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  1. Xex

    I am the fruitiest

  2. Xex

    ahhhhh i see

    pls take down this video of jblind it's offensive
  3. recommend good starter animes

    1. Xex


      one punch man, tokyo ghoul, death note, attack on titan.

  4. Xex

    why is everyone's profile picture of a girl

    bout to report u i swer
  5. If you're the girl in those profile pics hmu
  6. Xex

    Roat Pkz has a...

    has a bug
  7. Xex


    I don't know why, but I feel that this is Jblinds fault. @JBLIND
  8. Xex

    Staff Feedback - October 2018

    Owner Gretar Global Admin(s) Smackd - Playtime: 23 hours (+16 hours AFK) (Been away on vacation) Good player, has been online all day every day. I know this because i've been playing a lot Administrator(s) Legend - Playtime: NaN Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 71 Hours (+24 Hours AFK) Actually decent JBLIND - Playtime: 48 Hours (+18 Hours AFK) Punish this abuser my a7es Forum Administrator(s) - Player Moderator PK Guy - Playtime: 37 Hours (+18 Hours AFK) Nice forums account Server Support(s) 1 Slap - Playtime: 22 Hours (+1 Hours AFK) idk Rag Bot V1 - Playtime: 47 Hours (+10 Hours AFK) idk Fruitiest - Playtime: 104 Hours (+113 Hours AFK) good boy OP Shacko - Playtime: 348 Hours (+103 Hours AFK) idk A Team - Playtime: 232 Hours (+63 Hours AFK) ?????????? A Pixel - Playtime: 55 Hours (+59 Hours AFK) ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  9. Xex

    Rock cake + guthix rest

    i support this because muh bugs
  10. Xex


    Lol nice try arun alt