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  1. shift drop works; not sure if iban blast works, but would be cool gnome scarf meh 1v1 jad support dwarven needed for dh bombin, could be fun decrease infernal cape to 100-150k blowpipe add ples should be 1 bm => 5 bhp instead of 500 tbh
  2. I propose that a toggle be added to automatically destroy empty vials when the last dose of a potion is consumed. This functionality must be enabled by speaking to Bob Barter at Edgeville. It can be toggled back off and on if the player wishes. Costs to activate for first time: 3000 pkp.
  3. i'll buy them for 2k pm me ingame if interested
  4. ^ It does show up which staffs are online on the forums at the bottom of the homepage i think
  5. got kidnapped for 2 years let's rewind, tell me all what happened in-game starting from 'bout 2 years ago till now, needa catchup
  6. As said, support but indeed don't think it'll be added by Gretar himself, he would be having developer(s) to help him adding those stuff. Apart from that, I think the prices for some of the foods and bolts too high.
  7. Clear cache each time you vote.
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