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  1. Bro you suggest things like u smoke crack irl
  2. finally u know how the forums works gretar took u only 10 days ehh yrs
  3. no makes no sense cuz all the items from slay shop are tradeable and can be bought from other players if you dont feel to grind you can buy it from somebody else and on the bhp store theres untradeables to buy
  4. they should bring the purple dildo back and put it in your ass for those weird suggestions
  5. good idea defo would increase the worth of skp also
  6. covid makes people to stupid makes guides like this
  7. it should be added to the minigame point shop the kilt is useless anyway most likely cosmetic with the stats from a iron platelegs and +1 str bonus
  8. Void + anguish + assembler is bis for max hit you can hit over 90s dark bow spec + dragon throwaxe you can stack a full hp with this combo , you cant hit this often on gear that has high defensive levels as melee barrows equipment such as dharoks. Dark bow is very effective to use against people in magic gear as mystics, ahrims or pures i bet you would barely hit 16s on those gear
  9. paramingo


    Good guide
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