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  1. Bro gretar doesnt care about your 10 $ donation for varity of items arabs donate 1k+ in once and dont care about colour of custom what u on about lolol @Gretar
  2. imagine jblind and smackd still cant make 20 hours with this corona virus outside
  3. tat the donator cape on your back
  4. @pm2getbodied Pm2getmod my man being loyal as being a helpful also calm staff member who being loved by the community time for his promotion @Gretar
  5. a new wilderness boss that drops all orbs for nm staff and infernal cape?
  6. With the numbers roatz doing now i would defo vote for cox and tob also agreeing with jblind that all the items from raids have to be removed/reset
  7. what happend to mongolians love for country music this go from 0 to 100 @Dylan explain!!
  8. Tbh osgp in tournaments and events is only added to attract new players or let roat players stay playing competitve if this could be without any source of investment Gretar would love your idea but this suggestion seems logic for you cuz you got no bad intentions clearly there are people who have their business with feeding their pockets on others business. You could rather suggest that the tokens can be tradeable to ingame players under 1 term when you sell them to another player he can only redeem them for ingame currency.
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