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  1. sophia

    so i get banned but..

    U happy u can nh at hills for 3 days?
  2. sophia

    I may come back

    You were the one beggin for osrs switches only lmfaooooo
  3. sophia

    testing new memes leave feedback

    Gretar made this like a year ago dumb indian
  4. sophia

    testing new memes leave feedback

    U pretty bad at this boi
  5. sophia

    Hhhhhh ok

    Sophia has logged in Tesfxye has logged out
  6. sophia


    U just bad
  7. sophia

    roatpkz tournamnets in 1 gif

    U made a vid pking in that gear fuck off
  8. sophia

    jankin dead for 10m 07 coins

  9. sophia

    Roat Pkz Video Competition Winners!

    Bullshit wahey vid is horseshit
  10. sophia

    Pk on vid

  11. sophia

    contest entry!!1

    All i see is ags gmaul kills bored Also ty rag bot for 95k