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  1. Dude i love this suggest, supporting +1
  2. Bangerrrr bro, nice vid bud!
  3. Stop crying geez, thats all you do in ur topics
  4. A very good guide! Thank you for the time
  5. Btw, what happend to the previous giveaway winnrs? And nice video dude
  6. I've never experienced ::poke command but i guess that he removed it for a reason, because people abused it i guess? I dont think he'll bring it back just becasue he knows that people will abuse it. If he does i think that there should be like a limit on how much u can poke per 12 hours or so lel
  7. Ingame Username: Lumonyx How long have you been playing: 6months now Do you have any single pk'ing experience (if so please specify): I got a lot of single experience but the only bad thing is that i started nhing about 3 months ago and like to have a cc where they nh a lot so i can learn and i wanna deep wild with a great cc Can you join Skype/Discord/Teamspeak: Discord
  8. Ow nice one jordan, you're a god at nhing ^^
  9. Owww then i compeletly agree with u if thats the case haha
  10. Idk i disagree with you because i feel like jad should stay as it is so people can pk these guys who's doing jad and also everyone should have a chance doing jad instead of only 1 person. So -1 on that one
  11. I agree with you, @Gretar done a great job., Keep it up buddy!
  12. Idk i personally like the vestas,statius etc. I think tehy should be there still ^^
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