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    i hope u dont really have a tumor thatd be sad but kill urself clrd
  2. maybe it is i guess u never know till u FUCKING WATCH IT
  3. Hey whats up guys. As I am coming back to roatpkz soon (most likely this weekend) I'd like to return to making videos as well. If you have any suggestions/ideas of things that I could do for a video please do tell Here are a few ideas I have so far: - Risk BANKAI's custom against random non-riskers at edgevil - Risk fight BANKAI's custom - Give BANKAI's custom away while he watches and while I skype him for reaction - Walk under BANKAI's staking opponent and get his reaction - Log onto BANKAI's acc and delete his whole friends list, record skype reaction - Contact BANKAI's girlfriend and do a prank so he thinks that she cheated on him with me - Steal BANKAI's dog and hold him for randsom - Tell BANKAI I got his girlfriend preggy - Get BANKAI fired from his job - Kill BANKAI's dog - Send BANKAI 13 reasons why - Sleep with BANKAI's girlfriend
  4. Thrift


    r my vids better?
  5. is tht jenfer lopez as ur picture? very tractive!! <[email protected]
  6. thx for th e postive feedback! :=)
  7. 21, no job, no friends, no school, no gf, no life. ud be doing us a favor aswell as him.
  8. beginning of video rtriggered my ptsd
  9. Reply to this post or message me in game if you would like to edit for me. (We can work out whats in it for you) Thanks
  10. @Aelin Yeah bro i completely understand its just hard because in my time zone im usually asleep during them or at school ill try and get a better one next weekend but its still hard because im usually out doing stuff on weekends too
  11. hey bois i have a bio test monday and im still a lil confused on the process of cell diffusion and i couldnt find it on sparknotes
  12. Thrift


    are u into that devils lettuce kreygasm btw what chapter does siddhartha reach enlightenment i couldnt find it on sparknotes @Pyd
  13. you may as well gimme my prize rn tbh @Craig
  14. @Mike can you help me with my hw? sparknotes is shit
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