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  1. Wow watch out other clans! This is one to not mess clown around with!
  2. we need juke back on focus been losing kills like nh tank said. Lesson of the day don’t brid bailey jay
  3. ??? Ya cuz when I’m getting focused I can go to Gary hood’s house and grab an auto clicker real quick? Lol you’ve obviously never been speared by a clan that knows what they’re doing I wasn’t complaining cuz we get plenty of smites like so but I just pointing out the fact
  4. Bailey Jay


    What part Florida brother??
  5. And all hits still hit even after 0 hp so if You get speared 20 times and all the hits stack at once and all are smited you get smite 99 to 0 prayer when u only have 20 hp?
  6. Would be cool! I wouldn’t think it would be too complicated to add since it’s about the same as the clan cup was really! Support
  7. 6 singles kills on Mongolian multi bots! Nice vid tho!
  8. Lol you obviously didn’t play back then?? Dragon warhammer would be just as useful as it is now? Lowers defense stat hammer didn’t? You’re legit retarded if you think the elder maul is even as close to as good as cmaul. Vesta spear would poke 60-70 on players?? I don’t see zamorakian spear doing that???
  9. Wtf gretar bring back ::poke. While you’re at it bring back chaotics and stat hammer with vesta spear???
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