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  1. Nice vid brother! Stack on w00t was nasty lol
  2. Let’s gooooo Victoria ngl if I see u in wildy I’m running
  3. I don’t know if u talking about lms but if so I can relate lol. I’ve gotten beat by someone using only range bolting me with defender on and not using f3. Can legit bolt on pray higher than I can barrage off pray. It’s not too bad tho
  4. Pg rlly out here still haven’t seen taylorgamg?
  5. Yikes died while focusing mortem stays taking L’s
  6. LOLOL what the fuck is that? Spec on 115 not even potted, 5 staff bashes, gmaul on 80, half ur kills at funpk and the other kill on a guy in spawns? Holy fuck
  7. Means he died at funpk to restore his special attack, that kill message is different than the one from wilderness. The one from wilderness shows ur killstreak and all that good stuff like this https://gyazo.com/6dc07901761b5f75bbb4525b471338a5
  8. ? I could see him the whole time wym
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