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  1. instajoshi69

    Rat gets humiliated

    Dude ur showing a 18 bolt kill in a tourney? Does your family not give you enough attention? Neck it.
  2. instajoshi69

    Pk for lyfe

    You dont need to make vids, they call u daddy j for a reason ;o
  3. instajoshi69


    Did you make this topic cause he slapped ur whole family? @nh tank isnt arab, thats why he doesnt like anything with the term "stake" or "arena" But @Daul Penino u just made a topic whining about a nher, shows what an insecure little pussy you are, ill ances max you in duel arena for 500k pkp at stake?
  4. instajoshi69

    Divine prodding whale for 18k

  5. instajoshi69

    Divine prodding whale for 18k

    You dumb fucking rat read the PMs, free 18k idgaf ill slap u too
  6. instajoshi69

    Divine prodding whale for 18k

    He had divine and was a whale so @Dylalina @nh tank @jukemeluke Sit down m8
  7. instajoshi69

    150k PKP Giveaway

    69 Zhustla
  8. instajoshi69

    I'm absolutely garbage.

    @nh tank whale
  9. instajoshi69


  10. instajoshi69


    Pls unban me, I tried to rwt and got caught Pls, I'm dying without roatpkz, one chance is all I need
  11. instajoshi69

    l0l mac banned

    Chat shit get hit all u whales talking trash , hills is loc
  12. instajoshi69

    l0l mac banned

    Who are you?
  13. instajoshi69

    l0l mac banned

    He'd have to leave the game himself since he's a ratlords too
  14. instajoshi69

    l0l mac banned

    U dumb rat, there's 0 proof he did it, he doesn't even know how that shit works lmao. Want me to hit u off for a week straight then u can report someone who hit u when I ddosed you, lets see who gets banned? Retard Funny how knowing Ratlords dont like Him, punishing someone else LOL such a joke
  15. instajoshi69

    l0l mac banned

    Okay, so if ratlords ddos him and he pipes about it, that means he was the ddoser? You can ban him or mute him for chatting shit, but mac ban for something he didn't Do? So corrupt.