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  1. Looks a sick cc, i'd like to join it tbf
  2. Totally agreeing on this one ^^
  3. hahahahahahahah l0l u just gotta love this guy
  4. Ezzz, you clapped him not only once but twice xd
  5. lumonyx


    Let us just all pray for what happen on New zealand and on philipin. Lets not make fun of the death that has been caused by these delusionals terrorist. Amen
  6. I totally agree with this one! Hope it gets added!
  7. Same for me, the good ticks work perfectly for me, there's no problem with that in my opinion
  8. Oiiii why you takin a picture of me and posting it on here, ROFL xd
  9. I like your idea tbh , damn good one ^
  10. I do agree on that one, but i do mean also when people does nhing as well. It's just good to know what the other has on their inv as Bailey said on the comment
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