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  1. what a great guy. @JBLIND MY RAT promote him
  2. my goal is to become SS, but gretar wont let me. pls gretar if ur listening make me SS
  3. omg omg omg @JBLIND why u do bannerMan on him? a7e @gina sn you are right. you are a good zalama. i shall force that evil infidel jblinder to unban u i swer on the book of our peoples
  4. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/blog/the-7-best-revenge-stories-in-literature/
  5. Xex

    happy pie day guys

    Nice gifs btw, unplayable forums, ironman btw. <33333
  6. Xex


    just posting to remind you that im you but stronger <------------ look at that bb
  7. Xex

    i have depression

    TY big fruity man!
  8. Xex

    i have depression

    you mean *stones
  9. Xex

    i have depression

    @Gretar pls change the rule slightly so that i may bless this server with funny vids related to roatpk
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