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  1. Xex

    Best shit

    I am not saying mumble rap is objectively good. No music is. You don't have to like it. But there is much more to it than the lyrics. Mumbling the lyrics and repeating the same stuff is in a way a countermovement to the more technical and intellectual styles of the past. It started as a rebellion against the polished, precise and mainstream-viable hip hop. Rap has always been about showing off and it is also an expression of "look, I am so successful, I can go to the studio high and slur my words. There is also humor in the lyrics, funny metaphors or plays of words. Then there is the beat. Again, you may think they all sound the same, but I disagree. Hearing a beat that just makes you want to bang your head for the first time is amazing. And then there is the image of the artist as a person, which is also a big part of this genre.
  2. Xex

    Staff feedback

    This staff is pretty decent. Would recommend for air strike. 10/10, has not let me down like other staffs I've used before.
  3. Xex

    Staff Feedback

    Thank you very much, in fact I work hard, very HARD.
  4. Xex

    I am Jblind

    Yes, i'm mexican
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    Who am I

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    A message to all those who RWT (Real talk)

    i can do that again, just gotta put some money online to buy editing software first. yolo
  8. Xex

    A message to all those who RWT (Real talk)

    i am become death destroyer of worlds
  9. Give me a #YOLO in the comments below if you RWT
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  11. These songs are fucking crazy
  12. Xex

    new bideo

    was that a threaT? IM CALLING GRETAR!
  13. i got paki connects that u dont know about a7e