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Eruption Of Pures Clan Recruitment


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I know we do not have pure competition so I decided to make a pure clan for all those who still enjoy pure pking in general as nhing.

the clan is for preparation and see how many can join in such short period of time, however there will be other clans contesting us,

the clan is about multi pking no singles allowed unless permitted by the leader {Chef} so we avoid a mess during the clan masses and mandatory calls.

contestants will show upon the clan declaration so which is why this clan is made for.

to join the clan follow the application with the required format;



Gameplay time?;

Describe your Pk skill?;

Tell me something about yourself?;

What's your age?;

What's your networth?;

(Just need to know for gears reasons)

Are you an experienced nh specialist in pure pking? if so describe it;


Am I willing to respect other clan members? {Yes/No};

Am I willing to keep it clean and healthy communication with clan members? {Yes/No};

Am I dedicating my time to the clan? {Yes/No};

Wait for your recruitment request even if it take days


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