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  1. Nice vid bro, notice that if you can afford elite void its tge bis gear for any pvm monster with range cuz of the 12.5% damage and accuracy boost makes the kills way faster
  2. damn nice balls to put all in lotto, your like me GRATZ!!!
  3. This have nothing to do with losing the tent or keeping cuz every player has his own amount of charges even if you have 1 charge left and you sell the tent and pk later another one you still keep that 1 charge on your tent. My suggestion is just that you can reset the charges manually in change to lose the tent whip, its annoying for players to keep track when they got low amount of charges left and have to kill the charges on a npc or revert in combat situation. About the sanfew it should cost pkp since it cures antipoison but it shouldnt cure venom at all cuz it take's a inventory spot, some people have a serpentine helm to stay immume but also to safe a inventory space, those small difference should be added cuz its a risk you take with you so small adve tage on the place would be nicely rewarded.
  4. Yes, Revert will have same effect running out of charges just to obtain our goal for a fully charged tentacle on using another or buying one.
  5. - Make kraken whips revert to regular whips anytime you want to reset the hits. - Fix Sanfew Serum or make them cost pkp, they should only cure poison and not venom.
  6. Tbh at the moment when the armour reach 98% its gonna be a other id so actually a other item, when it (deg) it becomes untreadable and should say the lowest possible cash out amount or 0 in the risk
  7. PVP armour and weapons should say their actually worth in (cash out option worth) atm of wearing. makes legit no sense, you can bring a full set that will say ur risking 36k but on kill it could be likely 5k
  8. Oh clan wars lol
  9. There is already fully worked clan wars for years for playing it rewards pkp and minigame points for winning/draw or losing the game
  10. Nice guide bro a good thing to mention is that they change prayer every 50+ damage you doing on them.
  11. Server aint down you can check the status of the server on the main page. Close and open a new client which automaticly updates and it shud work
  12. Make a command or option to see what open clans are able to join. Pretty simple and usefull, stop the annoying spam every couple seconds on yell chat.
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