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  1. Mary Jayne

    Zulrah void video guide (Scuffed)

    Well like i said this is how i personally kill it..whatever works works....but Honestly i now realize on this server it doesnt matter. ive now been doing the entire thing in max range with blowpipe and no mage at all for like 59 second kills.
  2. Mary Jayne

    Zulrah void video guide (Scuffed)

    Thank you! I wouldnt mind learning how to edit and put together some useful content.
  3. Mary Jayne

    Zulrah void video guide (Scuffed)

    Hey guys, not a video maker but made this quickly to show some friends on this server how to kill the money snake using void. All done in 1 take with no scripts. Scuffed guide when comparing to people who edit their vids n stuff. Hopefully at least one person finds it usefull
  4. Mary Jayne

    Fastest/Easiest Money-making Method?

    Bounty pking - stack tier emblems, gorillas, demonic gorrilas, edge keys, vote, group multi pking, revs, donate.
  5. Mary Jayne

    The holy bible of NH Tank

    lol you say "acting" like a 12 year old. You know he actually is 12 or 13. We were cool a while ago but he randomly stopped talking to me. Damn hormonal kiddos.
  6. Mary Jayne

    (B) Elder maul

    ill sell
  7. Mary Jayne

    is elder maul that bad?

    you were one of the people i saw saying it sucks L0L
  8. Mary Jayne


    Fantastic stated this was in discussion already like 4 weeks ago. Hopefully it is implemented.
  9. Mary Jayne

    is elder maul that bad?

    I was looking at buying an elder maul and then a lot of people are saying its not good and a waste of money. Is this true? If its so bad does it need a little accuracy boost or something
  10. Mary Jayne

    3rd age bow PK'ing

    make a new vid with drag arrows. Considering purchasing one but right now its scuffed.
  11. Mary Jayne

    Hey, new to server

  12. Mary Jayne

    Awful Server lag

    Where is it currently located?
  13. Mary Jayne

    Awful Server lag

    I work with servers and networking for a living so i have done as much as i can on my end to alleviate the issue but nothing has worked
  14. Mary Jayne

    Awful Server lag

    Wired. This is internet lag. For example i will attack someone and then everyone stops moving and then ive hit the guy 9 times in 1 second and vice versa.