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  1. Good one Smackd, keep it up Roat Pkz team!
  2. Thank you for your on going support my friends of wonderful community Roat Pkz, will do best of my capabilities to create happiness and professional satisfactory help to all players of the community Roat Pkz at all times, much love appreciated, enjoy your day :)
  3. appleate

    Sophia SMH

    You stingy piece of shit, shemale, acting like a female In-game, nice stingy attitude In-game, trashbin, I hope your internet crashes so i dont have to deal with your annoying bsery shemale attitude Ing, dont copy me shemale. Scum, idk what players think of you but your fucking annoying af. HOLY SHIT.
  4. @sophia just sign out of the forums - male/female ty men.
  5. What made RoatPkz the greatest server on release back in the day> Freedom Of [email protected]™ having fun, ofc there will be donator benefits> yelling, spawning donator items, buying titles with donator pts etc but your taking it as if RoatPkz was an eco server back in the days smh.
  6. Hello dear RoatPkz community , Its me your Indian friend Dipesh and through the 3 years, I've been with RoatPkz, I've noticed players complaining about how hard it is to earn pkp, when starter classes cannot combat with veterans or older players who have much more op gears equipped, therefore I'd like to make a suggestion in which i believe will change RoatPkz and bring back tons of players as before.( Even if weapons are outdated IMO can be a huge asset). @Gretar Ive been playing RoatPkz since day 1 and enjoyed every bit, the community itself was amazing and still is. Players say this game is toxic and stuff , but at the end of the day its how you deal with players and your maturity to ignore. Keep up the legendary work Gretar much love. 1) Bring back spawnable gears, weapons like the old is gold times. 2) Bring back Chaotic weapons , ( these are a great assets towards Roatpkz), still can be. 3) Bring back old hybrid zones , legendary. 4) Whoever suggested you to change the server removing all the old updates did a terrible job with suggesting it . 5) Make it as before donators could spawn, Ely , Arcane, Divine etc, but make it if you would like to spawn items you would need to vote which that vote can be used for 7 hours to spawn items for free. Donators can spawn any item for any amount of time regarding main Pvp weapons etc. Nothing else can be said bring back old Roatpkz!!!, but please bring back old RoatPkz. PS- Staff might be triggered saying '' This is the worst suggestion'' are you kidding me this is the best suggestion , think about how many players quit RoatPkz due to this update and how many poor pkers there are , @JBLIND™ I guess you sure are blind reading my suggestions but everyone has an opinion at the end of the day, I'm thinking for everyone in the community not just for a specific player ... @Gretar . @Gretarthank you, yours truly. @Ahmash , your forehead mad my Asian brother
  7. Don't leave for that men, come back and have a great time here, Iv'e been playing since Roatpkz release and the community is still in good shape just a few bumps here and there if you know what I mean.
  8. Thanks for the juicy updates , grateful
  9. Can be locked now , staff reviewing thank you.
  10. PS - FR- @Smackd, @Gretar, if your interested in buying os scripts, as well gold 6.5b in stock , or if you would allow me to exchange , please pm me via forums thank you. PS- Wont take offers from players only admins+, thank you and have a nice day.
  11. 1) Well make it normal like roatpkz in 2015-16 , where ags was spawnable, sharks, etc as for now its hard for players to get pkp because yeah all the active pvp is more toward nhing etc. 2) If your not going to stick with 1 i got a back up plan just give players , not too hard cash to obtain pkp which is worth grinding for. 3) What the actual fuck are these drop rates, please fix before i get epilepsy. 4) Yeah , in simple its make it look legendary again. 5) Fuck yeah.
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