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  1. Xex


    here's a selfie to confirm that i'm doing fine! still alive as you can see @Fruitiest
  2. i always turn my 100k pkpt into 100m rsgp that's why i was banned, dont rwt kids.
  3. @Killbob i like the german shepard
  4. Xex


    i figured that's what fruitiest sounded like
  5. i recomend pming gretar, he's always active in-game and never afk so that should be easy. also avoid jblind at all cost he will abuse you. if you need anything just pm my alt tgs kyle! <33
  6. Xex


    In-Game Name or Forums Name: I rwted on december 9, 2019!- Rule Broken: real world trade- Date of Punishment: 09 December 2019- Appeal (100 Words Max): I swear a7es i did not rwt on december 9, 2019. i only gave this guy 100k pkpt, and he gave me 100m rsgp! pls?
  7. i know exactly how to help! pm me in Game, the names tgs kyle rwt
  8. fuck miley, selana gomez is life
  9. BBc Clan members *Rag D0g (Leader) *Yabadabadou *Slumdog G *FLXZ *His dudeness Recruitment *Any skills on bridding / tribridding / Tank *Must have discord account Weekly best 3 bridders will be achieved with 15k per face. Neither we do an raffle. Whoever wants to try to win an "Ancestral set" has to buy in 1k ONLY. Doesn't matter if its item/s or pkp. That only happens once in a week
  10. CAN I BE VET?????????????????
  11. Hi my name is Xex, and i've been playing roat since last decade, crazy right? It's been a decade and all. So, @Gretar i suggest that you give me a forums veteran rank. You know how long i've been playing this game for and I deserve the rank obviously! Now, if you're reading this and going "Ah xex, the man, xex my habibi, xex my a7e, you, you are great! You have played for so long, and i LOVE you because you're so sexy, but listen here a7e you can't get the veterans rank because I only give those to cunts who actually play the game for runescape content rather than bug-abuse" then i'm going to have to tell you that YOURE WRONG. GRETAR! IT"S BEEN ONE DECADE, I HAVE SEEN SO MANY ADMINS, MODS, FORUMS MODS, SO MANY JUMPER22's, MADE SO MANY VIDEOS, AND I DEMAND, NO I D E M A N D TO GET VETERAN RANK. Its time! it's time for xex to shine! i have made such an impact on this forums, and most of the staff that its scary just ask those ss whose names i forgot. just ask jblind who is probably abusing a lawful player, just ask any german shepard walking around roat. just ask me! im xex, i am a veteran of this server and i demand re reeeeeeeeee! oops i let out my inner demons. okay gretar it's time, you know it, i know it, the whole cast of the great gatsby knows it. dont make me go beg because when i beg i cry and when i cry i cry nasty tears, i dirty cry. yeah, that'll teach you. if you've read this far, bless your soul @JBLIND. selena gomez never was a bad singer, i loved watching her on wizards of waverly place, and im proud to say that. to my dearest sister fruitiest, don't let them tell you that you can't become mod, im halfway there on kyle. Im a good boy, i do Things and people love the things i do. have i ever told you that im probably going to become admin soon? just ask yoobs if you can find him haha. okay anyways, just a quick rant, love you all. kisses, hugs, hugs and kisses, xoxo, xox, xo,x,xx,xxx,XXX ON A KILLSTREAK YUH, YOU A PUSSYNIGGA RICE CRISPY AYE! sincerely, a future veteran of roatpk
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