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  1. not about the mouse and dont listen to keytrackers hes the worst example
  2. Yh get off the forums weirdo lmfao cant take the truth that ur irrelevant, lookimg at lolzorkont's comment section doesnt mean i fanboy u btw, only lolzorkont rrplies to u coz u suck his dick in the comments Dont say nigga ur skin is printer paper irl
  3. lol i have no idols not sure why ur on a forum of the server gym life bullied u off, also stop talking about 07 thinking ur relevant because lolzorkont replies to ur fanboy comments dumb fuck
  4. Gym life literally made a slap vid on u lmfao the same guy who spent a year trying to get ss on roatpkz, stop tryna talk shit u cant even pk
  5. Why would i run from the guy who died to gym life... Shitter lol
  6. yeah i would be intimidated if i saw panic2hard spamming #depletion at easts
  7. Hatlem spartans and renegades is better that bustdown... Also tesfxye wasnt in renegades
  8. dynasty warriors 9

    rawr xd

    you cant and never will unfortunately, and are u implying that a career on roatpkz is important? Also still replying to me the next day shows how much u care still
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