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  1. https://gyazo.com/1a8738f960984df087dfe03eae26d521 Here is my 10 way switch into my gear..
  2. I'm Gretar's ancestor's cousin's relative btw, say goodbye to your rank.. kappa
  3. I always despise "rude boy" music, so whenever I watch a pking video with this sort of trash music it makes the clips 50% worse. But never the less, good clips.
  4. Yeah same I lost like 1m pkp @Gretar refund and fix pls.. kappa
  5. Thanks everyone! Overwhelmed by the feedback I appreciate it! The black thing is un-preventable
  6. Please ignore the flickering, I'd be able to edit like everyone else if it wasn't for the flickering that stuffs up my chance to do cuts everywhere.. Please leave a like please, as enough likes on this video and I'll be doing an Armadyl Godsword giveaway
  7. Good luck in the contest homie
  8. How the fuck am I not hitting 96 melee? Can someone explain? Isn't my setup good enough? Mystic hat, bronze platebody/legs ,iron kiteshield, dildo, prims, strength amulet, team cape 36??? I don't understand someone suggest a setup for me please?
  9. I'll lose because my sony vegas does this thing that causes black flickering lol.. it ruins the vibe and it makes it 5x harder and longer to edit haha
  10. Selling 2k whips for 100 pkp each get them quick they are rare.. Kappa.. Is the wings of life trash items? I think someone scuffed the prices as he wanted 1k for em..
  11. I like the editing, but just a little too much at the start. Either way it's a good video and awesome clips
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