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  1. Look let me help you with something. all this side content ideas are just it. gretar is main focus to make the server better than anyone so his aiming up higher, so far roatpkz has achieved many success and came close to osrs with flawless server and bug free, if anything it will become like rs3 with high quality so that's what he is aiming to provide a better quality server with more sucess rates but roatpkz had it difficult im just writing not every word is correct but think bigger if u were in his shoes u wouldnt focus on doing side things like this and ur mind is free, he is taking long to add korasi so what do u think he would be making? if he is procrastinating so much then he means he is willing to do so much but then u cant overwhelm urself with that and do it with 1 day, so he is obviously failing, but take a look back how the server were and now. its kinda broken, i hope he finds the thing that binds it and close this painy ass hole, @Gretar do u agree of this? hope to know
  2. ah you should see me there as skquid or something, green donator rank i guess it was super donator rank it was pleasure
  3. As you know roat pkz became my biggest addiction lately when i couldn't hold to my word that i quitted before and for many times i couldnt do it because i always keep ending up to feed up my addicton and it's really not that big of a addiction that really benefits me so its not needed ever in my life i just tried the best to overcome it and im still gonna make it because its taking alot of my time and energy on something i really dont belong to anymore, its been like 12 years + playing rsps and mostly this shitty game that i cant even leave but this has to come to an end and im making my farewell to you guys this day this day is going to be the last day i ever login back into roat pkz , sorry to let you down and i didnt keep up to all my promises but this is over i can say we had a lot of fun and sometimes im appreciative to the server but this journey is over and i cant be extending it anymore because i cant be happy staying here for one more minute and im really gonna be excited to see who's reacting on my posts and who is commenting, i really am gonna miss those but fuck ladies im gonna miss u all guys foreal i just am gonna quit and hopefully ill never come back because this cant take up space anymore + im doing giveaways this hour till my bank is empty, every thing i worked hard for and gained, lost, got up, kept going will be all given to u guys and my soul mates ❤️ u all deserve it and im just gonna push my best irl so i can get where i wanna , pce guys and love yall ❤️ hope u can remember me ❤️
  4. bro jay i wanted to suggest the same thing if you can rewrite the price list with correct prices in my dm i would be thankful can u remove all this nonsense? im trying to do something
  5. Appreciate you guys. I'm not sure wether you are looking at the window hoping for something to entertain your last brain cells or you're looking at the guide. These prices are according to the tp prices and players. Of course you had no idea about that. How would you? You're ignorant. Custom prices are the only thing is speculation because according to the tp prices it's 1m for each , Which I'm aware of. But I was hoping they set back for 700-750k As usual. Now if your braindead can read this I would actually congratulate you. You 3 haven't showered since last month and you are coming to me with this garbage responses that reflect the way you feel about yourself. Next time you think about commenting on any of my posts or anything that is related to me. Make sure it's supportive or you're getting humiliated. Makes me wonder why people who look exactly like dicks in real life gets to have any type of roles what so ever @Smackd Not even one? your nudes are flawed u didnt send enough of them im sure if u read again u will find out that u are the only who is innacurate 🤓
  6. tumeken's shadow - 8m twisted bow - 7800k - 8m scythe of vitur - 4500k holy scythe of vitur - 4800k - 5m sanguine scythe of vitur - 5m torva full helm - 250k torva platebody - 540k torva platelegs - 550k elysian spirit shield - 2300-2700k arcane spirit shield - 75-80k pkp ish spectral spirit shield - 7-8k pkp ish zaryte crossbow - 650-700k pure pkp ish zaryte vambraces - 28-30k pure pkp ish ancient godsword - 100k pkp bow of faerdhinen - 80k crystal of crwys - 5k crystal full helmet - 110k crystal platebody - 110k crystal platelegs - 110k blade of saeldor - 30k elidinis' ward - 60k elidinis' ward fortified - 125k elidinis' ward ornament - 125k ancestral hat - 30k ancestral robe top - 50k ancestral robe bottom - 50k twisted ancestral hat - 40k twisted ancestral robe bottom - 60k twisted ancestral robe top - 60k volatile nightmare staff - 50k harmonised nightmare staff - 50k eldrich nightmare staff - 5k heavy ballista - 35k light ballista - 7k staff of light - 5k dragon claws - 40k double drops scroll - 75-80k only double xp scroll - 55-70k only treasure seeker scroll - 15k only bounty scroll - 10k only skill boost scroll - 10k only skip scroll - 10k only double harvest scroll - 7k only resilience scroll - 4k only nieves blessing scroll - 3k only pet collector scroll - 2k only elder maul - 35-40k vesta's platebody - 40k vesta's plateskirt - 40k vesta's longsword - 80k statius's full helm - 5k statius's platebody - 10-15k statius's platelegs - 10-15k statius's warhammer - 15-20k abyssal tentacle - 2-2,5k serpanite helmet - 4,5-5k magma helm - 30-40k tranzite helm - 30-40k kodai wand - 10-12k tranzite mutagen - 25-30kk magma mutagen - 25-30k magic fang - 15k staff of the dead 4,5-5k armadyl crossbow - 4,5-5k occult necklace - 5-6k toxic staff of the dead - 20-22k armadyl godsword - 7,5-9k larran's key - 3,5-4k masori mask - 15k masori body - 20k masori chaps - 20k masori mask fortified - 45k masori body fortified - 50k masori chaps fortified - 50k 3rd age full helmet - 50k 3rd age platebody - 100k 3rd age platelegs - 100k 3rd age kiteshield - 50k 3rd age plateskirt - 100k 3rd age longsword - 150k 3rd age mage hat - 50k 3rd age robe top - 100k 3rd age robe - 100k 3rd age amulet - 50k 3rd age wand - 150k 3rd age range coif - 50k 3rd age range top - 100k 3rd age range legs - 100k 3rd age vambraces - 50k 3rd age bow - 150k 3rd age druidic robe top - 150k 3rd age druidic robe bottoms - 150k 3rd age druidic cloak - 150k 3rd age druidic staff - 150k 3rd age axe - 150k 3rd age pickaxe - 150k 3rd age cloak - 150k crystal pickaxe - 30-40k crystal axe - 30-40k crystal harpoon - 30-40k infernal pickaxe - 25-30k infernal axe - 25-30k infernal harpoon - 25-30k dragon axe - 5k dragon pickaxe - 5k rune axe - 3k rune pickaxe - 3k cyan mask - 700-750k gold mask - 850-900k orange mask - 700-750k purple mask - 700-750k white mask - 700-750k cyan hat - 700-750k black hat - 700-750k gold hat - 850-900k purple hat - 700-750k pink hat - 700-750k white hat - 700-750k lime hat - 700-750k ankou head - 100k ankou top - 200k ankou's leggings - 200k ankou gloves - 50k ankou socks - 50k inferno adze - 800-900k candy cane 700-800k angel wings - 150-200k bunny ears - 400k rainbow partyhat - 1m reward casket (master) - 72k reward casket (easy) - 4,8-5k
  7. Chef


