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  1. paramingo

    Roat Pkz Promotions - 19. February 2019

    Thanks for the promotion congratz to all new ss's and @Khalil for mod! We will do our best to help the community!
  2. paramingo

    How much can you make in a week from 0?

    Goodluck man !
  3. paramingo

    ok so it means war

    Give it like 2-4 weeks to see who is capable to hold the server support rank, give these new ss's and me a chance to proof us to the community and yes there are some other people who deserve it atm too but yeah nothing to say on that just keep helping roatz up and maybe one of you guys will be next in line
  4. paramingo

    Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy <3

  5. remove the pj system on the wilderness key Make it when the keyholder boxes back he get 1 hitted by the server and dies, And when they hitting each other for 5 ticks for a x amount of damage lower as 50 they both getting hit by the server for a 50 and pj is avaiable (this is only when the keyholder fighting back)
  6. paramingo

    Lootations From Keys

    nice addiction brother
  7. paramingo

    for gretar's birthday

    nice bro keep it up man
  8. HOOOOOOOOOOLY hhaahhaa good shit broo
  9. paramingo

    Money Making Guide?

    I would say slayer is a good money making method on a long term for pvming
  10. paramingo

    Easy duo+/solo corp guide

    This is not a efficient corp guide but a budget guide and with this setup you can easy do 1-2 kills each inventory maybe test it out with this setup.
  11. paramingo

    Easy duo+/solo corp guide

    Corporeal Beast Guide ::graves teleport and run to the cave watch out for the multi line!! or pay 250 pkp at the wizard @ edge for a instant teleport into the cave. These rates are without any donator bonusses remind to vote to receive 20% drop boost for 1Hour! Best loadout slot If you cant afford i'd suggest you this Make sure you using lunge on your zamorakian spear 2 or + people corping remind the person with the most damage gets the drop good tricks to get hit by corp without maging pray when your on vengeance so corp hit a bigger number that stacks to your total damage after vengeace switch back to mage pray untill you can vengeace back. Solo Corp! You need 2 accounts for this meta. Use hides or karils for magic defence to get less hit by corp Account 2 loadout for tank It will look like this