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  1. The serpentine helm is affecting for players who dont use anti venom or have a serp helm equipt otherwise they get affected and can heal their self with a sanfew serum but it doesnt mean if you drink that u cant be effected anymore!
  2. This could be added to the vote shop as what u saying good crush bonus its a nice cosmetic cape +1
  3. When you kill the hp event host there will be a message in the chat box what says that u killed him for 20k, the diamond key will be dropped under where he died, it should be changed since the lottery system is added to the hp event that the key instant goes to the inventory or atleast a warning message that the key will be dropped, some people dont know to pick the key up because they are in help cc where it dont show you when you kill any player or monster for the loot. @Bashachino pm me ingame
  4. You got prob hacked if you didn't set a email with a pin.
  5. Nice vid bro good variety in ur vid, haha that 2 hp stake tho lucky mf keep it up
  6. Multi line key's are most tanked through singles and the supplies to get a multi key cant be only brews in your inventory you have to put also some food otherwise you wont survive it and when you make it to singles ur low on supplies with alot of tb left on your timer, lava maze isnt a multi key you should know where ur walking south of the multi maze path is singles if you make it one step north ur in multi, Rogue's castle,demonic ruins and fountain of rune are most tanked through single zone. Chaos temple and Lava dragon key are some different of content with npc s being aggresive but i agree one of them should be removed, Bandit camp is close to single zone as a single player you can also take this key with the right gear and supplies.
  7. Nice vid bro sad that ur lagging gg
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