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  1. Do your job I'm supposed to be banned off forums but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cud176wWwgU
  2. fuck whoevers giving you this false information 2 pathetic clans sucking my dick posting a shit killpic probably of his own team mate cuz literally g unit smacks you bitches around for attention never died to anyone on this thread with over 500 pkp risk yet: https://prnt.sc/flcshd https://prnt.sc/flcsph https://prnt.sc/flcsuo Best roat pkz vid on its way ;(
  3. If he was to give out alts, you wouldn't say it because he's not allowed to you retard, show me a picture where he says it again, it's not me ????? fight me bitch fight me
  4. Smackd doesn't give out alts, and besides if he was to he'd still not say it's mine because it's not you retard I fought that guy for 2 hours STRAIGHT at edgepvp, got full hp stacked 3 times on tank (roat pkz cool game) but it looks like my name brings more views and attention
  5. Haven't owned over 4k in over a week, good job though I have a beef with that guy as well Anyway that's not me I know you haven't figured it out by the sentence above but nice kill regardless
  6. Next time only use parts where you did good, not mage battles or scenarios where you both camp melee and nobody hits anything Other than that good job
  7. @JBLIND™ Completely agree with some of your suggestions, however making our prices correlate with Runescapes won't work because best in slot items on old school runescape cost alot, or require some quests to get when there are items that are just a little weaker For example, third age mage and ahrim's, torture and fury, bandos chestplate and fighter torso, tormented bracelet and barrows gloves, kodai wand and toxic staff of the dead, book of darkness and mage's book, ancient staff and master wand, dragon claws and armadyl godsword, primordial boots and dragon boots These are just some examples, I understand that some of these are new items and others are just rare items but many of the examples on that list are old items (Primordial boots, Bandos chestplate, Zenyte items, Third age mage) are really expensive on Old school runescape just because they are best in slot items, however, we have items that are only missing a few bonuses to be just as strong (Dragon boots, Fighter torso, Barrow's gloves/fury or amulet of strength/ Seers ring (I), and ahrim's)
  8. No, actually, I thought about this and I've changed my opinion on it The reason 8 Pk points is now standard for killing a player is because 4 was too little, was it changed only to raise the prices of items now? Right now, a dragon defender costs just as much as Dragon claws, doesn't really make sense does it? I'd say lower the prices of untradeables, raise prices of some items only, for example imbued rings, spirit shields, mage's book and Dragon claws, everything is fine. And also, darkbow won't be used as frequently as the Heavy ballista when it comes out so don't worry about it. We'll still have some items that have reasonable price (serp, ags, tsotd, raids items etc.) New players don't have a way of getting pkp, if they were to vote they'd get 200 pkp for 12 hours, and it takes 5 voting sites to get it, which seems just really stupid in my opinion as items in the shop cost 25-500 vote points LOL. Tournament is always just 1 winner, Jad is always just 1 killer and you need good gear for it, Chaos elemental rarely drops and isn't even in safe zone it's in multi lmfao, same with roat pkz champ. Pk'ing is 8 pkp per kill while prices in shop as of right now are ridiculous for 8 pkp per kills but alright and now you wanna raise the price up for the ONLY THINGS in the shop that's cheap and that's not getting removed... hahaha
  9. You should get more from voting in my opinion, you only get a ticket worth 200 pkp for voting on five sites (keep in mind that multi voting isn't allowed now)
  10. Support, but, two mage's books would be an armadyl crossbow + 1k which is just stupid as it's only +5 compared to Book of Darkness and if anything Blessed spirit shield should be just a little cheaper, fighter's hat would be too overpriced, other than that FULL support, buff drop rate
  11. 1). Ags is too good to be spawn 2). Already numerous money making methods, some are risky others aren't, voting, staking, risking, PK'ing, participating in tournaments 3). Gorillas and donator zone drops pretty frequenly
  12. What would you know? At your age (15) I had been boxing for almost 8 years, and I still do to this day, imagine being a 15 year old Roat Pkz hybrid who plays for as many hours as his age and tries his hardest for my attention and get involved in a topic regarding boxing when you have no experience whatsoever GET OFF MY DICK I said he's the best boxer of all time, but I'd hope for people to read it with some logical sense He's the best leightweight boxer of all time, in my personal opinion. People like Smokey990925 would say "But he wouldn't stand a chance against Mike Tyson, or Muhammed Ali in their prior days" (Basically mentioning the two most famous boxers because they don't know other boxers, heavyweight as well and compare them to a leightweight boxer)
  13. https://gyazo.com/738a230b9ad9ecc246e6fba27ccf15c0
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