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  1. I didn’t do videos for him, I use to code back in the days. Kanker learn to be respectful
  2. Lmao yo ass still roasting me lmaoo. Ey tho if I’m bad I’m down to 1v1? Fortnite of course I don’t really play rsps nomo.
  3. I don't rag, never did.
  4. shiett lmk ill try and hop on at times
  5. I gotta get back on that rsps grind foso
  6. I'm Raw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DvULmATN9k&tgg=2s
  7. gretar does spend money on the game believe it or not i did work for him for some cash.
  8. You're autistic mate, what's the use of super combats and range potions if you brew down? Is that what you're trying to say? Feel free to tell that to all the competitors for the 1v1 nh tournament tourney worlds autistic fuck.
  9. No one is dumb when they nh unless their using some shit set up and nh like shit. In my case, I use magic pots because I like to keep my opponent frozen at all times. I like to run around the person faking and that's how my style is and it works. So I guess I can look dumb but still clear people with my magic pots
  10. I used to deep wild pk in welfare gear all the damn time. I sold my max main over a year ago because I quit. Anyways I still got a dds pure "kingofswipe" and a max main staker "7 9". Come nh me so I can give u the works.
  11. I work well without offensive pots as nhing on 07 is no where samilar to rsps nhing. The combat is very different and I do usually bring 4 brews 2 sanfews 1 magic 1 range but I like to switch it up and use more brews to make fights last longer.
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