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Remove Rigged Gambling


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3 hours ago, Knasterd said:

I agree but all gamblers (which are quite a few) will move to other big servers and Gretar doesn't want that so It's not gonna happen.

1. Yter should only gamble other Yters

2. Give diff tier yters diff ranks and give them same RNG, 50/50 gamble will just end in a draw if they flat bet or w.e creative way around it e.g. if one yter is richer than the other one, the system would give him slightly lower RNG correlating with networth. they should not care about their networth to begin with bc making irl money should be their top priority under contractual agreement, not pursuing pixel wealth which i doubt will put food on their table

3. Prohibit from gambling reg players

- They'd get more views and attraction gambling 100m pots against other yters vs cleaning new kids for 1m and making the new kid quit early into the game. If it's a new youtuber with low networth then he should only gamble other yter within his networth tier and gradually build up his rank. give them weekly allowance or w.e do some pk /pvm/skilling video varieties

- Reg players would not get rinsed as quickly and they'd get enough dopamine hit to continue playing long term, which I suspect will get more donations than them getting rinsed in a few rounds and never log in again after playing 30 mins. Retention of players = more votes = more player activity = attract more unique IPs to the game

- Add more sinkers into the game if there are concerns about eco. There are a billion creative ideas to create sustainable sinkers and stable eco


Actually this is so fucking easy to solve:

Just spawn them shit and dont allow their account to trade / drop > x amount of wealth. If they wanna do g/a place a limit on how much they can g/a. 

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