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  1. Bailey Jay

    Mikki roatz brid vid 1

    Nice vid man!!! Smooth and quick
  2. maybe it's just me i'm more of a fan of kills. don't really care for redbars! nice vid tho keep em coming
  3. Kind of boring 4 or 5 kills in 3 mins and something
  4. 200 iq move on their part
  5. Bailey Jay

    Refunt pk video 4 ,

    Nice vid!
  6. Bailey Jay

    Garbage cc gets decimated

    Ez for daul
  7. Bailey Jay


    Nice vid
  8. Bailey Jay

    Illey Exposed?!?

    No one cares
  9. Bailey Jay

    90 DDS SMITE [email protected]@@@!! HOLY SHIT

    l0l0l king willis back at it again. very strong
  10. Bailey Jay

    Deepwild brew cap?

    Why don’t you change the timed tb to auto tbed until you hit the ditch? No tele with key make them run al the way to lvl 1 no time limit just always tbed with key
  11. Bailey Jay

    Potential items to add In-game.

    Most of these are useless tbh but I like the Statius hammer and vests spear idea I have been saying bring those back for years now. (And chaotics but that’s a diff topic) and Morgan’s throwing axes perhaps would be good. But bring back that stat hammer and spear were just randomly gone one day. Hammer give people spec wep to use in edge since there’s only ags, claws, and dds for poor people
  12. Bailey Jay

    Underrated rappers

    lil Snupe also as mentioned above. Nate king 220