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Hey guys Akash here with a new pk video! Sorry this one isn't a pk commentary like I promised, I recently lost a huge chunk of my bank risking so I've been spending most of my time trying to rebuild. Also big thanks to 'Ocbpapz' for the Gmaul and Dclaws he gave me, very generous of him! 

Next video will most likely be a Pk Commentary, wait on it! 

Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the video :) 

Dont forget to watch it in 720p! <3 


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5 minutes ago, Elizathepat (2) said:

Nice Video! Love the music :D

ty brother! 


4 minutes ago, Killbob said:

19 ks at one point nice, nice to see another vid


yeah man that was intense! highest i got too ever :) ty brother

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22 minutes ago, Terpster said:

You should go staking with your RNG

no i would get cleaned xD


9 minutes ago, Terzey said:

Enjoyable video! Keep it up :D 

thank you brother!

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8 minutes ago, SWAGMASTER said:

nice vid hope your bank grows.

and dont stake, pking is your shit.

thanks brother thats the plan! :)

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