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  1. ? i log on there in 2h we go paladins then whats yours ill write it down
  2. ? come roblox (aresneal , blox piece , csgo , bad buisneesss) or bombsquad your choice. lol
  3. ? that has nothing to do with anything you dumb spastic LMFAO YOU AVOIDING LIKE FKING RAT LEGIT @Smackd look at this spastic LMFAOMFAOMFAOMFOAMFOAMFOAM
  4. what you avoiding kid come bombsquad or roblox lmfao i'll fuck you anywhere
  5. ? 100million people on earth play it hmu you outsider LMFAO come bombsquad then we go same room?
  6. cant even login on main LOL spastic he can come roblox csgo. / paladins ranked match. i invite him or 1v1 at paladins / he can come arsenal aswell on roblox i invite him aswell i'll 3-0 him there without dieing once to him lmao he can come bombsquad aswell. @Smackd
  7. ? LOOOOOOOOOOOOL you say you og cause of your fourms join? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL how many ogs do you have in youf friendlist oh and if you og tell me rob his ign now :P? try it bet you dont even know who rob is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  8. befor my time? i played in 2012 wym lmfa0000000000000000 go ask pls ismokepurp? he has been vet for 5years hmu? go ask almsot every guy who's tagged as vet in disc ask "Jerr" aswell?
  9. spastic deltes video LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  10. nobody lets you work for anything LMFAO your edit vid is 7mins long
  11. scared of no one? you never wen't to easts you dumb rat LMFAOOO @Smackd this rat piping he was scared of no one but never crossed lines at easts / 44s once in his entire LIFE
  12. fortnite LOLOLOLOL im done do a vid whenever you hit esl league / pro league high ranking in csgo.
  13. spastic copying my shit btw you cant stop me from posting
  14. you mean as cringe as your unban topics? and all your begging on combat change and such shit? grow up LMFAO you living in this server spastic ? everyone can use photoshop LMFAO
  15. i told you like how many times that hes botting? DUNNO if you can read at anyway you're a useless mod lmfa00 so dont comment under my topic. i won't even matter on reporting the whale i cleared him x5 lmfao and to your question back , WHAt bot? LOL legit more clueless staff team then anything else if someone was botting skills you guys would never be able to realse if they are botting legit.. lmfao just stick off my topic retard ? lmfao spastic stop trying to be funny btw who pays for a donor on a half dead rsps? funny im still waiting till this day for zeplins / all your dogs to appear on osrs lmfao stop barking spastic
  16. dont even care you more of a nobody then this @Fruitiest lmfao
  17. so probs people wonder "whys this spastic agian only on fourms" hmm dunno CAuse im the one keep on getting banned for "FARMING"?????????????????????????????? I DONT GET PKP YOU SPASTIC HOW LONG YOU GONNA TROLL ME NOW ? LMFAOOOOOOOOOO oh and btw WHY do you let PEOPLE bot ON THE SERVER? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? to the staff team lmfao legit most clueless and retard team i've seen in my entire rsps carrier.. a STAFF TEam on a 100player server is more competent then this fking 200 player based server lmfao........... make that happen let it rain brain. but to the topic 1. yes last quit topic im being honest i get like 500times banned per year for no actual real reason its "pkp farming" while im farming deaths but alright retard.. keep going lmfao just ban me instand of a guy who was actual botting. and even admiting it in pms. so thats it. 2. i won't help the server anymore from raggers / ddosers since i'm the only one who was going against all raggers / calling all ddosers out to ddos me don't cry if the server gets now more and more raggers at edge i was only one who was keeping it clean. and to the ddosers lol if someone actually hits now the server off i'll laugh my ass off. just sayin don't be retard. i helped the server long enough calling retards out now you can help yourself lmao SIGN THERE UP ROATZ ITS FOR YOU
  18. arun pking was meant to be skill based... not RNG based pce.
  19. lmfao pure nh vid when im not there you panic tab 20times vs me everyday kid.
  20. yea forgot you follow trend bridding lmfao. nothing more then a meta clown.
  21. just another meta brid. ags gmaul nothing new anymore. lmfao
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