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  1. Probably the only quality vidder I've seen in roatpkz ngl
  2. You spell "Secound". It's second* And your sentences look like it was constructed by a 9 year old with autism and down syndrome. Not only can I tell you're absolute shit at RuneScape (Yea Nsing is not a skill, genius) but definitely a failure in real life too. You should hang your head in shame and relieve some stress off your poor parents. They wasted 17-18 years raising a failure like you. Period.
  3. You need to learn English for me to understand your uneducated sentences
  4. Literally nobody values your comments in these forums just like nobody values your existence in real life. Keep going though Gz brother
  5. Decent. But the way you're shaking that cursor like you got carpal tunnel, your switches are gonna be inconsistent and mess up alot against somebody that knows what they're doing
  6. I'm only commenting to prove xex wrong
  7. Wow what a creative comeback. That has absolutely destroyed me. How will I recover from this burn. Rip wtf safer
  8. Wow man that's amazing. We need more people like you!
  9. I think it's better to let professor and cough jerk each other off, don't waste your time. Remember the saying "It's hard to win an argument against an intelligent man. It's impossible to win an argument against a fool". They'll keep going non-stop because this is their life. End of.
  10. Idk what's worse, coughfish aka Dominic (I swear no ip trackenn ) blabbering on his nonsense, or you actually riding his cock defending everything he says. Must suck to be a degenerate Ooga booga
  11. Living in your head rentfree comeback is old and outdated now but I'm not surprised it amuses you so much. "Keep quoting me hoe you now my hoe". Looks like I hurt your feelings pretty bad. Didn't mean to offend you but clearly you're so soft that literally anything will offend you. Sorry not sorry
  12. Oh no a rsps random called me irrelevant in an rsps. What am I gonna do with my life now? How am I here more than the owner? My last comment in this forums before my comment in your recent posts was in April which is almost 3 months ago. You're the person that camps these forums the most judging by your forum activity. You're just projecting your own insecurities on others and making up random stuff to make your argument look not weak. "Are you having trouble reading your mother language" Anybody with at least 10 IQ knows this is the most unintelligent, ignorant and most immature reply a person can give. My 10 year old niece can construct a better paragraph. Clearly she's more educated than you so I can ask her to give you some online classes. Yes, you definitely need a visit to a mental institution. Period.
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