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  1. I'm tryna get back to NHING, I was top dawg back in the days, still got bank on my account, buying a 100% keyboard tomorrow. Who's tryna run it?
  2. MAN its been a whileeeee, im tryna lowkey get back at it
  3. Yo it's been a few years and I might try and get back to playing rsps. I have a few accounts that are locked to emails. "Pitch" and "Ms Dejected" If I can get those back, thanks. I also have probably l;ike 5 more if I look at my friends list, had alot of alts back when I was nhing.
  4. I didn’t do videos for him, I use to code back in the days. Kanker learn to be respectful
  5. Lmao yo ass still roasting me lmaoo. Ey tho if I’m bad I’m down to 1v1? Fortnite of course I don’t really play rsps nomo.
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