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  1. Xex

    Starting Guide 2020

    dude you are fucking awesome for making this guide. im sure @JBLIND will be able to use this to learn how to play roat when he gets back from autism camp. he will be so happy to see this post! you should make a tribrid nh guide for @Tesfxye and his goons i know theyll need it. keep up the good work brother kkona
  2. Xex

    top 10 hentai list

    Heart shaped kisses, I really miss my mistress And it's 666, evil bitches want my mentions no, ask @Zoradz
  3. Xex

    top 10 hentai list

    @JBLIND holy fuck your hot, too bad i dont like ur music 9/10 @k0ntv0cht damn, you look just as good as selena gomez, lets be real i got an insta you got an insta, hmu. 9.2/10 @1 slap you must be a freak in bed, goth titty babe. you know my loc hmu bb. 8/10 @Same Sea cute, but probaby has no body 3/10 basic white girl look @she rags pmed you my loc 10/10 @Bind U Dead cant tell if youre bind u dead or basic white bitch 7/10 with daddy issues
  4. hell fucking yes, best update EVER why ru so fucking hot damn girl damnn girl u fine af damn selena you play roat too? can i get ur number?
  5. Xex

    disgusting snitch

    damn girl u hot u got a insta or sumtin? why are all the staff so got dam hot???
  6. Xex

    disgusting snitch

    id like to speak to the manager of roatpk so that i can get @Rot Tries pknew gets banned for snitching on fellow rwters
  7. cx, get 100 posts total, i want you to see everyone talking about you on the second forums. why do u think this one is so dead lmao!
  8. dont tell him about the second forum for those with 100 total posts @rotsucks
  9. @Killbob @Rot Tries pknew SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS
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