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  1. Shut the fuck up retard you're literally begging for attention all day. @Fantastic @Smackd @JBLIND @Gretar Mac ban this guy from Forums lmfao.
  2. Gretar: Fantastic Cx: Great Job, dude. Smackd: JBLIND: A Pixel: Helpful staff, sometimes he host events so, great job GIED4LIFE: Never seen GIED4LIFE helping anyone, Pmed him like 10 times in 1 month, he never responded to my PMs. He never host events when he's online. Rag Bot V1: Always doing a great job, hosting events and answering yell questions. Supremium: One of the most helpful SS members, great job. PM2GETBODIED: Great job. Fruitiest: This guy always helping the people, great job. TULRAK: Goat: Babderkun: Death Dream: Never seen him helping to be honest. Emulator: @Fantastic
  3. You're so cringe lmfao. Stop spamming with 10 alts you retard dumbfuck.
  4. El hook


    You deserve that anyways.
  6. Demote @Fruitiest Demote @goat
  7. I think that "Parky12345" deserve a ban for rushing all day.
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