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  1. Hey man! Just some tips: Turn off game sounds Play some (copyright free) music Cut out the parts that aren't important/fun to watch Gl with further vids!
  2. It has to do with account age/rank as far as I know.
  3. Hhmm yeah so the skillers, pvmers and pkers bond together apart. I get that. That would be okay on first sight tbh. However idk how this is going to work out in reality. How big is the skilling base and how big is the pvm base? I don't know. So for now I can't say more than I see what you're saying, and that's not too bad actually apart from the fact that I'm a little afraid that if they keep addings things like these there will be too much to do that will result in other parts of the game to lose participation. Would love to see what others think!
  4. niice vide gll rank youtube im ask gretar ok @Gretar show vide joirk gll rank youtube?
  5. I think you'll need more to implement this with the idea to make clans 'more active'. Also I don't see how this would result in more different clans. The first week it might be a bit hyped but later on it wouuld most likely be the same few people grinding for the whole clan.
  6. Wrote this feedback based on my own experience Owner Gretar - Playtime: NaN Thanks for creating a seperate Discord chat for me and moderators+ to have shorter lines and quicker communication as a YouTuber. A lot of things I want to adress and questions can be answered by other staff members aswell. Hope you still keep in contact with me about things I can only discuss with you though. Senior Admin(s) SMACKD - Playtime: 48 Hours (+116 AFK) Just keep going fam Administrator(s) Rag Bot V1 - Playtime: 27 Hours (+216 Hours AFK) Just keep going fam Community Manager(s) Baz - Playtime: 83 Hours (+63 Hours AFK) Thanks for you contributions towards RoatPkz. So fare you're doing a great job as a community manager and I appreciate that. Senior Moderator(s) Fruitiest - Playtime: 62 Hours (+89 Hours AFK) Ever since he became a server support he never dissapointed me. Goat - Playtime: 50 Hours (+114 Hours AFK) The name says it all. What a legend. Has a lot of game knowledge and always ready to help you out. Valence - Playtime: 66 Hours (+212 Hours AFK) Valence, you're doing a great job aswell keep it up. Moderator(s) No Name Set - Playtime: 112 Hours (+168 Hours AFK) Sick play hours fam, shows your love for Roatpkz! Senior Support(s) Chui - Playtime: 74 Hours (+32 Hours AFK) Keep it up! Fun Time - Playtime: 266 Hours (+79 Hours AFK) 266 hours bro do you have a life? Jokes a side, you're a great guy and I think the team is glad to have them with you. Ex0tic - Playtime: 34 Hours (+3 Hours AFK) This lad is the next mod mark my words. Server Support(s) King Arturia - Playtime: 20 Hours (+23 Hours AFK) King Arturia = king Niddy - Playtime: 3 Hours (+0 Hours AFK) Haven't seen you unfortunately Sinister - Playtime: 24 Hours (+155 Hours AFK) Seen you around and remember you as a good staff member. Oaq - Playtime: 45 Hours (+171 Hours AFK) Keep it up Grabauskas - Playtime: 59 Hours (+8 Hours AFK) Legend Missslayer - Playtime: 194 Hours (+36 Hours AFK) I somehow don't really know you but would love to get to know you betterr. Necrofear Pb - Playtime: 97 Hours (+8 Hours AFK) Keep it going fam! __ Resignation Skeleton has resigned to Regular Player. Thanks for your contribution __ Promotions Goat has been promoted to Senior Moderator Valence has been promoted to Senior Moderator Fruitiest has been promoted to Senior Moderator No name set has been promoted to Moderator Fun Time has been promoted to Senior Support Chui has been promoted to Senior Support Ex0tic has been promoted to Senior Support
  7. Awesome. Perhaps want to add some prices?
  8. Then you have to try to reverse your "what if" question. What if I win it all and double my bank up to 10m? What would it really matter? And what if I lose? Then I lost all and worked for nothing. You gamble & you win: very short dopamine rush, stuff will just sit in your bank and after one or two days you won't have the feeling that you really achieved something (you clicked 5 seeds for it). You gamble & you lose: you have to start over again. You feel bad and think of never ever touching the game again. The day after you log-in and continue your sand casino slave life and start rebuilding. It's a mind game. Nobody can get rid of your addiction beside yourself. Try to change your mindset.
  9. Last week I ended a streak of months without gambling and I enjoyed the game more than ever before. I do things like daily tasks, achievements, actively participate in activities like server events, hosted LMS etc. It's really not that hard to build a good bank without gambling. It will take longer, however it will give you way more fulfilment. I've been gambling quite a bit past 2 weeks in the hope that I would gain quicker pk points to fund my giveaways () however I must say that I can control myself pretty well after not gambling for a while. Best thing that works for me is that you work with milestones for yourself that you slowely build up to. Buy certain items that you're never going to sell or chuck. For example when you've reached 100k you buy an arcane spirit shield that will always stay in your bank and only used for pking/pvm. You're back at 20k pkp stack so now it's time to build up to a new trophy. A vesta's set maybe? Or perhaps an ancestral set. This way you can fill your bank with 'trophies' that you won't sell (unless theres a really good offer ofcourse but try to buy it back asap) or gamble. Here's what my bank looks like after a few months (I play very different in terms of hours spent per week regarding my schedule) caea781a6e9d25ef30dd37f577d9ded0.mp4 Next goal is torva set.
  10. I get asked quite frequently if I could share any money making methods for RoatPkz. I basically link them to this video, but haven't posted it here yet. So here we go
  11. That's pretty impressive! I forget to go to the afk zone quite often so I only have about 250k tokens yet haha. Haven't bought anything yet.
  12. Let's make a video about this! @Bunq thanks for the great suggestion
  13. Ofcourse you can have thoughts and opinions about certain things mate, didn't mean it in a bad way. I agree with you saying you don't have to stand behind everything that happens at RoatPkz as a staff member, but in my eyes it looks contradictory. Doesn't mean it's instantly bad.
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