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  1. That's not a bug, can you not get my hopes up lol?
  2. Xex

    need friend pls a7es

    no one asked
  3. Xex

    need friend pls a7es

    me need a7es, any brothers/cows out there can giverman me friend status?
  4. 0:59, didn't know @Killbob was pking with you how cute
  5. Xex

    I love you big G <3

    We're hitting levels of autism hitherto unknown!!
  6. Very cool Paramingo!
  7. dont rwt. real life does not exist so ye dw
  8. Challenge? I live like this irl
  9. Don't listen to these CHALEBS, these is evidenace. jblender69 is abuse i swear ur rite
  10. Xex

    The end of a Era

    What's up people, some behind the scenes stuff has gone down and i will no longer be playing RoatPKZ. I've toy'd with the idea of resigning from Roat for a very long time anyway and it's been an absolutely wild ride to say the least. Quick point To all the people who are happy that i resigned, hope you sleep easy at night but ill still have more power over the game than you ever will. Most of the people who are happy i resigned are from 2018/2019 and really don't quite understand the amount of effort and dedication i put into RoatPKZ over the years. My resignation was nothing to do with abuse or anything like that it's a private matter between me and Killbob and while i didn't do anything, i still understand why he believes i did do something and i have to respect that. Even though i have made some interesting decisions and perhaps shown bugs to some people in the past and done some shady shit but i have always had the interest of the game at heart and have always done everything i can to improve the game. I am currently one of the longest standing staff members and the one of the most dedicated staff members. I may bug abuse and i may call you a dog but at the end of the day i still did the stuff i was suppose to do even if i wasn't a "professional staff member" Gretar still kept me around for this long for a reason and not just for the hell of it and i still cared about the game more than 99.991% of the community. I'll admit my playtime has been lacking recently (5 mins a day) and i haven't played as much as i could of but have been extremely IRL and RoatPKZ has been getting extremely difficult to find bugs in for a while now, time for a fresh start and to focus more on IRL related stuff. As much as some people call me spammer and hate me atleast i kept this game pretty interesting to say the least over the last few years and created some fresh content. Shoutouts to some special niggas (N-word pass receipiant as of 4/20/2018 ) that i've meant on the way Craig - Nice ballista btw Smackd - Thank you for creating smackdzone Same Sea - Foreign Estonian planker but is also a good lad. Sophia - Literally biggest ego for the shittest pker fucking mexican downie cant stop hitting on my tank and thinks nech's aren't demons (nice rs exp) Genj - Lippy retard that use to be in love with Lavish but is one of the decent people in the game even if hes a huge fucking autist. Suor - Haven't seen you in a while Jblind - Good dog Tupac - Deserves admin rank, rip tupac Zoradz - How's it feel living upsidedown? Killbob - uWu Graphics - Amazing artist as always John - Your playtime is insane Salad - You're a fucking idiot fr S/O in the short time I've been staff to staff team i trained most of you extremely well and hand picked some of you. You're at the level of what we need to keep the game at a decent level of staff, good luck and good job to everyone who has helped the game previously. Enemies Arun- need i say anymore? ROT There's a lot of other people floating around but i just can't think of everyone's names rn and s/o to all the fans posting about me who say they don't care about RoatPKZ but me resigning is better than them getting adopted in their eyes.
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