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  1. I'll legit send him a free rope and chair if he can't afford that IRL to commit
  2. Wow gf 43 ks. TBE Willis
  3. Omfg my coach is sal vulcano!
  4. L00000L you fucked up O.T- Damn lol ban152 gave you the loot why you do him like that
  5. Nah bro the quiet version of you dropping vids randomly is good. This beef shit looks too cringy
  6. That fade in effect to start the vid clearly showed your username lol. Anybody wanna explain why people hide their usernames though?
  7. You're a failure in game and a failure IRL so nobody here is "below" you. I'll send you a free rope and a chair now.
  8. The way you anticipated every move of waheyy was insane
  9. Did you hit your head or something?
  10. Nobody's gonna waste their time clicking all those links bro. Imbue them like this
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