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  1. I had fought someone at gorillas and they tbed me, I killed them, came to grave to fight you lot and thought I was safe from tb for a while, ithen ofc got untbed(and didn't realise) then you retbed me but regardless it was a mistake from me. Gz on the kill, hopefully it gives you some confidence and you pk in risk now, or just pk in general 

    1. Kihfan55


      Did someone just say they got smited by g unit for max? lmfaooo

      for arcane*

  2. tayolrrrr i fucking kill uuuuuuu

    1. Blood Hound

      Blood Hound

      Omgg get of my page pls kid @Yoobs baned this kid or tell him of???

    2. Yoobs


      kifan off her pls u big stiped kid mr is beter pk thank u so off

  3. "he does a lot behind the scenes" like not interact with the community hurr

    quality staff member


  4. Most completed on roat since 2013

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