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  1. Tarquin


    How's everybody doing?
  2. Didn't you quit 20 times this month?
  3. FK it, bro its lit video, keep it up, finally someone make a nice content lmao. nice vid man
  4. Tarquin

    Tarquin's Memes

    BTW, I Don't mean anything wrong, just memes.
  5. Tarquin


    Allahu akbar.
  6. 5 brews in reg fight -.-
  7. They trying to be savages.
  8. I been playing this game for 2 years or so and I think my time has finally come today, thanks guys for just supporting me out towards the game and I also thank Gretar for making the game fun. I have just lost interest in the game because of players, theres nothing i can do in this game, everyone treat me bad now.. dunno the reason.. but itsg<3 I've met so beautiful people tho:).. Love you all, i am active in discord tho.. ayenoshit#7777 Zonz.
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