Check out the first episode here: If you have any suggestions for new rules, things to do, a title for this series, or anything of the sorts then comment on the video or down below and I will read. Thanks for watching, have a great day!
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    tradeing in these emblems give pkp in return so your left with pkp in your inventory. you can turn in these emblems noted and bring in as many as you want to maximize profit but that puts you at a very high risk! positive effects 1. more activity 2. you can make pkp 3. a method for new players negative effects there is none everyone is happy.
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    i see n word in ur name. u didnt blure it good enough
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    Suggested this ages ago, @Tupac I agree with your idea too. 3rd Age pieces at the moment are worth fuck all
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    I like it. When you dig for a clue, this hybrid should pop up to try and kill you. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Saradomin_wizard
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    Wow best vid from best youtuber
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    yes my nan is on the trip to duck cave nigga rag bot v1 fuck u trash smdd
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    I made the same suggestion but gretar prefers pkp sinks even if it kills the minigame People dont even get points from castle wars they get their points from tournaments
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    Sipping some cha while watching gsltn on the warpath
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    Check the last clips cape Gang respect
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    What is this you used preset Sony Vegas 12 effects and pan/crop I wouldn’t call it an edit sorry
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    good work mate, as always.
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    Gmauls should just be worth a lot more
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    He gives me purpose in life still...
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