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  1. Get in new building clan - aka 5x ags giveaway in like 1 hour. 5 different peoples receives 1 ags each. ASAP ASAP.
  2. hmu if anyone wants to join/we need to keep stronghold up guys.
  3. I guess n1 cares bout u zeplin just stop trying.
  4. Fact is. His switches were weak. Almost missed f3. But his rng got that way rofl. So zeplin ya rather shut up than come here and flame 4 no reason.
  5. thats not rlly true but ok ahaha.
  6. (Bermuda) Clan members: 1. NO LOG 2. SETBACK M8 3. Zown 4. Thecrazy 5. Taximan47 6. XOXX 7. RAILER 8. Tik tik boom 9. Thrallix 10. Try me pig 11. Austa 12. Tittys Recruitment - *Experience of being in clan: *Loyalty being: *Game time: *Timezone: *Age: Rules: *Flaming isn't allowed on its contrast way. *Help needed members (help them out in need - except begging) - own choice of giving somethings to someone. *Don't advertise any other clan chat. *Rank begging is against rules (In a time its earned). Events: *Weekly award to best clan member (15k per week) *Multi pking (revs,jad, skotiz) *The boss loots (will go under share) Regards: Rockshift
  7. Put here the list of the longest playing players on roat <<
  8. go back in dog cave xaviour fag
  9. its 150-200k but ill sell for 150k and the staff must be online /admin, yeah it can be changed text with changed color.
  10. fam keep ur tits chill. I'm not even joking for fuck sake rofl.
  11. well its not hard to rebuild tbh imo
  12. Rockshift


    d defender is allowed.
  13. Rockshift


    @SmackdThe time was added.
  14. Rockshift


    If you're playing comment the clan name below.
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