    whats ur snapchat was again? @Smackd long overdue man
  8. Chef

    Vote boss guide

    Cool guide, its very contesting @Smackd should host a event for the best guide maker
  9. Must be something wrong with this arun should never be ss he were never the material he also is so sketchy and have a background that backs it out. He is a server bully who his parents never accepted him and he have bad emotional health that should never support him to be ss its a miracle this happened and I dont really see a future for roatpkz having such server supporters who call themselves "GangBangers" or some other clown names. Demote tesfxye and jay and some other clowns who think they are server support meterial or a fit for it. Such a clown move..
  10. Wow bro this actaully amazing it really expresses how the server goes and says a lot about the adventure itself. @Ex0tic
  11. Chef

    Gambling Guide

    K idiot what is this supposed to mean you wanna cry? What are you talking about your input isnt necessary needed Jay who you think you are? Calling them family, apparently your server support got you too much hyped and fooled. Get off my posts you wannabe fake person.
  12. Guides contest 🤔

  13. They look pretty decent and i believe they should be spreaded ingame. But think about this if these were rare and you wouldnt see them more often in the game, wouldnt it be decent for them to be rare instead of the other pets that have prices go up and down from the players? Its like sad to see them everywhere with players. But i kinda support the idea. They look so cool You are crazy donating 18k to a server??
  14. Whos idea was this? 😈😈
  15. Wooow best guide everrrr 🤯
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