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  1. then u tried pking and lost it asap<3
  2. https://gyazo.com/c2fae7cfe0b2a4a3d2e90c751535cbd4 End my life ty
  3. excuse me????? who is u mr alt, come on main ill whop ur ass faster than i whopped yoobs.
  4. Never died.. Just ssaying, missed kill opportunities.
  5. or the case ur 5head was in the way of my dick switching items, shut the fuck up.
  6. thing is, item got dragged between dh axe and death runes aswell, and im telling u i never clicked the fucking death rune.
  7. the server clicks are getting weird, its not as fluid as it once was, before the bh update sswitches were fine, now im feeling theyre getting dragged as i switch... which is awful for me
  8. Yeah, im opening this clan because i like pking.. and pking is an enjoyable thing, which is fun, i like having fun, thats enjoyable, and funny. SKEP THA BOOLLSHET IM OPENING RAMADAN LOVERS69 (MAY CHANGE NAME) SO PEOPLE CAN SLAUGHTER DICKHEADS (renegades) AND PVMERS (spartans) SO THATS VERY FUNNY, LETS GET GOING! How long have you been playing Runescape?: What's your preferred role in wild Tb/Rag/Focus: do you have experience in clanning?: What's your Roatzpkz username(s)?: Can you supply your own shit?: A picture of your best setup for each role.
  9. Staff Manager Zoradz - Playtime: 72 hours (15 Hours AFK) sucks Global Admin(s) N/A Administrator(s) Smackd - Playtime: 80 Hours (+49 Hours AFK) sucks Global Moderator(s) N/A Forum Administrator(s) John who? Forum Moderator(s) Player Moderator(s) Jblind - Playtime: 119 Hours (+60 Hours AFK) sucks Server Support Killbob - Playtime: 105 Hours (+12 Hours AFK) sucks Ban152 - Playtime: 75 Hours (+24 Hours AFK) salty kid Mikevanoers - Playtime: 180 Hours (+20 Hours AFK) sucks Suor - Playtime: 67 Hours (+18 Hours AFK) abuser Mike - Playtime: 87 (+23 Hours AFK) suck Looks like we need more staff.
  10. Jag E Svensk

    Oh dear!

    persona be ragging shhh
  11. wuu2 fam, u aint shit but a lavish fanboy,
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