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  1. Thanks Gretar! I just donated for my account 'Liqour' and i haven't received anything? Could you please help me
  2. I've been out of town, i've missed 1 day, are you even serious right now? Hmu ingame brother´
  3. HIYA! I'm Liqour, Liquorize, or Spooky. I've been making graphic designs for about 6-7 years. My designs are mostly gaming/comic-related but i can pretty much work any project you give me. Prices: Depends on what design you want, i'm not expensive though. I mostly do this to get my Graphics out on Roat again. How long does it take?: Depends, allthough i am a very quick worker. I've pleased countless customers in only 30-40 minutes of work. Depending on the design though, time might vary, but usually i design quicker than average. Examples of my designs (these are mostly for myself, so whatever you want might be totally different) Hit me up on forums or ingame, i answer right away.
  4. Spooky

    Overpaying gfx

    That truly sucks..
  5. Spooky

    Overpaying gfx

    Thanx, he seems way too unresponsive for my taste tho. We should do SOTW's??
  6. Spooky

    Overpaying gfx

    Na, I got this lol
  7. I'm so mad i missed this. Please have another contest!
  8. Spooky

    Overpaying gfx

    Hey Craig, i'd be very happy to help you. I'll try get a hold of you ingame, pm me on forums when you see this
  9. I'll make a meme, where do i send it lel
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