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  1. I believe that the N-word is out of hand in game. Obviously has been for years now, so maybe we can start actually implementing the rule. Leaving it up to you guys and gretar
  2. Requiem Af

    Best shit

    Red till I’m dead yeehaw
  3. Requiem Af

    Best shit

    Freddy Kreuger-YNW Melly ft. Tee Grizzley  oppswantmedead-lil skies take one- kodak black Lost and Found - Tee Grizzley ft YNW Melly Pray for the Drip- Tee grizzley ft offset 1 night(feat quavo)- tee grizzley hooters- tee grizzley High for Hours- j cole A.L.L.T.Y.3.- trippie redd Love scars 3 - trippie redd No complaints- Metro Boomin ft offset, drake 10 freaky girls- metro boomin x 21 savage space cadet- gunna white wine- lil peep witchblades- lil peep we think too much- lil peep  star shopping- lil peep life is beautiful- lil peep lil kennedy- lil peep married to the game- future  violent- ty dolla sign 19- lil peep nuketown- ski mask the slump god ft juice wrld Yacht club- lil yachty ft juice wrld SaintLaurenYSL- lil yachty ft lil baby save that shit- lil peep i Dont Wanna Do This Anymore- xxxtentacion Bastard- Tyler The Creator Institution- kodak black suicidal thoughts- The Notorious B.I.G. Love is hell- phora stuck in my ways- phora ft 6lack Lonely- young bans x lil yachty Poles 1649- trippie redd stoves on 14th- trippie redd Love scars pt. 2/ rack city- trippie redd Hopeless boy- king lil g j cole alternative name- “king colee” King colee- how high king colee- killers Demons and angels - juice wrld Swervin - a boogie Call’n- chief keef Fuck the other side - trippie redd A Lot - 21 savage ft J Cole 4L-21 savage ball w/out you-21 savage Slime belief -nba young boy Style stealer - lil baby NUKETOWN- SKI MASK FT JUICE WRLD Crunch time - j cole grew up fast -j cole Hellboy-lil peep past the castle walls lil peep ft lil Tracy white tee lil peep ft lil Tracy heart-lil tracy Gym class-lil peep January 28 j cole Let’s pretend we’re numb - xxxtentacion Train food -xxxtentacion guardian angel - xxxtentacion what are you so afraid of - xxxtentacion Crushed up - future lil skies - real ties lavish-88glam i need more - chief keef Cat piss - Ski mask
  4. Ur a piss smelling Bosnian
  5. Requiem Af


    Peace everyone. It was fun playing over the years, but I will not log on ever again. Thanks every1
  6. Requiem Af


    Ur gay Dario
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