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  1. I think we got to have patient and see how the 50 player cap turns out on a longer period of time before we take more action.
  2. I don't have any but please share your collectionlog whenever you hit 1000
  3. D2h would be epic if its special attack works correctly in multi! I could do those perhaps in max strength. Thanks for sharing your ideas!
  4. Updated - Been gone for a while so there might be a few things that have been fixed/added lately. If you see any please let me know!
  5. Hhhm. Slayer key got replaced for the larrans key so I mean it's still better than what it was.
  6. I might be very unlucky but my average on master clues is below 25k so far Glad you like the suggestions. Do you have any idea's for items to replace 3rd age items with in the vote store? And idk why he did reply like that. He seems to be triggered because I am critical and think about what others say. two*
  7. The way you're replying to my comment basically reflects who has the tiny little brain here. I have no exact numbers but I can tell you that there are tons and tons of minigame points in the game. You would have to reset all MGP from the game and still will people sell their items that are currently in the MGP store back to the store to gain quick MGP and avoid castle wars. Only if you would reset all those items aswell it might brings castle wars back to life. But then I would still rather see wildy clues being worth doing over castle wars. Why the hate speech btw?
  8. Why should they be moved to the castle wars store? It would basically be moving items from shop to shop. Vote points and minigame points are both tradable so it isn't going to solve any 'problems'. 🤔
  9. I've mentioned a revamp of the vote store before. Especially after the wilderness clue scrolls got released a while ago. In this thread I'll try to explain as good as possible why I think revamping the vote store would be beneficial to the game. If you're missing any information or whatever don't hestitate to ask! Current vote store The infernal cape is obviously the most populair item from the vote store as it is one of the only ways to obtain this BIS cape. When someone has a cape he can sell it back to the store for an relatively high price and I think that's a great way for people to get some pk points back after they (for example) get cleaned. It also filters out vote points from the game as the chances of them buying the cape back when the bank is wealthier is pretty big. Untradables like the void set and the capes are always good to have. The "issue" As you can see (and as you probably know) the vote store is filled with (relatively) cheap 3rd-age pieces. To me and my nostalgia feelings to RuneScape these items should be worth way more. Earlier this year in May the Wilderness Clue Scrolls got released to RoatPkz. Over 250 unique tasks related to the wilderness are attached to the clue scrolls. A piece of content that should be fun and active, but as of now I label it as dead content. Not because the clue scrolls are too boring, steps not working or anything like that, but because the rewards are not rewardable enough. Apart from the infernal cape on elite clues (1/200) and blue ankou pieces (1/333), ring of 3rd age, 3rd age partyhat, 3rd age halloween mask and 3rd age santa hat (all 1/500) the rewards of the clue caskets are basically useless and not worthy enough. On a hard clue casket you have a chance of 1/480 to get a 3rd age pieces with the melee body and legs being the most expensive (about 100k ish at maximum, 50 vote points). To give another example a 3rd age druidic robe top from the elite casket is a 1/1760 change and has an esstimated worth of 112.5k. Why the hell would you do clues if theres a 1/1760 chance to get 100k? The sollution By removing 3rd age pieces from the vote store and completely wiping all the 3rd age items from the game (this has been done before with different items, average worth could be given back to players in pk points) the 3rd age pieces, that should be something unique and have a nostalgic feeling to me, would be worth way more and you will rarely see players walking around in a nice 3rd age outfit. Let's be honest; the only way you would wear those armour pieces is to flex, right? Obviously the vote store would need new items to be added to the store. I'd like to ask you guys to think with me and throw some suggestions in a comment under this thread. By revamping the vote store we could make it look fresh again and maybe give players a different way to obtain certain items, resources or whatever. Also the wilderness clue scrolls would be worth doing again which results in a bigger variation of content you could play as a player, a more active wilderness etc. What do you think about this? Let me know. 👇
  10. Not a bad idea. I think it might be easier if you would work with a coffin where clan members can put pkp in (only clan owner can take out) or that the clan owner has to hand in an x-amount of pkp to make it more accesible. This is a great way to set up clan fights with more charge compared to normal wars in the wilderness. In my opinion it could be something to talk about and to consider implementing as long as it fosters clanning and not decreasing wilderness activity.
  11. There's just too much what could go wrong with a wager system, it's not going to work and won't be added. Trust me.
  12. Ehm.. you're thinking in one direction. Multiple contestants and betters could be in the same set-up. Just like how matchfixing in sports work. For example: situation 1 Finale, player A vs player B Multiple matchfixers place their bets on B so A dies on purpose situation 2 Finale, Player A and player B are both in the same set-up The player with the most money set on their head (from the people that are in the matchfix) will win on purpose situation 3 Finale, player A vs player B Players B is within the set-up and player A isn't. An x-amount of money (more than the tournament prize is) is offered to player A so that Player B can win. Apart from these situations, there are of course many more opportunities to cheat the system.
  13. Could be something fun but I'm curious how you will prevent match fixing
  14. Korasi's special attack is a magic attack buddy.
  15. If you can't protect it nobody will use it.
  16. If it's being nerfed (it would have to be nerfed quite a bit) then a volatile is litteraly better so why exactly would you add it? 😅 And on top of that: if it would be added it will probably be limited to edgeville pking only.
  17. imo veteran ranks should be way more rare
  18. Korasi + vigour would litteraly ruin deep wilderness lol. There's finally a bit of a ballance so let's not destroy it.
  19. Big fat no to removing mac ban from clan chat, it's the only sollution to properly run a clan (enemies, bsers etc will return with tons of different accounts). Yes to fixing the party balloons. No to blackjack table, there's already plenty of gamble options. Also I dont think blackjack would fit the game.
  20. Vesta's spear would be okay. Statius's warhammer is already ingame as mentioned above. No to Korasi's Sword, there's already a Volatile staff. Ring of Vigour wouldn't fit RoatPkz as it is right now in my opinion. No to colored whips, they're ugly. I'd vote yes on removing the wings too but most people know how I think about all these crappy customs. 😂
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