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  1. I'd like to see his POV Also, did you play ss1 server back in the days or does that mean something else in your name?
  2. Go look at your boring vids thoroughly and then look at his vids. You're the delusional one if you think you're actually in his level
  3. He probably manhandled you the entire fight until you got a lucky 79-46. Lol
  4. Sometimes I'm genuinely confused if you're just trolling or actually this fucking braindead. If you were a troll all along, gz, you played us all.
  5. Way to avoid the topic. Like he said, raja would wipe the floor with you
  6. The funniest part is that it's actually true L0L. I've seen zeplin pk, he's so braindead he wouldn't know what hit him. Raja would dismantle him
  7. Do you have the brain capacity to understand basic English?
  8. You thinking zeplins are going to take the time out of their day for a worthless random like you shows you're dumber than I thought you were
  9. You haven't even seen me pk and you're still assuming he'd slap me, that alone shows you're just as braindead as him. I'm not going to read a bunch of paragraphs coming from an attention seeking moron but for the first few lines, how the fuck can I get "all zeplins screenshot" when half of them haven't even heard of you lmfao. Also that "1 zeplin" you're talking about is the co founder of Zeplins so that's all I need. Make some more excuses now L0L
  10. Legit shut the fuck up L0L. Ward told me he sesh'd you in soulspawn in white portal. He said there was no difference b/w you and a guy that started bridding 2 days ago. Brett told me you're a compulsive liar and have a great need for attention. Half of zeplins don't even know you. Zeplin general Pernix Beast still says you were never part of zeplins (will post screenshot again if you want) Sunjars told me you used to skip school for "Ns Practice" L0L. Please try to deny these you attention seeking half-wit
  11. I hope youre being sarcastic haha hahaha. He's 16 now, in 2012 he was like 9 or 10.
  12. Don't make me expose you again. You always said you're part of zeplins (such a fanboy that you still do) but when I posted a screenshot of pernix beast saying he doesn't know who tf you are, you went all silent lmao. I could make a topic about you but you're not that important. Hush
  13. What do you even know about hybridding l0l. You were claiming to be some top hybrid in soulspawn along with real Brett or whatever his name was until people like sunjars,ward and saysorry quickly put you both in your place with a 5-0? Same story again, someone here will soon give you a reality check once again
  14. I don't think you should be calling someone a whale when you're absolute garbage at pking yourself and that is the main reason you're a nser.
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