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BH interface

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Making it clearer to see or read the top bit:


Looks a lot cleaner IMO :smiley:

- Removed shading on XP drops box

- Removed stats icon on XP drops box

Would prefer if the total XP amount itself was displayed a few pixels higher @Gretar, I think it would fit nicely in the gap. Having ::skip as an alternative to green arrows would be handy too!

To get the above effect (pictured), open File Explorer, (for Windows PC) navigate to: C:\Users\YOU\roatpkzv6\Sprites\MiscSprites\

Replace the 2 image files with these:

0.png?dl=1 (0.png)

1.png?dl=1 (1.png)

Ensure the file names remain the same. (RS client treats pink as transparent)

Next, to prevent update checks from over-writing it with the original file, right-click > Properties and check Read Only (I also click Security tab and change permissions to Deny, just for good measure).


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