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Found 67 results

  1. I'd like to suggest a Random reward from Skilling+Pking+LMS like this board, Just rare items will be added By official RoatPkz, like ely/arcane/claws/ags's... players will able to donate to it too, by using item to banker, but they only can add 5k+ items, and owners will have to put some junks too like crystal bow and barrow pieces, btw roatpkz gonna add like 2-10 rare items weekly Random Rewards - instead of the bank of runescape.
  2. Here are some of my proposals that would make donator ranks be worth donating for- without breaking the game: Normal Donator 1x complimentary daily slayer task skip (reset every 24hrs) 5% static boosted exp rate for skilling 5% boosted slayer key drop rate Super Donator 2x complimentary daily slayer task skips (reset every 24hrs) 10% static boosted exp rate for skilling 7.5% boosted slayer key drop rate New Super Donator Cape - same stats as dcape but different sprites/designs - just change the "$" color to correspond with donator tier. It won't be more custom than the current donator cape. Extreme Donator 3x complimentary daily slayer task skips (reset every 24hrs) 15% static boosted exp rate for skilling 10% boosted slayer key drop rate ::tp command open trading post anywhere outside of wilderness New Boss section in ::dzone expansion area New Extreme Donator Cape - same stats as dcape but different sprites/designs - just change the "$" color to correspond with donator tier. It won't be more custom than the current donator cape. Legendary Donator 4x complimentary daily slayer task skips (reset every 24hrs) 20% static boosted exp rate for skilling 12.5% boosted slayer key drop rate New Boss section in ::dzone expansion area ::tp command - open trading post anywhere outside of wilderness ::keys command - tp straight to wilderness key (5 mins before key is spawned, inactivate after key has been spawned) New Legendary Donator Cape - same stats as dcape but different sprites/designs - just change the "$" color to correspond with donator tier. It won't be more custom than the current donator cape. Pros - players would be willing to donate for more donator ranks with new perks, and the server would make more sales. It will benefit everyone. Let me know what you guys think. If you have any suggestions, comment below. @[email protected]
  3. Jofreh


    Hello Roatpkz, Ima keep it short, i'm playing this game since 2015 RoatPkz. Like about a month ago I started buying gp from other people for 07 money, so I bought ingame roat and paid them rsgp. I've had an account with about 386k pkp and an angel cape on it and went afk had to eat dinner, when I came back to log-in, I saw i've been mac-banned. I connected @Fantastic and he told me I had to pay 78m 07 rsgp b4 I get unban. And the amount (rwt) I bought would be removed. So i had more than 400K and I agreed to it, ( I would keep like about 80-100k). I bought rsgp irl and paid @Fantastic 78m 07 for un-mac. After that i've got unmacced and logged-in and saw only 4k on it........ Like for real sersiouly lying and scamming people so easily.
  4. Hello, my name and mateus, I am from Brazil, I would love to have the opportunity to be a youtuber on your wonderful server! And if you give me a chance I guarantee that I will give my best to help spread this server throughout Brazil! I hope you accept me :) http://www.youtube.com/c/SkimiumHacker http://www.youtube.com/c/SkimiumHacker http://www.youtube.com/c/SkimiumHacker Nick : tempest22 http://www.youtube.com/c/SkimiumHacker
  5. Hi, I have an issue I donated to the wrong account instead of mauloffro I donated to maul0ffro ( has a zero in "of") Someone please help me. Both accounts are mine I just made the one I donated to literally like 5 years ago and have no clue what the password is.
  6. You should have auctions for inactive accounts with some/a lot of wealth for PKP/OSRS as a way to drain money from eco. Some people may get lucky while others will just get straight up finessed. Add a bunch of broke accounts and very wealthy inactive or banned accounts. It's a really fair gamble and there should be a lot of ppl willing to take the risk and hit the jackpot or end up losing a big amount. All 07 should go towards bigger 07 cash tourneys.
  7. I've amassed up to 14m pkp in the past month I've been back. I've lost interest in the game, so I decided to chuck my bank. (Prior to this I lost 4m pkp to @Smoothie, everything aside I'd rather lose my bank to smoothie than some random arab. Gg. Don't forget to enter giveaway by: Liking the video, subscribing, commenting your in-game name.
  8. Giving away 5 mystery boxes for 5 different participants. How to join: Like the video, comment your in-game name, subscribe to my channel. If you fail to do these 3 instructions, and you happen to win- you will be rerolled.
  9. hey guys so drop below challenges you would like to do and ill try to execute them, challenge idea inspired from the youtuber C Engineer thanks @JBLIND @Smackd
  10. First time trying something like this out, before you watch understand that ASMR is meant to relax you hence the way the video is presented, if you enjoyed let me know. All feedback is appreciated. Edit: listen with volume up, or with headphones! Subscribe to me: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLQ1tc51KVHdN2MzyESsIw
  11. Hope you enjoy, haven't been on in a while so this wasn't my best content - but subscribe and be on the look out for better videos. Subscribe to my channel here! : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLQ1tc51KVHdN2MzyESsIw
  12. Bruh Lmfao like actually though, who is allowing john to do whatever he wants all the other staff have rules though? lmfao @Gretar
  13. hi , im at 1075 demonic gorillas kc and to now no drops wt is that ? every day i vote 4-5 times to try getting a heavy or light ballista and still no drops ! i got bored , thanks.. https://prnt.sc/ie3bvo what should i do guys?
  14. Yo so i have been on this server for about 4 days and im enjoying it a lot, ive already made a team pk video and more is comming. Im going to be uploading vids hopefully 1 vid a week depending on the activity in the wilderness. I have my own editor aswell so the vids going to be good quality videos with some sick edits. If theres a chance of me getting youtube rank im willing to take it since i think i deserve it and really trying to get more players into the server!! Ign: ''Oshe''
  15. so yeah looking to make a custom zone let me know (paying ingame money) - ripz
  16. This is something different but thought I would try it out, best reaction was certainly by Jblind at the end of the video so definitely stay tuned for the whole video!!!! Sub to my channel also!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLQ1tc51KVHdN2MzyESsIw Rip to: @John @JBLIND @mikevanoers
  17. In-game Name:tiger2Youtube Channel (URL):https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5D4mO0IMGj3VTYwvuApTbg/featuredWhy should we pick you ?: i have a small growing channel right now standing on a 80+ subscribers i like to make staking and high risk pking videos that get most views i think i will be making alot videos on the future!+giveaways ongame+ill be donating to server aswell
  18. Hopefully you guys enjoy, definitely subscribe if you enjoyed and like the video if you wanna see more! My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLQ1tc51KVHdN2MzyESsIw?view_as=subscriber
  19. IGN: Akash Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLQ1tc51KVHdN2MzyESsIw?view_as=subscriber Why?: I like to make youtube videos, and I like roatpkz.
  20. Hope you guys enjoy! Sub to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLQ1tc51KVHdN2MzyESsIw
  21. Hey guys Akash here with a new Pk video, hopefully you enjoy, and be sure to join the HEAVY BALLISTA giveaway! How to join the giveaway: 1. Subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLQ1tc51KVHdN2MzyESsIw 2. Like the video 3. Comment your in-game name on the video, along with something you like about the server! Follow those rules to be entered into the giveaway, and it will be randomly selected.
  22. alaa

    recover acc

    hi roat , i played 1 year ago and now i want back to roatpkz , so i forgot my password tried to recover the acc and didint work , and sent an email to [email protected] they asked me what acc name so i replayed the acc name and didint get answer to now its about 2 days.. i really need my acc
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