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  1. Should work a bit on the echos since they don't really sound like echos. Nice one again though!
  2. Agree. Should also be the case if you're in the same clanchat (unless help cc) and above 10 wilderness.
  3. Normal emblems would be worthless since theyre only a few pkp ea. I kinda like the idea but the droprate should be quite low.
  4. Never seen a 100% friendly community on a pk server though Also it is how it is, I'd rather be fair then cut those toxic pieces out. In further videos it might look more professional to have a blank chatbox maybe, so thanks for the feedback! 🙂
  5. Kind of support it, but they will really have to watch killstreak farmers if this gets implemented. if they do so: +1!
  6. Knasterd

    New music

    Quite good man! Vocals should be a bit lower if you know what I mean. But keep em coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. True, but still think it would be a nice thing to have.
  8. Well half of the time I semi-afk whilest training slayer and I think I miss slayer key drops quite often. This brought my thoughts to the next idea: Add some sort of scroll or ring to the slayer reward shop which makes you automatically pick up slayer keys. What are your thoughts
  9. @Gretar Is still doing a great job. Keeps you up to date whenever you need him and is always honest on his opinion and answers. @Smackd Haven't seen him much but is probably someone that still has a life so let's keep him alive. @Legend™ Dunno, haven't seen him this month. @JBLIND Always active in PKing scene what I love, might do alot behind the scenes (bans etc) but haven't really noticed him as a staff member in-game however I always see him on the forums. Also like his attitude and is hilarious as well as in-game as on the forums. @Fantastic Should keep doing what he does because he is doing a great job. @1 slap Deserves more than just a helper rank. This guy is insane and is always there to help you out. @pkguy is a great guy that is doing what he should. Love him! @ragbotv1 is, for as far as I know doing a good job however I din't notice him alot. Could be timezones. Never heard any negativities about him last month though!
  10. Good vid but the pvmer kills makes it feel like the vid is a bit rushed to me because you needed clips to fill the vid. Killing pvmers isn't really hard so that's why Nice vid though!
  11. Pvmers making money in wilderness >> Pkers go pk the pvmers >> more wilderness activity >> +1 If you nerf the rewards for wilderness slayer it's not worth it anymore which results in a less active wilderness.
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