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  1. Xex

    i frickin hate jblind

    Hey guys, chad here. how's it going? Jblond abuse please support the cause. Chad out!
  2. If this can be a comedy video related to roatpk and not in-game then do I have a chance to win?
  3. Xex


    top image is me, middle image is jblind, bottom image is gretar
  4. Hey baby, i'm back. And I want your osrs gp. I want money! @JBLIND @Gretar @Killbob @Tupac @jumper19 @Fruitiest
  5. Xex

    Totally not spam

    Spam @Gretar
  6. Jblind is abuse, this is a rant. @Tupac
  7. That's not a bug, can you not get my hopes up lol?
  8. Xex

    need friend pls a7es

    no one asked
  9. Xex

    need friend pls a7es

    me need a7es, any brothers/cows out there can giverman me friend status?
  10. 0:59, didn't know @Killbob was pking with you how cute
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