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  1. Fixed/implemented: An option in the bank so that you can left-click bank all/withdraw all. Added to the list: You need to have the deposit quantity on '1' in order to be able to empty your looting bag in the bank. If there is something in it, you should always get the empty looting bag option when you left-click. If there is anything on the list that has been either added or fixed please let me know as I've not been reading updates recently hehehe... Lowkey like it, but also lowkey don't 'really'. We got hiscores for that so I don't really know yet tbh.
  2. yes ::topic or ::thread, if a guide is used a lot sometimes they get certain command such as ::clueguide. I'm more of a person that searches myself aswell first, however that's just not how the average player is in Roat. If you need help with a list just tag me bro I'm here to help.
  3. Yes it would help people with a bunch of pre-answered questions, but as I've said I doubt people will got to the guide over simply asking in chat (ppl will answer anyways). On top of that people would still have to reply with something like "check faq". Ppl will still ask for dates related to, for example, xmas event. They will either not know that it is in the faq or just lazy (as I've said ppl are gonna answer anyways). The fact that a lot of people had questions about the xmas event says something about the lack of communication coming from the staff team of RoatPkz (I know it was just an example in your reply). Don't get me wrong, I lowkey like the idea but if you'd make a faq page in-game or either make something like a wiki and measure the amount of people visiting that page or interface I think it will be bad number compared to the amount of effort you put in to keep something like this up-to-date. RoatPkz players are not a typical rsps player, they're built different. They're lazy and stubborn. 🤣 By the way, any player could just make a topic on forums with faq's. So feel free to!
  4. Hhhm. yes and no. It would explain a lot but my guess is that 95% of the people that even get to find the faq still asks the question in-game. So what really would the benefit be?
  5. Only 1 day after the infernal cape from stardust LOL
  6. I like it! The return amount for tortures is quite low tho. But no worries.
  7. pretty sure this one isn't in here yet. Master clue step
  8. If you don't like losing you shouldn't gamble buddy. Also no need to gamble in order to be able to make videos. Yes, having a big bank and do huge giveaways do give you more viewers but I don't think you should start making videos just for the views anyways because you'll most likely quit in no time. It sounds harsh but it's the only truth, sorry.
  9. If you think that way we could remove all teleport spells and make you walk. You can still go from A to B so doesn't matter.
  10. Ex on The Beach is nothing compared to RoatPkz
  11. Because there is no better server
  12. There is a clan recruitment board so there is a sollution. I think advertising over yell shouldn't be completely forbidden but I must say that it's indeed quite spammy right now.
  13. you can even ctr+c in your game chatbox to copy the line you've typed
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