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  1. GA Code is in the description!
  2. Pure player-killing (PKing) in Roatzpkz has become somewhat monotonous. When you venture into world 325 on Old School RuneScape (OSRS), you'll notice that the majority of players have combat levels significantly below 70. People come to this server to hone their PKing skills, and not everyone possesses a maxed pure or a fully quested zerker account. In fact, most players are using lower-level accounts for PKing. The current scenario lacks diversity in pure PKing, as almost everyone has similar stats, and it often mirrors the mainstream PKing with the primary distinction being lower defense levels. As a result, players frequently opt for the meta choice of elite void and dragon knives, making the experience somewhat mundane. I propose introducing more brackets for pure PKing, particularly for players within the combat level range of 38 to 88. These additional brackets could accommodate various specialized PKing builds, such as obby maulers. This would encourage players to experiment with different account builds and playstyles. Imagine seeing combatants in ancient robes engaging in blitz gmaul rushing, adding an exciting dimension to the PKing scene. To further diversify PKing, it might be beneficial to increase the price of dragon knives. The repetitive use of elite void and dragon knives has become prevalent and can be quite uninspiring. In OSRS, when PvP updates are implemented, the price of dragon knives often surges due to increased demand, deterring some players from purchasing them. The same trend is observed in Deadman Mode. By raising the price of dragon knives, you can encourage the use of alternative weapons and tactics, making PKing more dynamic. To balance the game's economy, consider increasing the cost of repairing void equipment. Given that PK points (PKP) are now more accessible in the game, making void repairs more expensive can help maintain a healthy in-game economy and prevent inflation. Furthermore, you can add price fluctuations to items like obby mauls and zerker necklaces. Implementing price variations for these low-level PKing items would introduce an element of risk and reward, as players would have to consider market prices and potentially adapt their strategies accordingly. In conclusion, by introducing more brackets, adjusting item prices, and adding price dynamics to specific PKing items, we can reinvigorate the pure PKing scene in Roatzpkz. These changes would not only make the experience more diverse and engaging but also encourage players to experiment with different account builds and weapons, revitalizing the PKing community.
  3. Join Clan " Genesispro " Clan for pking,help,events,bosses and much more join up Discord https://discord.gg/RPY2SbsDk2
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCczzkXmbIYg-lkIhtDnSi1Q
  5. 32 minutes in to fast forward to my full tb
  6. Looking forward on creating live content for y'all to join me on my ventures !
  7. Another vid of 07 lms wins with 200k giveaway. To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is: 1. Like the video. 2. Comment your ign. 3. Subscribe to the channel. Winners of this and previous video will be announced within a week.
  8. Some 07 lms wins with 200k in game giveaway. To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is: 1. Like the video. 2. Comment your ign. 3. Subscribe to the channel
  9. It will be nice to read your comments! Show some love!
  10. Had some clips, put them together, mediocre
  11. What is up guys thank you for stopping by the channel I hope you guys enjoy the video Be sure to enter the giveaway as well! I know it's not a lot but I love giving back to the community What is being given away 3x Ags 1000 PKP VIDEO ENDS AT 06:30! I forgot to do that I apologize
  12. Its been a hot minute, but im coming back to roatz. ❤️
  13. I'm very excited to start this series! I'm new to the server and so far it is a lot of fun. I want to help grow this community thru some quality content so I will attempt to do just that. Please give my video a watch I put some good time and effort into it. Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance. Add me in game. @Rune Sack
  14. All the videos you guys have seen are edited by someone else. The editor of my vids decided to stop editing. I probably won't upload more videos untill i get to know how to edit them..... enjoy it
  15. http://prnt.sc/d1v50g - got this yesterday, 200 sets finally pked
  16. Hey, thanks for checking it out! Just yet another random pking upload. Got some DH pking in edge, a couple of AGS risks and some DH Bridding at the end! Will upload more soon! EDIT - in better quality
  17. My first ever ROAT pkz video, hope you enjoy bros
  18. Hey guys it's Akash with a new pk video, these are just clips I've had saved up for a long time and never got the time to edit them. Midterms just ended so I've had some free time so hopefully you enjoy! If you enjoyed the video please like and subscribe! My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLQ1tc51KVHdN2MzyESsIw
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