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  1. Is it your internet or the server host? Because the server host has been trash for awhile for me. Cba playing with 150+ ping all the time
  2. I swear the host changed at one point. Shit lags harder than I remember for the past yr. I always sit at around 130 and constantly spikes to 300.
  3. Know what's worse? When you have 100+ ping and can't open the gate because the gate's broken on here. Clicking open too many times will result in it being stuck on closed.
  4. Because gyazo gif is known for frame drops. Explain why the people talking in the background it doesnt skip and the guy on the bottom of the screen moving.
  5. Yeah...after the maul it was cut. Not between the ballista hit and ags maul. Clearly a bug @Gretar
  6. Wait..this seems like a bug. You shouldn't be able to ags as soon as a ballista hit because both weps are same speed
  7. Tele timers the way they are on osrs is dumb. I'd only support it if it only applies to a player that has only been in combat for less than around 10 seconds. It's awful for anyone who has been in a fight for awhile and wants to put in their last ditch effort to spec. I support adding more skilling. I'd like to see a roatz dmm one of these days so agility and making potions would be nice in the near future. Last man standing is shit. The only reason anyone ever played it on osrs is because people abused the loot crate locations that has now been fixed on osrs. Where exactly would the new home be? The wilderness is right next to home which is perfect, regardless of it being bland. The loyalty program would easily be abused since you can afk for an eternity Loot share would take away from donator perk of better drop rate since loot share is based off potential I don't like the idea of red skullers losing every thing. They already get targeted more than non red skullers and people abuse the BROKEN KBD GATE still that can be stuck as closed if you keep clicking open and it stays stuck on closed. It's impossible to get through for those with 100 or higher ping. Every thing else I'm either neutral about or don't care if added.
  8. guessed you failed on the first one because no arcane drop but any day pyd dies is a good day
  9. No, the only issue I have with sounds is they become more distorted the lower I put the volume. But I've also been lagging since the update. It's not showing up on my ping but something's definitely off. I've played this server for like 2 yrs and this sort of lag isn't normal for me. I think I have whatever Dylalina is dealing with. I have item switch lag which is not normal for me.
  10. The sounds are scuffed. Every sound seems to be distorted when I lower the volume on the sounds, switching, teleporting, veng to name a few AND YES SO HAVE I. I've been jumping to 600 ping out of nowhere for a few seconds
  11. The angler one is fine but the spec thing needs to be changed because Jagex is full of retards Make it where you cannot insta tele after speccing if you've only been in combat for like less than 10-15 seconds. Any longer and make it where you can insta tele after speccing.
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