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  1. Never said it was a real achievement, just glad I got it. Also I didn't spend 20m on cooking so it took more than 3 days since I have a life.
  2. Just got 99 cooking https://gyazo.com/cfa54807c4fdfc184dd5e82731530222
  3. Ofcourse you should quit gambling for good. Ofcourse you won't quit gambling for good.
  4. Hi guys, Currently the regular pure tournament is all about rng. Atleast, mostly. It's just either camping your blessed saradomin sword or heavy ballista and hope for good rng. The one with the best rng that pulls out his elder maul and hit a 56 after hitting a 40 with his saradomin sword will basically win the tournament. Because of this the actual skilled pure pkers will miss out on this tournament which is a shame in my opinion. Therefore I'd like to suggest to remove certain items from the regular pure tournament: - Elder Maul - Blessed Saradomin Sword - Heavy Ballista - Abyssal (/tentacle) whip In my opinion pure tournaments should be people pking with magic shortbows or maybe a blowpipe into an ags or dragon claws. What do you think? Should more items be removed, other items be added or is it fine like this? I'd like to hear.
  5. I will! Decided to do some pvm clips in this one. Next one will be pk! ❤️
  6. I got called an animal so many times I could start a zoo.
  7. Musakka is a good one! I've been in Greece multiple times. This will be my 7th time or so, 3rd time Crete. Off to Düsseldorf soon ✈
  8. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I will not be online from july 28 till august 5th because I'm on vacation. Will be on Chersonissos, Crete, Greece; gonna be fun. Just so you know; No, I did not quit No, I did not get cleaned No, I'm not tired of RSPSes (again)
  9. 1.The duel arena is completely working fine, 2. RNG is not based on your log-in, 3. You can check your own wins/losses, 4. I do not believe that your winrate is a bit over 9% (10 losses 1 win), 5. Don't stake if you can't handle the fact that you may lose your wealth, 6. Only stake what you can afford to lose.
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