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  1. w301 clanwars i put you back to coma spastic
  2. srsly lmao piss off newfuck it was made cause runelocus thought the server was bot voting cause of 200+votes per day (back in days roatz had 300+ people online PEAK time) so no spastic.
  3. half of skills are afk and take max 10hour's to max since this is not on osrs xp based (like eco server's are) so defintly a no. fking grind your ass off on osrs you don't get everything aswell like you want it so fucking fuckoff with double xp lmao
  4. thanks broder wanna hab somue cake?
  5. can me botjoin ya butter man very nice update there @Gretar i know its nice to hear dat from an og my manboy you never let the server down do you?
  6. gl on getting vet rank gretar is busy doing ing stuff and nobody else can rank on fourums
  7. apologize to a whale? LOL i dont even apologize to head staff gretar dumbfuck spastic get out of the staffs eyes dunno what you do ? you be playing roatz when 75% of staff are going away L=L0l0l0l
  8. lmao dont talk bind u dead wasn't demoted he resigned spastic
  9. goodluck though i do not belive you you made in 1month 10 topics.
  10. dont like your music (cardi b) or nick it is.. but good vid bud
  11. kyle or whoever you are lmao you a pussy your cousin has more balls then you and we both know that im always ready w301 cw btw?
  12. lmao imagine making vids when im gone spastic you blacklisted me on all your accounts LOLOLOLOLOL clown i wont off you when you're afriend of alex spastic whenever i come back to rsps i will slave you again lmao uid is ez changed spastic
  13. littary nobody in the world cares over your pixel pics lmao @Tupac these niggas playing in 2019 LMAAAOAOAOOAAOOAO @Smackd thoughts baby?
  14. pixel pics nice nobody fking cares............................................ my god the fact you guys make topics on kills is like a police officer giving you a park ticket when you bouta to drive away means he wants your fking attetion.
  15. nobody cares tbh you post pics of pixels lmao.
  16. who are you even?
  17. admin. offer 50t on other rsps.
  18. omg kills on a game you be playing when you 25!!!!!!!! omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
  19. : to topic again : -full lose of whip (after deaths if skulled) - and full lose of whip if it loses 1k hits to sanfew - make it 3 pkp each equal to anti venom (p+++) it only heals you once from the anti venom and if you are venomed you need to drink 2 sips means you have only 2/4 left then so make it 3pkp not 5 like anti venom p+++ thought's @paramingo
  20. @Yoobs da king i be honest with you you talking ingame more shit than @JBLIND but the diffrence between you and him is and i cant belive i need to take a retard like jbshit as compare is that he can back his talking unlike you can't do it at all you are a suicide multi bot since 5year's or more.
  21. i mean on osrs you lose the full whip aswell if you die so no. it should stay as it is.
  22. i agree with sanfew serum they / they should cost but still should cure venom make them 3pkp each equal to anti venom (since they only cure it once not for 5mins like anti venom (+++) but with whip i don't really know.. should stay as it is 1k hits and it goes away.
  23. if you really into gfx designing you should take 50 befor and 50 after not do somehing for free..
  24. zeplin99


    selling fresh air you want some retard? secound... here ! like you kidding you asking for hns without prices LOLOLOL @JBLIND look at this idiot asking for hsn without prices cause he cant catch air?
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